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2. For a look at the various buttons on your speaker, view the graphic below.Item # IMW269
Quick Start Guide
4. Pairing Your Speaker With a Bluetooth Phone6. True Wireless Pairing5. Listening to MusicYour speaker’s True Wireless Pairing feature allows you to connect two speakers together for a bigger, more powerful sound. To connect mulitple speakers together, follow the steps below.
Pair your first speaker (Speaker 1)
with a Bluetooth phone.
Power on your second speaker
(Speaker 2).
Enter True Wireless Mode on your
second speaker (Speaker 2).
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Enter True Wireless Mode on your
first speaker (Speaker 1).
Once both speakers are in True Wireless Mode, wait for a few seconds
and both speakers will be paired to your phone.
Step 4 Step 5
Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 2
3. Charging: Charging may take up to 3 hours.
baby boom
Speaker 1
Speaker 1
(left channel)
Speaker 2
(right channel)
Charging Port
Power / Play / Pause / Answer
olume –
olume +
LED Indicator Light
1. Do not allow children or the infirm to play with your speaker without adult supervision.
2. Do not expose your speaker to excessive heat, flames or fire.
3. Always press all buttons carefully. Do not manhandle your speaker.
4. Do not use in extremely dry environments, as this can lead to static discharge during usage.
5. Do not expose your speaker to temperatures above 40°C. Keep out of direct sunlight.
6. Do not attempt to repair this product yourself. Contact a qualified service center if your speaker
is in need of service.
7. Do not drop, puncture or expose your speaker to excessive trauma.
8. Your speaker is not intended for commercial use.
9. Do not place near objects that generate a strong magnetic field.
10. Unplug this device when not in use for long periods of time or during lightning storms.
11. The device is equipped with an integrated lithium-polymer battery. The battery cannot be
replaced. Do not attempt to remove the battery from the device.
12. The battery used in this device may present a risk of fire or chemical burn if mistreated.
13. Please recycle or dispose of your speaker properly based on the laws and rules of your
Important Safety Precautions & Battery Information


1. Make sure the following items are included in your package.USB Cable
AUX Cable
Baby BoomLED Indicator Light(red) = Charging(blue) = Charging Complet5 5 SEC
1-2 SEC
PRESS & HOLD (2 sec)PRESS & HOLD (2 sec)

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Altec Lansing
Baby Boom | IMW269N-BLK-ESP
Postazioni di ricarica
Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Sistema audio- canali
Numero di altoparlanti-
Funzioni di protezioneShock resistant, Snow resistant, Waterproof
Controllo del volumePulsanti
Indicatori LED
Tipo di prodottoAltoparlante portatile stereo
Design del prodottoRettangolo
Colore del prodottoNero
Microfono, spinotto d'ingresso
Tecnologia di connessioneWireless
Portata Bluetooth10 m
Ingresso Aux
Porta di carica USB
Gestione energetica
Tipologia alimentazioneBattery, USB
Durata batteria6 h
Tempo di ricarica3 h
Modalità viva-voce
Utilizzo raccomandatoCellulare/Smartphone
Potenza in uscita (RMS)- W
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza- mm
Profondità- mm
Altezza- mm
Peso- g
Contenuto dell'imballo
Quantità per pacco1 pz
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