Amplicom TA 10

Amplicom TA 10 manuale

  • Thank you for selecting the TA 10 phone amplifier. This unique am-
    plifier is compatible with virtually any modular connected phone
    system. It enhances the clarity and increases incoming volume for
    louder and clearer conversations.
    Safety instructions
    Important: Your phone can produce very high sound when the am-
    plifier is acitvated and the volume control is set to maximum.
    Please take care if the handset is used by others.
    Please make sure you read this user guide carefully and keep it
    for further use.
    Only use attachments recommended or sold by the manufac-
    Do not use outdoors. Do not use near water, for example, near a
    bath tub, wash bowl, kitchen sink or laundry tub, in a wet base-
    ment or near a swimming pool.
    Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not
    the cord.
    Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug, or
    after the appliance malfunctions or is dropped or damaged in any
    manner. Return appliance to the nearest authorized service facil-
    ity for examination, repair, or electrical or mechanical adjust-
    Use only the power cord (not supplied) and batteries indicated in
    the manual. Do not dispose of batteries in fire. They may ex-
    When using a power adapter (not supplied) plug it to the socket-
    outlet near the equipment and make sure it is easily accessible.
    Avoid using any telephone product during an electrical storm.
    There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning.
    Do not use the telephone to report a gas leak in the vicinity of the
    Intended use
    The device is suitable for connection to a modular connected corded
    phone. Any other use is considered unintended use. Unauthorised
    modification or reconstruction is not permitted. Under no circum-
    stances open the device or attempt any repair work yourself.
    Installation and Operation
    1. Install a 9-volt battery (not included) and connect the TA 10 to
    your telephone handset as shown. Use a coin to ply open the bat-
    tery door. Use only the provided “short cord” to connect TA 10 to
    the phone base. (Note: Ignore the ON /OFF indicator while doing
    any switch setting. It is not relevant at this time.)
    For your safety, always disconnect TA 10 from the phone base be-
    fore replacing its battery.
    2. Set Volume control to its mid-point. Set Tone Control Switch to
    Position 2.
    3. Setting the Compatibility Switch: There are 7 positions on this
    switch. Positions 1 to 6 are for compatibility setting use. Position
    7 is a “by-pass” position and is not for normal setting use. Posi-
    tion 7 offers no amplification and should only be used in case of
    emergency when there is a total power outage.
    Users Guide
    TA 10
    Phone Amplifier
    TA 10 comes with these items:
    Phone amplifier TA 10
    Short cord
    Feature Identification:
    1. Rotary volume
    2. ON / OFF Indicator
    3. Compatibility Switch
    4. Tone Control Switch
    5. Handset Jack
    6. Boost Button and LED
    7. Jack to phone
    8. Jack for optional DC adapter
    9. Battery cover
    For operation a 9 V-batterie is necessary (not supplied).
    A. Set Compatibility switch to Position 1 (Note: This is the most
    popular setting and is used by most phones. Ignore ON / OFF in-
    dicator status while setting this switch. It is not relevant at this
    B. Lift up the handset and verify you can hear a clear dial tone.
    C. If there is no clear dial tone, hang up the handset and move the
    Compatibility switch to the next position and repeat Step B.
    D. If you do get a clear dial tone, verify the dial tone loudness can
    be changed by rotating the volume control. If there is change in
    dial tone loudness, go to Step F.
    E. If the dial tone loudness can not be changed by rotating the vol-
    ume control, hang-up the handset and move the Compatibility
    switch over to the next position. Repeat Step B.
    F. Use the telephone keypad to make a call and verify you can hear
    each other.
    G. If you can hear each other, then the present Compatibility switch
    setting is the correct one and you are done. Record this switch
    setting for future reference. Go to Step 4.
    H. If not, try the next Compatibility switch position until you can
    hear each other clearly. (Note: Feel free to experiment with any
    switching setting.)
    4. While talking on the phone, verify you can vary the handset vol-
    ume by rotating the volume control on the amplifier. (Caution:
    Lower the volume control if you notice there is squeal sound in
    the handset).
    5. While on the phone, try different Tone control settings to find the
    one with the best incoming sound clarity. Lower the volume if
    you notice a squealing sound in the handset. Keep this setting for
    all future calls. You do not need to change this tone setting again.
    Record this tone setting for future reference.
    6. Press and hold the BOOST button down. Verify the incoming
    voice becomes louder and the BOOST LED is on. You must re-
    lease this button when talking because your voice is muted if this
    button is held down.
    7. The ON / OFF indicator light should be on while the phone is in
    use. It will go off in 10 - 20 seconds after going on-hook (or if
    there is no sound / voice for 10 - 20 seconds).
    8. During normal usage, a 9-volt alkaline battery may last 6-12
    months. Please replace the battery if the ON / OFF indicator be-
    comes dim or if the receiver sound is distorted.
    9. An optional 9-volt DC adapter (not included) may be installed at
    this time. This adapter provides normal operating power while
    the battery serves as a back-up in case of power outage. The bat-
    tery should be changed once every two years or sooner if you
    notice the ON / OFF indicator failed to come on during power out-
    Help and support / Troubleshooting guide
    If you need some help and you’re in the UK, please first check and
    see if your problem can be solved using the troubleshooting guide
    below. If it can’t , please call us on 0844 800 6503 (using a UK land-
    line, at the time of going to print: calls cost 6p for connection charge
    and then 5p a minute. Mobile costs may vary). Lines are open Mon-
    day to Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding public holidays.
    If you’ve a claim on your 2-year guarantee, please contact your sup-
    ON / OFF indicator is dim or does not ON: Replace the battery.
    Can not hear dial tone or can not hear each other: Make sure the
    Compatibility switch is at the proper setting. If necessary, repeat
    A to D of installation Step 3 above.
    There is a loud squealing sound in my handset: The volume or
    tone is set too high, lower volume or tone setting to stop the
    Power source 9 volt alkaline battery (not included)
    Battery consumption 10 mA typical; automatic shut-off if
    there is no voice
    Battery life 6-12 months depending on usage
    Amplification without Boost 30 dB
    Amplification with Boost 45 dB
    Auto shut off time 10 - 20 seconds if no sound or voice
    (to save battery)
    Compatibility switch (6 positions) + a “by-pass” position
    Indicators ON / OFF and BOOST
    Controls Volume, BOOST, Tone Control,
    Optional AC adapter 9 V DC, 300 mA
    (not provided)
    Operating temperature 0 to 45° C
    Storage temperature -20 to 50° C
    You are obliged to dispose of consumable goods properly in
    accordance with the applicable legal regulations.
    The symbol on this product indicates that electrical and elec-
    tronic apparatus and batteries must be disposed of separately
    from domestic waste at suitable collection points provided by
    the public waste authorities.
    Batteries can also often be disposed of at the point of sale.
    Packaging materials must be disposed of according to local
    Please clean your equipment’s surfaces with a soft, fluff-free
    Never use cleaning agents or solvents.
    AMPLICOMMS equipment is produced and tested according to the
    latest production methods. The implementation of carefully chosen
    materials and highly developed technologies ensure trouble free
    functioning and a long service life.
    The terms of the guarantee do not apply where the cause of the
    equipment malfunction is the fault of the telephone network opera-
    tor or any interposed private branch extension system. The terms of
    the guarantee do not apply to the rechargeable batteries or power
    packs used in the products. The period of guarantee is 24 months
    from the date of purchase.
    All deficiencies resulting from material of production faults which
    occur during the period of guarantee will be eliminated free of
    charge. Rights to claims under the terms of guarantee are annulled
    following intervention by the purchaser or third parties. Damage
    caused as a result of improper handling or operation, incorrect posi-
    tioning or storing, improper connection or installation, Acts of God
    or other external influence are not covered by the terms of guaran-
    In the case of complaints, we reserve the right to repair or replace
    defect parts or provide a replacement device. Replacement parts or
    devices become our property.
    Rights to compensation in the case of damage are excluded where
    there is no evidence or intent or gross negligence by the manufac-
    If your equipment shows signs of defect during the period of guar-
    antee, please return to the sales outlet in which you purchased the
    AMPLICOMMS equipment together with the purchase receipt. All
    rights to claims under the terms of guarantee in accordance with this
    agreement must be asserted exclusively with regard to your sales
    Two years after the purchase of our products, claims under the
    terms of guarantee can no longer be asserted.
    Declaration of conformity
    This device fulfils the requirements stipulated in the EU directive:
    1999/5 EU directive on radio equipment and telecommunications ter-
    minal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity.
    Conformity with the above mentioned directive is confirmed by the
    CE symbol on the device.
    To view the complete Declaration of Conformity, please refer to the
    free download available on our website
    Phone jack on wall
    Volume Control
    Tone Control
    Tone Control
    On-Off Indicator
    Boost button
    To Phone base
    Jack for optional
    DC adapter
    Distribution: Audioline GmbH, D-41460 Neuss
    July 2011 – Issue 1.1
    ø 5,5 mm / –
    ø 2,1 mm / +
Amplicom TA 10

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Specifiche Amplicom TA 10

Marca Amplicom
Modello TA 10
Prodotto Ricevitori
Lingua Engels
Tipo di file PDF
Sistema audio 1.0 canali
Picco massimo per canale - W
Classe dell'amplificatore -
Distorsione armonica totale (THD) - %
Rapporto segnale/rumore (SNR) 30 dB
Tipo di connettività degli altoparlanti -
Dettagli tecnici
Colore del prodotto Grey,White
Tecnologia di connessione Cablato
Controllo del volume Manopola
Cavi inclusi Cavo Telefonico (RJ-11)
Guida rapida
Indicatori LED

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