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Ultimate Noise Reduction Eects Pedal
Thank you for showing your condence in us by purchasing the Behringer
NOISE REDUCER NR300. This ultimate eects pedal is specically designed
to eliminate unwanted noise and hum without altering your tone. Thanks
to its high-performance features it preserves the original attack and
envelope while leaving your playing and dynamics intact.

1. Controls

(1) This MODE switch allows you to chose between MUTE
and REDUCTION mode. Pressing the pedal in MUTE mode
results in muting the whole input signal, to reduce noises
in during pauses for example. In REDUCTION mode,
quiet passages (when noise or hum would get obvious
to the listener) are eectively reduced. Adjustments
to threshold and decay settings are necessary in this case
(see below).
(2) Use the THRESH(old) control to dene a level threshold
in REDUCTION mode. When the input signal falls below
this value, the unit starts reducing the signal.
(3) The DECAY control determines how fast the signal reduction
is released when the input signal exceeds the threshold
value again.
(4) The MUTE/BATT LED illuminates when the eect is activated.
It also serves as a battery level indicator.
(5) The REDUCTION LED illuminates when the input level falls
below the threshold and starts getting reduced.
(6) Use the footswitch to activate/deactivate the eect.
(7) Use this ¼" TS IN connector to plug in the instrument cable.
V 2.0

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NR300 | NR300
0736211844071, 4033653052054
Italiano, Inglese
Manuale d'uso (PDF), Scheda tecnica (PDF)
Dettagli tecnici
Uso appropriatoConcerto/Studio
TipoEffetti a pedale
Dimensioni e peso
Altezza54 mm
Larghezza70 mm
Profondità123 mm
Peso330 g
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