Archos F18

Archos F18 manuale

  • Device buttons
    1 Torch 8 End/Power key
    2 Receiver/Loudspeaker 9 OK key
    3 Screen 10 USB/Charging interface
    4 Left soft key 11 Earphone jack
    5 Dial key 12 DC-in jack
    6 Navigation key 13 Camera
    7 Right soft key 14 Back cover
    Button description
    Left/Right soft key: press to perform the function currently
    displayed in the bottom left/right corner of the screen.
    Dial key: answer all calls, make calls from SIM1/SIM2 card,
    view call logs in standby mode.
    Navigation key: within a menu, press Up, Down, Left or
    Right to scroll through menu options. In standby mode,
    press to access main menu.
    End/Power key: press and hold to turn on/o the device,
    end a call or reject an incoming call, return to the standby
    OK key: press to access the main menu in standby mode,
    press to conrm a selection.
    Numeric key: enter numbers, letters or characters.
    Select a submenu item labeled with the corresponding
    * Key: press to popup the symbols screen when entering
    text. Press and hold the * Key to toggle between *, +, (pause
    character) P, and (wait character) W in standby mode.
    Press Left Soft Key and * Key to lock/Unlock keypad, And
    long press * key you can speed into FM.
    # Key: in standby mode, Long press # key can switch
    between the silent mode and General mode.
    Press to switch the input methods when entering text.
    0 Key: press to enter Space when editing text.
    Power on /o the torch.
    Icon description
    Vertical bars indicate the signal strength of the GSM
    network signal. Five bars indicate that your current
    position has the best reception.
    Indicates the battery charge level.
    Indicates you have one or more unread messages.
    Indicates there is a missed call.
    Indicates that the alarm clock is on.
    Indicates your phone uses the alert type of “Silent”.
    Indicates your phone uses the alert type of “Earphone”.
    Indicates you are using Bluetooth.
    Install the SIM card and battery
    Charging the battery
    If the battery is completely discharged, you cannot turn on the
    phone, even with the charger connected. Allow a depleted battery
    to charge for a few minutes before you try to turn on the phone.
    To save energy, unplug the travel adapter when not in use.
    Turning ON/OFF
    To turn your phone on,
    1. Press and hold
    2. Enter your PIN and press OK if necessary.
    3. When the setup wizard opens, customise your phone as
    desired by following the screen.
    If the battery remains fully discharged or removed from the phone,
    the time and date will be reset.
    To turn your phone o, press and hold .
    Making a call
    1. In the device’s homescreen, enter a phone number.
    For an international call, do not forget to enter the country code.
    2. Press to dial the number.
    3. To end the call, press .
    Answering a call
    1. When a call comes in, press .
    2. To end the call, press .
    Adjusting the volume during a call
    During a call, press the Navigation key UP to increase the
    volume and the Navigation key Down to decrease it.
    Accessing all menus
    1. From the homescreen, press the OK Key.
    2. Use the Navigation Key to choose desired operation and
    press the OK Key to enter the selected operation.
    3. You can exit a menu and return to standby mode by
    pressing the Right Soft Key or the End Key.
    Phonebook Messages Call History
    Settings Multimedia File Manager
    Organizer App Zone Services
    Changing your ringtone
    1. From the homescreen, press the OK key.
    2. Select the Settings menu, then select Proles.
    3. Select the desired prole and select Options with the Left
    soft key.
    4. Scroll down to select Settings and press the OK key.
    - Select Ring settings to change your ringtone.
    - Select Adjust volume to adjust dierent volumes
    Calling a recently dialled number
    1. In the device’s homescreen, press .
    2. Scroll left or right to a call type.
    3. Scroll up or down to a number or name.
    4. Press the OK key to view details of the call or to dial
    the number.
    Adding a new contact
    1. From the homescreen, select the Right soft key to open
    the Phonebook.
    2. Press the Left soft key to open Options, then New.
    3. Select the storage location.
    4. Enter the contact information and press the Left soft key
    to save.
    Creating a SMS
    1. From the homescreen, press the OK key and select
    2. Select Write Message and select the OK key to choose a
    3. Press the Left soft key to select Options, then OK.
    4. Press the Navigation key Down to enter text.
    To switch between the input methods, press and select an option.
    5. Enter your text.
    6. Press the Left soft key to select Options, then Send.
    ABC, Abc, abc modes
    Press an appropriate alphanumeric key until the character
    you want appears on the display.
    123 mode
    Press an appropriate alphanumeric key to enter a number.
    Writing language
    Select a language for your SMS.
    To use other features for text input
    To move the cursor, press the Navigation key.
    To delete characters one by one, press Clear.
    To delete words quickly, press and hold Clear.
    To insert a space between characters, press 0.
    Mobile tracker
    Mobile tracker is used for getting the phone number when
    someone who uses your phone and change the SIM card in
    your phone.
    1. Enter the menu Zone and select Mobile tracker.
    2. Type the password “1234” and make the status ON.
    3. Set 5 receiver numbers.
    When a new SIM is entered into your phone, a SMS will be
    sent from the new SIM to the numbers set above containing
    the number of the new SIM.
    Default password
    The default password for your data protection is: 1234
    Transferring les to/from your computer
    1. Connect the phone to a PC using a micro-USB cable (not
    The PC will auto detect the phone as a removable disk
    2. You can access the device memory to transfer les.
    To have a large capacity of storage, you need to install a microSD
    card (not provided).
    Unable to turn on: press the power on key for over 1
    second. Check if the battery is properly connected. Please
    remove and install it again, retry to turn on. Check if battery
    is appropriately charged.
    Unable to connect network: weak signal.
    Please Try and move to a location with strong signal and
    try connecting to the network again. Please ensure that you
    are not beyond the network coverage of service providers.
    Please ensure you have a valid SIM card. Please contact your
    network provider for further information.
    Poor quality of calling:Please check if the sound volume is
    tuned improperly In an area with poor receiving condition,
    example: basement, the signal might be weak. Try reaching
    a location with stronger signal reception and call again.
    While using the mobile phone in the peak period of
    communication, like commute time, you may be unable to
    call because of line congestion.
    Boutons de l’appareil
    1 Lampe torche 8 Terminer/Bouton ON-OFF
    2 Combiné/Haut-parleur 9 Bouton OK
    3 Ecran 10 Port micro-USB
    4 Touche gauche 11 Port écouteurs
    5 Touche d’appel 12 Connecteur d’alimentation
    6 Touche de navigation 13 Appareil photo
    7 Touche droite 14 Coque
    Description des boutons
    Touche gauche/droite : appuyez sur une touche pour
    eectuer l’action achée dans le coin gauche/droit de l’écran.
    Touche appel : répondez à tous les appels, passez des appels
    à partir de la SIM1 ou SIM2, achez le journal des appels.
    Touche navigation : dans un menu, appuyez sur la touche
    navigation haut, bas, gauche ou droit an de naviguer dans
    le menu et ses options. A partir de l’écran d’accueil, appuyez
    sur la touche navigation pour accéder à tous les menus.
    Touche Terminer/Bouton ON-OFF : appuyez et maintenir
    pour allumer ou éteindre l’appareil, terminer un appel ou
    rejeter un appel entrant, revenir sur l’écran d’accueil.
    Touche OK : appuyez pour accéder à tous les menus à partir
    de l’écran d’accueil, appuyez pour conrmer une sélection.
    Touche numérique : saisissez des chires, lettres ou
    caractères spéciques. Sélectionnez un élément d’un sous-
    menu avec le chire correspondant.
    Touche* : appuyez pour acher les caractères spéciaux
    lorsque vous saisissez du texte. Maintenez la touche
    pour naviguer entre *, +, P, and W dans les menus qui le
    permettent. APpuyez sur la touche gauche et sur * pour
    verrouiller/déverrouiller le téléphone. En faisant un appui
    long sur *, key you can speed into FM.
    Touche# : à partir de l’écran d’accueil, faites un appui long
    sur # pour passer du mode silencieux au mode général.
    Appuyez sur cette touche pour changer de méthode de
    saisie lorsque vous écrivez un texte.
    Touche 0 : appuyez sur la touche pour créer un espace
    lors de la saisie de texte. Appuyez pour allumer/éteindre la
    lampe torche.
    Description des icônes
    Les barres verticales indiquent la force du signal du
    réseau GSM. Avec cinq barres, vous avez une réception
    Le niveau de charge de la batterie
    Des messages non lus dans votre boîte de réception
    Notication pour un appel manqué
    Alarme activée
    Téléphone en mode silencieux
    Un kit piéton est connecté.
    Bluetooth activé
    InstaIler la carte SIM, carte mémoire et la batterie
    Charger la batterie
    Si la batterie est complètement déchargée, le téléphone s’éteint.
    En connectant le chargeur, le téléphone ne se rallume pas aussitôt
    car il faudra un certain temps de charge. Pour économiser de
    l’énergie, débranchez le chargeur de la prise électrique à la fin du
    Pour allumer votre téléphone,
    1. Maintenez .
    2. Saisissez votre PIN et appuyez sur OK (si nécessaire).
    3. Lorsque l’assistant de démarrage s’ache, personnalisez
    votre téléphone en suivant les instructions.
    Si la batterie est totalement déchargée ou enlevée de l’appareil,
    l’heure et la date sont réinitialisées.
    Pour éteindre votre téléphone, appuyez sur .
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Marca Archos
Modello F18
Prodotto Smartphone
EAN 690590031654
Lingua Inglese, Francese, Arabo
Tipo di file PDF
Dimensioni schermo 1.8 2011-05-04 11:27:54 2012-06-08 13:40:02 6730 17 5 kg 0000-00-00 00:00:00 2012-06-08 13:40:02 6731 18 5 MHz 0000-00-00 00:00:00 2012-06-08 13:40:02 6732 19 5 MB 0000-00-00 00:00:00 2012-06-08 13:40:02 6733 20 5 GB 0000-00-00 00:00:00 2012-06-08 13:40:02 6
Risoluzione del display 128 x 160Pixel
Touch screen
Tipo di display TFT
Display esterno
Supporto flash card
Tipi schede di memoria MicroSD (TransFlash)
RAM installata -
Macchina fotografica
Fotocamera posteriore
Risoluzione fotocamera posteriore 320 x 240Pixel
Collegamento in rete
Capacità della scheda SIM Doppia SIM
Tipologia SIM card MiniSIM
Rete dati EDGE, GPRS, GSM
2G bands (SIM principale) 850, 900, 1800, 1900
2G bands (SIM secondaria) 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Trasmissione dati
Versione Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
Porta USB
Connettore USB Micro-USB
Versione USB 2.0
Connessione cuffia 3, 5 mm
Altre caratteristiche
Uscite per cuffie 1
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
Radio FM
Tipo di suonerie MP3
Lettore musica
Microfono incluso
Altoparlanti Mo✗
Gestione energetica
Tecnologia batteria Ioni di Litio
Capacità della batteria 800
Autonomia in conversazione (2G) -
Autonomia in standby (2G) 220
Dimensioni e peso
Peso 66
Larghezza 45
Profondità 14.3
Altezza 111
Dettagli tecnici
Tipo di sottoscrizione -
Tipo Telefo✗ cellulare basico
Colore del prodotto Nero
luce flash inclusa
Caratteristiche del telefono
Fattore di forma Barra
Gestione dati personali Alarm clock, Calculator, Calendar, Converter, Stopwatch
Capacità rubrica 1000
Performance GPS
GPS (satellitare)
Contenuto dell'imballo
Cavi inclusi USB
Guida utente
Certificati di sicurezza
Tasso di assorbimento specifico (SAR) valore (UE) 0.384
Indice SAR per la testa (UE) -
Categoria SAR per la testa (UE) -
Tasso di assorbimento specifico SAR (UE) -
Categoria SAR per il corpo (UE) -

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