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Camry EB9015
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Battery power is low. Please install new battery.

Scale overload. (max. weight capacity is

indicated on the scale).

Please step off to avoid damage.



1.The glass platform will be slippery when it is wet. Keep it dry!
2.Keep standing still during the course of weighing.
3.DO NOT strike, shock or drop the scale.
4.Treat the scale with care as it is a precise instrument.
5.Clean the scale with a damp cloth and avoid water getting inside the scale.
DO NOT use chemical/abrasive cleaning agents.
6.Keep the scale in cool place with dry air.
7.Always keep your scale in horizontal position.
8.If failed to turn on the scale, check whether battery is installed, or battery power
is low. Insert or replace new battery.
9.If there is error on display or can not turn off the scale for a long time, please
take off the battery for about 3 seconds, then install it again to remove soft-fault.
If you can not resolve the problem, please contact your dealer for consultation.
10.Do not use it for commercial purpose.


Display " " when you step off the scale, means

this weight reading with error. Please re-test.

10EB-015E R0
Camry EB9015

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