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About This Manual

Depending on the model of your watch, display text
appears either as dark figures on a light background or
light figures on a dark background. All sample displays
in this manual are shown using dark figures on a light
Button operations are indicated using the letters shown
in the illustration.
Each section of this manual provides you with the
information you need to perform operations in each
mode. Further details and technical information can be
found in the “Reference” section.
Press .
Timekeeping Mode Stopwatch Mode Recall Mode Countdown Timer Mode Alarm Mode World Time Mode

General Guide

Press C to change from mode to mode.
In any mode, press L to illuminate the display for about one second.
Hour : Minutes Seconds
PM indicator


Use the Timekeeping Mode to set and view the current
time and date. You can select from among the three
different Timekeeping Mode screens shown below.
Whenever you enter the Timekeeping Mode from
another mode, the indicator in the upper left corner of
the screen will show DUAL if the Dual Time screen is
selected. If the Home City Time screen or Elapsed/
Remaining Day screen is selected, the indicator will
show HT.
Week number
Day of week
number of days
Dual Time City code
Current time in
Dual Time City
Current day of
the week in
Dual Time City
Current date in
Dual Time City
number of days
Month – Day
Home City Time Elapsed/Remaining Days Dual Time
Press .
You can use D in the Timekeeping Mode to cycle through the different screens
shown above, which changes the information in the top of the screen.
The Elapsed/Remaining Days screen shows the number of days that have elapsed
from January 1 of the current year (Elapsed Days), and the number of days
remaining until December 31 of the current year (Remaining Days).
The Dual Time screen shows the current time in your Home City and another city
(Dual Time City).
Read This Before You Set the Time and Date!
The time setting of the Dual Time City as well as all of the times in the World Time
Mode are based on the current time you set for your Home City in the Timekeeping
Mode. Because of this, make sure you select a city code for your Home City (the city
where you normally use the watch) before you set the time and date.
For full information on city codes, see the City Code Table.
For more information about Dual Time, see Using Dual Time.
To set the time and date
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the
seconds start to flash, which indicates the setting
2. Press C to move the flashing in the sequence shown
below to select other settings.
Seconds DST City Code Hour Minutes
Day Month Year
12/24-Hour FormatContrast Adjustment
Week Count MethodFlash Alert
To do this:
Reset the seconds to
Toggle between Daylight Saving
Time (
) and Standard Time (
Change the city code
Change the hour or minutes
Toggle between 12-hour (12H)
and 24-hour (24H) timekeeping
Change the year
Change the month or day
Do this:
Press D.
Use D (east) and B (west).
Use D (+) and B ().
Press D.
Use D (+) and B ().
3. When the setting you want to change is flashing, use D and B to change it as
described below.
See Daylight Saving Time (DST) for details about the DST setting.
The following shows where you should go in order to find more information about
the above settings.
Week count method: “Week Number”
Flash alert: “Flash Alert”
Contrast adjustment: “Contrast Adjustment”
4. Press A twice to exit the setting screen.
The first press of A will display the Dual Time setting screen.
Resetting the seconds to 00 while the current count is in the range of 30 to 59
causes the minutes to be increased by 1. In the range of 00 to 29, the seconds are
reset to 00 without changing the minutes.
The day of the week is displayed automatically in accordance with the date (year,
month, and day) settings.
Daylight Saving Time (DST)
Daylight Saving Time (summer time) advances the time setting by one hour from
Standard Time. Remember that not all countries or even local areas use Daylight
Saving Time.
To toggle the Timekeeping Mode time between DST and Standard Time
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the
seconds start to flash, which indicates the setting
2. Press C to display the DST setting screen.
3. Press D to toggle between Daylight Saving Time (
displayed) and Standard Time (OFF displayed).
4. Press A twice to exit the setting screen.
The DST indicator appears on the display to indicate
that Daylight Saving Time is turned on.
To count like this:
Start each week from Monday, and count the week that contains
the first Thursday as the first week of the year.
This counting method is specified by ISO8601.
Due to the ways that weeks are counted, the year of a particular
week may be different from a date that occurs during that week.
Example: January 1, 2005 is Week 53 of 2004
Start each week from Monday, and count the week that contains
January 1 as the first week of the year.
Start each week from Sunday, and count the week that contains
January 1 as the first week of the year.
Select this
counting method:
DST indicator
On/Off status
Week Number
The week number shows the number of the current date in the current year. You can
select from among the following three types of week counting methods.


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Specifiche Casio G-7710C-3ER

Di seguito troverai le specifiche del prodotto e le specifiche del manuale di Casio G-7710C-3ER.

Marca Casio
Modello G-7710C-3ER
Prodotto Orologio
EAN 4971850890805
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file PDF
Dettagli tecnici
Tipo di meccanismo Elettronico
Tipo di quadrante dell'orologio Quadrante LCD
Resistente all'acqua
Profondità resistente all'acqua 200 m
Cronografo -
Funzione ora mondiale
Funzione di allarme
Precisione 15 sec/mese
Tipo di orologio Orologio da polso
Materiale cassa Resina
Colore struttura Nero
Materiale cinturino Resina
Colore principale del cinturino Nero
Tipo di vetro -
Forma del contenitore Rotondo
Colore principale del quadrante dell'orologio Verde
Stile dell'indicatore di ora Numerazione araba
Design del prodotto Sport
Genere Maschio
Gestione energetica
Tipo batteria CR2025
Durata batteria 5 anno/i
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza 45.9 mm
Profondità 14.6 mm
Altezza 52.3 mm
Peso 56 g
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