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This washing machine is equipped with all-electronic control, which opens up a host of possibilities for
you. Amongst others, these include: precise determination of load,
Dynamic-Sense Technology
imbalance detection and correction system, fast programme changing, accurate programme sequence
indicator, start delay, soaking, safety feature
“intelligent (anti-flood) Water Stop system”
load determining facility
evaluates the laundry load at the start of the wash cycle and
optimises the washing procedure accordingly. The machine adapts automatically to the prevailing
circumstances: if you are washing a minimum load, the programme carries out only two rinse cycles
during the cotton and synthetics programmes, while keeping the rinse results very good. You save
on water, energy and time as a result.
Thanks to its
Dynamic-Sense Technology
the appliance adapts optimally to the prevailing
circumstances, achieving favourable consumption figures even in the case of small loads. Water
supply temperature and pressure, quantity of water and degree of loading, are the parameters taken
into account. The progamme duration is influenced by these factors. This is checked and updated
at particular stages of the programme. Consequently, the programme duration can vary by up to 60
imbalance detection and correction system
protects your washing machine if the
imbalance is too great on initiating a spin cycle. This may occur with a badly distributed load or in
the case of single large laundry item. The laundry is re-distributed and the spin speed is not
increased until satisfactory laundry distribution has been achieved.
If you happen to have selected the wrong programme, you can quickly change programme at any
time, without needing to add new detergent. Select the desired programme and start the
appliance. The new program resumes the wash programme at the same stage at which the
preceding one was interrupted.
accurate sequence indicator
shows what stage of the programme has been reached by
LED indicators coming on: after starting the programme, the programme sequence indicator
moves from left to right passing through “Wash”, “Rinse”, “Spin”. Once the current stage of the
programme has been completed that LED indicator goes out.
The washing process is subdivided into three phases which corresponds to the three wash LEDs:
Enzyme phase
: at low temperature, organic soiling such as e.g. blood, milk and egg are
Heating-up phase
: the water is heated up to the selected washing temperature.
Washing phase
: the laundry is washed and, if the temperature is raised, whitened.
Using the
“Start Delay”
option (if present) you can select the programme start time from 1 to 19
hours in advance. You can set the programme start time so that the laundry will be completed by a
particular time, thus allowing you to take advantage of favourable lower electricity tariffs at night.
In order to soak particularly heavily soiled colourfast laundry, select the “Coloured” programme and,
once the water has been fed in, press the
button. The programme is interrupted and
you can leave the laundry to
as long as you want.
You can continue the programme by pressing the
button once again.
Depending on the washing machine type, it may be equipped with the anti-flood safety feature
intelligent Water Stop system
”: Even while switched off your washing machine is able to detect
water leakage and brings this to your attention with an audible alarm.

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