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A. Control panel with LED lights
B. Shelves
C. Level covering fruit and vegetable
D. Fruit and vegetable drawers
E. Rating plate (placed on the side of
the fruit andvegetable drawer)
F. Freezer compartment
G and H. Door shelves
I. Bottle holder (if provided)
L. Bottle shelf
Least cold zone
Medium zone
Coldest zone
Fruit & vegetable zone
Note: All of the drawers, door shelves
andshelves can be removed.
The ideal food storage temperatures are
already factory-set.
What to do if... Possible reasons: Solutions:
The control panel is off, the appliance is not working.
There may be a problem with the power supply to the appliance.
The appliance may be in Stand-by mode.
Check that:
- there is no power outage
- the plug is properly inserted in the socket and any bipolar power switch is in the correct position (this enables the power supply to the
- the protective relays for the electrical system for the house are working
- the power cable is not broken.
Turn the appliance on by briefly pressing the button (see On/Stand-by function).
The inside light does not work.
It may be necessary to replace the light.
Technical component malfunction.
Contact an authorized Service Centre.
The internal light is flashing.
Door alarm active.
Activates when the door to the refrigerator compartment stays open for a long time.
To stop it, close the refrigerator door.
When re-opening the door, check the light function.
The internal temperature of the compartments is not
cold enough.
There are various possible causes (see the “Solutions” column).
Check that:
- the doors are closed properly
- the appliance is not installed near a heat source
- the set temperature is adequate
- the circulation of air through the ventilation grilles on the base of the appliance is not obstructed (see installation manual).
There is water on the bottom of the refrigerator
The defrosting water drain is blocked. Clean the defrosting water drain (see section “Maintaining and cleaning the appliance” in the instructions for use).
Excessive amount of frost in the freezer compartment. The door to the freezer compartment is not closed properly.
- Defrost the freezer compartment.
- Make sure the refrigerator has been correctly installed.
- Check that there is nothing preventing the door from closing properly.
One or more green symbols are flashing continuously and
it is not possible to change the temperature set.
Malfunction alarm
The alarm indicates the malfunction of a technical component.
Call the authorized Technical Assistance Service.
The temperature of the refrigerator compartment is too
- The set temperature is too cold.
- A large amount of fresh food may have been placed in the freezer compartment.
- Try to set a less cold temperature.
- If fresh food has been put in the freezer compartment, wait until the freezing has been completed.


Read the instructions carefully before using the
Features, technical data and images may vary
according to the model.


The fan is pre-set to ON. To turn the
fan on/off carry out the following
steps: Press the light button as
shown in figure 2. The light will
turn off. Without releasing the light
button, also hold down the
button as shown in figure 3. The light will flash just once if
the fan is OFF, or it will flash 3 times if the fan in ON. If the ambient temperature exceeds
27°C, or if drops of water are present on the glass shelves, it is recommended that the fan is
turned on to ensure optimal preservation of the food. Turning the fan off allows for optimal
energy consumption.
Press the button for 3 seconds to turn the appliance off
(the control panel and the light will remain turned off).
Press it briefly to turn it back on.
Note: this procedure does not disconnect the appliance
from the electricity supply.
Refrigerator compartment temperature
The three lights indicate the temperature set in the
refrigerator compartment.
It is possible to set a different temperature with the
The possible controls are as follows:
LEDs turned on
Temperature set
High (least cold)
Low (coldest)
Fast cool
Fast Freeze/Cool Function (Fast Cooling)
To quickly cool the refrigerator
compartment, or six hours
before putting a large quantity
of food to be frozen in the
freezer compartment (if there
is one), turn on the “Fast Cooling” function by repeatedly
pressing the
button until the 3 icons flash green and
then stay constant.
The function automatically turns off after 30 hours and
the temperature returns to the previous setting when the
function is turned on.
To turn the function off manually, press the button.
Note: do not put foods that are to be frozen in contact with
others that are already frozen.
Note: some noises, such as gurgles and hissing, caused by the refrigeration system, are normal.
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KD22178A | KD22178A
Manuale d'uso (PDF), Scheda tecnica (PDF)
Gestione energetica
Classe di efficienza energetica (vecchia)A++
Consumo energetico annuo115 kWh
Carico di collegamento130 W
Posizionamento dell'apparecchioDa incasso
Cerniera portaDestra
Balconcini del frigorifero5
Numero di cassetti per verdura2
Porta bottiglie
Materiale ripianoVetro temperato
Numero di ripiani frigorifero5
Porte reversibili
Colore del prodottoBianco
Porta uova
Pannello porta inclusoNo
Capacità netta frigorifero318 L
Capacità lorda frigorifero- L
Sbrinamento automatico ( frigorifero)
Sistema di raffreddamento ventilato
Classe climaticaSN-T
Minima temperatura di funzionamento10 °C
Massima temperatura di funzionamento43 °C
Emissione acustica34 dB
Sistema No-frost-
Luce interna
Tipo di lampadaLED
Allarme porta aperta
Dimensioni e peso
Altezza1770 mm
Larghezza540 mm
Profondità545 mm
Larghezza del compartimento560 mm
Profondità del compartimento550 mm
Altezza del compartimento1780 mm
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