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5.Loading the Dishwasher Baskets

For washing in the dishwasher the following cutlery/dishes

Cutlery with wooden, horn china or
mother-of-pearl handles
Plastic items that are not heat resistant
Older cutlery with glued parts that are not
temperature resistant
Bonded cutlery items or dishes
Pewter or copper items
Crystal glass
Steel items subject to rusting
Wooden platters
Items made from synthetic fibres
Some types of glasses can become
dull after a large number of washes
Silver and aluminum parts have a
tendency to discolour during washing
Glazed patterns may fade if machine
washed frequently

Are not suitable

Are of limited suitability

Dishes and items of cutlery must not lie inside one another, or cover each other.
To avoid damage to glasses, they must not touch.
Load large items which are most difficult to clean into the lower basket.
The upper basket is designed to hold more delicate and lighter dishware such as glasses, coffee
and tea cups
Long bladed knives stored in an upright position are a potential hazard!
Long and/or sharp items of cutlery such as carving knives must be positioned
horizontally in the upper basket.
Please do not overload your dishwasher. This is important for good results and for
reasonable consumption of energy.
Load hollow items such as cups, glasses, pans etc. With the opening facing downwards so that
water cannot collect in the container or a deep base.


Consider buying utensils which are identified as dishwasher-proof.
Use a mild detergent that is described as 'kind to dishes'. If necessary, seek further
information from the detergent manufacturers.
For particular items, select a program with as low a temperature as possible.
To prevent damage, do not take glass and cutlery out of the dishwasher immediately
after the programme has ended.
(For best performance of the dishwasher, follow these loading guidelines.
Features and appearance of baskets and cutlery baskets may vary from your model.)
Scrape off any large amounts of leftover food. Soften remnants of burnt food in pans.
It is not necessary to rinse the dishes under running water.
Place objects in the dishwasher in following way:
1.Items such as cups, glasses, pots/pans, etc. are faced downwards.
2.Curved items, or ones with recesses, should be loaded aslant so that water can run off.
3.All utensils are stacked securely and can not tip over.
4.All utensils are placed in the way that the spray arms can rotate freely during washing.


Very small items should not be washed in the dishwasher as they could easily fall out of the basket.

Attention before or after loading the Dishwasher Baskets

To prevent water dripping from the upper basket into the lower basket, we recommend that you
empty the lower basket first and then the upper basket.

Removing the Dishes



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Marca Candy
Modello CDP 2L949W | CDP 2L949W
Prodotto Lavastoviglie
EAN 8016361922648
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Posizionamento dell'apparecchio Libera installazione
Colore della porta Bianco
Display incorporato No
Regolazione cestello superiore
Tipo di controllo Pulsanti
Dimensione Compatta (45 cm)
Sistema di asciugatura Condensa
Numero di coperti 9 coperti
Emissione acustica 49 dB
Quantità programmi di lavaggio 5
Ciclo 205 min
Partenza differita
Partenza ritardata 24 h
Sistema protezione traboccamento acqua
Programmi speciali -
Altre caratteristiche
Classe efficacia di asciugatura A
Consumo d'acqua totale annuo 2520 L
Consumo energetico annuo 197 kWh
Classe efficacia di lavaggio A
Gestione energetica
Consumo di acqua per ciclo 9 L
Consumo di energia per ciclo 0.69 kWh
Classe di efficienza energetica (vecchia) A++
Tensione di ingresso AC 230 V
Corrente 10 A
Piedini regolabili
Indicatore sale
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza 450 mm
Profondità 580 mm
Altezza 820 mm
Peso 38410 g
Peso dell'imballo 42350 g
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