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Model: A17
External Rechargeable Battery


LED Indicators
Getting Started
Charging Your Device
Battery cell type: 2600 Lithium-ion cell
Cycle life: More than 500 cycles
Capacity: 2600mAh
Input: DC5V/1A
Output: DC5V/0.8A
Charging time: Approximately 8 hours
Working temperature: -5°C ~ +60°C
Problems Possible causes Solutions
The battery was charged
for a long time but the
LED is still red, not
1. The charging time is not
2. The AC adapter of the battery
1. Charge the battery more than
8 hours continuously.
2. Contact after-sales service or
The battery cannot
charge any other
1. The device is switched off.
2. Malfunction of the charging
3. Device not properly connected.
1. Charge the battery again.
2. Exchange the charging cable.
3. Ensure correct connection.
Battery is fully charged,
but cannot charge any
other devices.
1. Protective circuit has kicked in.
2. Battery empty.
Charge the battery again.
1. When charging: LED lights up green
2. If approximately 10% capacity is left the green LED will start ashing;
after ashing for approximately 1 or 2 minutes it will light up red. When
switched off the red LED will turn off.
3. When charging the battery the LED will light up red; it will turn green when
fully charged.
Do not drop, strongly impact, disassemble or attempt to repair the battery
Do not immerse the battery in water or let it get wet.
Do not expose the battery to re, extreme heat or high temperatures.
Read this user manual carefully before use. Any damage caused by
misuse is excluded from the warranty.
Dispose of the battery at a recycling station to avoid pollution.
Different ways to charge the CasePower
Smart Power Booster
Charge via your computer:
Charge via your AC adapter:
AC adapter not included
Car adapter not included
Charge in your car:
Please charge the CasePower Smart Power Booster until the LED lights
up. Notice: Please charge it fully if used for the rst time. Please allow
4-6 hours for a full charge.
Connect your device via the charging cable; the device will recognize
the charger and intelligent charging starts automatically. If no device is
recognized, it will switch off after 30 seconds.
First step: Charging the battery
Charge the battery via the charging cable provided with the CasePower Smart
Power Booster. Connect one USB connector to the CasePower Smart Power
Booster and the other USB connector to your computer or an AC power source
with USB 5V input. When charging the LED lights up red until the device is fully
charged. After a full charging cycle the LED lights up green.
* Note: Please charge the battery every 3 months and keep it clean and dry.
Second step: Charging your device
Now that the CasePower Smart Power Booster is charged you can start
using it to charge your iPhone/smartphone and other devices. Connect the
USB cable to the CasePower Smart Power Booster and one of the three
included tips to your device.
* (iPhone 5 users: please use the cable provided with your iPhone and connect
the USB cable to the CasePower Smart Power Booster and the 8-pin tip
(Lightning) to your iPhone 5.)
Thank you for purchasing our product.
Please read the use instructions carefully.


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Specifiche CasePower A17

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Marca CasePower
Modello A17
Prodotto Carica batteria portatile
EAN 0859252003150, 0493212639296, 8592520031500
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Compatibilità caricatore Universale
Colore del prodotto Argento
Certificazione CE/RoHS
Gestione energetica
Voltaggio di ingresso 5 V
Voltaggio di uscita 5 V
Corrente in uscita 1000 mA
Tecnologia batteria Ioni di Litio
Capacità della batteria 2600 mAh
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza 21.9 mm
Altezza 96.3 mm
Peso 78 g
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