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Coleman QuickPump
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To begin inflation, open
external cap and pull firmly
on lanyard to extend out.
This will open internal
yellow seal.
Attach adapter nozzle to
inflation end of
Rechargeable Pump. Insert
pump and turn on.
When fully inflated, seal
valve by pushing in with
pump nozzle. This will seal
the internal yellow stopper
and keep air from escaping
while closing the cap.
Fully remove pump and
close external stopper.
Valve should appear
depressed into itself.
Remove adapter nozzle
from inflation end and
attach to deflation side of
pump. Repeat same steps
as inflation. This will draw
the air out quickly.
Attach pinch valve adapter to inflation end of pump.
Insert pinch valve adapter into pinch valve.

Make sure tip of adapter is extended past inner

“flap” inside of valve.

Turn pump on.
When fully inflated, remove pump from valve and
seal valve.


• Carefully follow instructions on articles to be inflated. Never exceed
recommended pressures. Bursting items can cause serious injury.
• Never leave Coleman
Rechargeable Pump unattended while in use.

Note: Pump will not work on stem valves or needle valves

commonly used on bike tires, basketballs, etc.


Remove safety plug from the charging port on rear of the pump.


The Coleman Rechargeable Pump needs to be charged for
10 HOURS (but no more than 24 hours) before first use. Charge only
using transformer provided with the pump.
After use, recharge pump within 48 hours.
Always store pump with a full charge. To keep the battery at optimum
operating levels recharge the unit every 3-5 months, even if it has
not been used.
Allow pump to cool off for 20 minutes after every 10 minutes of
continuous operation. Failure to do so may cause damage to the
pump and battery.
• Do not leave pump charging for more than 24 hours to avoid damage
to the battery.


This product uses a lead acid, sealed, rechargeable battery. The battery
pack is recyclable. At the end of the battery pack’s useful life, the unit
should be recycled or properly disposed of.

Do not discard in a

landfill or incinerate.

Contact your local city officials for battery
disposal information. If a battery collection program does not exist in
your area, call Coleman toll free at 1-800-835-3278 for battery
disposal information.


The Coleman Rechargeable Pump is compatible with most valves on
inflatable products. If you have an inflatable product with a pinch valve,
an adapter is included.

Inflating Coleman® Double-Lock™ Valve:

Inflating Standard Pinch Valve:


CAUTION: Do not block the air portals during

operation, this could damage the motor.

Coleman QuickPump

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