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PF-115HE / PF-210HE Speaker Cabinet



Portable. Powerful. Sexy. Ampeg designed and built the original Portaflex Series over 50
years ago. Congratulations are in order for today, in your hands, is the new-and-improved
Featuring a high frequency horn with 3-position switch, four removable casters and a stylish
top handle and black diamond tolex, these Eminence-loaded cabinets can handle up to 400W
of power!
Don’t stop now! Your Portaflex cabinet is an ideal companion to the Ampeg PF-350 or Ampeg
PF-500 amplifier, available separately.
Like all Ampeg products, your Portaflex cabinet is designed by musicians and built using only
the best of components. Each cabinet is tested to confirm that it meets our
specifications, and we believe that this cabinet is the absolute best that it can be.
In order to get the most out of your new cabinet, please read this manual before you begin
And thank you for choosing Ampeg.
Here are some of the features packed into your new Ampeg Portaflex speaker cabinet:
• DesignedasastackwithaPortaflexamplifier(availableseparately)
• AlignedscrewholesandclaspsallowsecurestackingofaPortaflexamplifier
• LoadedwithEminencespeaker(s)forhighqualitysound
• Equippedwithahighfrequencyhornanda3-positionswitch
• Twoparalleled1/4"TSinputandoutputjacks
• Nominalimpedance:8ohms
• Powerhandling:400Wrms
• Fourremovablecasters
• Stylishtophandleandblackdiamondpatterntolex
• Flip-topfunctionalityallowsforcompactandsecuretransportofcabinetandPortaflex

Important Safety Instructions

1. Read,follow,andkeeptheseinstructions.Heedallwarnings.
2. Thisspeakeriscapableofproducinghighsoundpressurelevelsthatmaycausepermanent
hearing damage. User caution is advised and ear protection is recommended during use.
3. Thisspeakerisdesignedforuseonasturdy,levelsurface.Wheneverstackingspeaker
cabinets, do not stack more than two high.
4. Speaker cables are a tripping hazard and must be routed out of traffic areas and away from any
possible accidental contact.
5. Do not expose this speaker to rain or moisture. Do not place liquid filled containers on this
speaker. Clean only with a dry cloth.
6. Repairorserviceofthisspeakershouldbeperformedonlybyqualifiedpersonnel.

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PF-115HE | 99-030-2601
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