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size: 100x120, paper: 157gsm matt art paper


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Model: A50


With Integrated Flashlight
Charging via computer
Connect to computerCharging via USB2.0 cable from computer USB portPlease read all instructions carefully.1. Ensure that your device is compatible with the product.2. Do not drop, strongly impact, disassemble or attempt to repair the battery yourself.3. Do not expose the battery to extreme heat.4. Do not immerse the battery in water or let it get wet.5. Do not use the device with a damaged casing.6. Do not strongly impact the device.7. Store the device within temperature range: -10°C ~ 45°C.
Read the user manual carefully before using the device. Misuse may lead to damages, e.g.
smoke due to overheating. This is not covered by the warranty.
1. Ensure that your device is compatible with the product.
2. Do not expose the battery to re, extreme heat or high temperatures.
3. Do not drop, strongly impact, disassemble or attempt to repair the battery yourself.
4. Don't disassemble the battery or attempt to repair or modify it in any manner.
5. Do not expose this battery to moisture; do not submerge water or other liquid. Keep the
battery dry at all times.
6. Do not attempt to charge the battery using any method, apparatus or connection other
than the USB connector. Read the user manual carefully if charging the device with other
7. Do not replace original accessories without authorization.
8. The device should not be used by persons in need of care or children without supervision.
9. All products have been inspected thoroughly after production. Do not use the device in
case of overheating, deformation, damages, scratches or other anomalies. Charge the
device fully before rst use to get the best results.
10. This device is suitable for most portable digital products. For details read the respective
user manual carefully. The manufacturer will not take any responsibility for misuse.
Problems and Solutions
Product does not respond.
A. Check whether your device is compatible with the product.
B. Ensure that your device is properly connected.
C. Check if cable and adapter work properly.
Product cannot be charged.
A. Product and adapter not properly connected.
B. Incorrect input charging port, change to micro USB.
C. AC adapter defective, use other method and try again.
Product does not charge other devices.
A. The remaining charge of the product is too low, please recharge.
B. In case of further problems please contact your local dealer.
• Attractive design• Flashlight integrated• Elegant streamline design, comfortable, compact size, easy to carryFlashlightUSB output: 5V/1.0AMicro USB input: 5V/0.5APower switch
Capacity 3100mAh
Output connector USB
Battery cell Lithium-ion
Dimensions 105 x 23 x 23mm
Weight 68g
Note: Please check if your device (mobile phone) is compatible with this power bank.1. Charge your device with the correct USB cable.2. Connect the USB cable to the power bank.3. Choose the correct connector for your device.4. Connect the other end of the USB cable to your mobile device.5. Press the power switch to start charging your device.
DC power for charging your
mobile device
Connect original USB adaptorConnect product via USB2.0 cable, then connect USBadapter110~220VAC power outlet.
Safety Instructions:Overview
Safety Instructions
Use Instructions
Mobile power for charging digital
Suitable for use with all smartphones and portable devices.
LED indicator:
The indicator shows the charge status.
Charging your deviceUniversal charging cable
Input 5V/0.5A
Output 5V/1.0A
Suitable for Suitable for all
smartphones and
mobile devices


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Specifiche CasePower A50

Di seguito troverai le specifiche del prodotto e le specifiche del manuale di CasePower A50.

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Marca CasePower
Modello A50
Prodotto Carica batteria portatile
EAN 0859252003082, 8592520030824, 4054842128459
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Compatibilità caricatore Universale
Colore del prodotto Bianco
Numero di USB 1
Gestione energetica
Voltaggio di uscita 5 V
Corrente in uscita 500 mA
Tecnologia batteria Ioni di Litio
Capacità della batteria 3100 mAh
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza 23 mm
Profondità 23 mm
Altezza 104 mm
Peso 68 g
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