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Customer Service Applications
Consider the example of a customer who calls your customer service department to inquire
about a charge on an invoice — a document that can be as large as 70 to 80 pages. To nd the
item in question and help the customer quickly, a customer service representative requires access
to a copy of the invoice containing the problematic item. With a browser-based application using
Web Output Pak, the customer service representative can quickly re-generate the document and
reference the same document as the customer. is capability can speed an organization’s
response time and help improve customer service.
Transactional Document Solutions
Web Output Pak can also improve business processes, in which documents such as receipts,
terms and conditions, or acknowledgements are generated in response to the submission of a
business transaction. For instance, banks and brokerage houses are legally required to distribute
trade conrmation documents to retail customers. However, the standard purchase-and-sale
systems that process trading activity typically fall short in delivering customer-friendly
statements. Web Output Pak helps these institutions to ensure legal compliance while enabling
them to provide improved, personalized documents generated in real time.
Customer-Facing Solutions
Web Output Pak can improve any customer-facing application that generates documents on
demand. By giving customers access to documents with current information, organizations can
benet from the cost savings of self-service, while oering their customer base increased
convenience and up-to-the-minute information.
Advantages of Using Web Output Pak
rough a combination of innovative technology and expert knowledge, Adobe provides
solutions that can give your business an edge in todays competitive environment. Web Output
Pak provides the following key advantages.
Reduce Costs Associated with Paper Delivery of Documents
A Web-based document delivery model reduces many of the costs associated with paper
documents. Electronic document delivery models can generate a 50 to 60 percent reduction in
cost over paper-based delivery. By eliminating the need for printing, paper storage, paper
handling, and postage, you can achieve dramatic cost savings and a rapid return on investment.
Improve Customer Relationships
Your customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with Web-based access to
documents and up-to-the-minute data that users can analyze on their own time. Customer
service representatives can easily access the same information presented to the customer,
resulting in the ability to quickly retrieve accurate information and provide immediate service.
Increase customer retention by providing customers with personalized document content and
delivery via the Web. Take advantage of increased Web site trac to upsell your products and
services with targeted marketing messages.
Accelerate Online Business Initiatives
Develop a multi-channel business strategy by integrating Web output processes with traditional
print output processes and vice versa. is enables companies to establish an online presence
quickly and remain competitive with other companies. Leverage your investment in existing
data and legacy systems and build a new interface for consumers and business customers.


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