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The ASR 100 Receiver Antenna Splitter allows your existing
VHF antenna to be used by both a VHF radiotelephone and
an AIS Receiver.
The unit is not waterproof and should be mounted in a dry
location. The unit can be fixed by the 4 mounting holes in the
end flanges.
It will require connection to the boats DC supply of 12-24
Volts. It is recommended to connect it to the same circuit as
your existing VHF Radio.
RED Positive +
BLACK Negative –
Remove the existing antenna connection from your VHF Radio
and plug this connection into the Antenna connection on the
ASR 100. Take the 1m VHF cable from the ASR 100 and plug
this back into your VHF radio. The AIS cable fitted with a BNC
connector can now be plugged into your AIS Receiver.


On applying power to the ASR 100 reception is now possible
on both your VHF Radio and your AIS Receiver.
When the transmitter is operated on the VHF Radio the AIS
reception will stop. Reception on the AIS receiver will start
immediately you stop transmitting.
In the event of a fault or power failure to the ASR 100 the
VHF Radio transmit and receive will continue as normal.

Limited Warranty:

Comar Systems Ltd warrants this product to be free from
defects in materials and manufacture for one year from the date
of purchase. Comar Systems Ltd will, at its sole option, repair or
replace any components that fail in normal use. Such repairs or
replacement will be made at no charge to the customer for parts
and labour. The customer is, however, responsible for any
transportation costs incurred in returning the unit to Comar
Systems Ltd.
This warranty does not cover failures due to abuse, misuse,
accident or unauthorized alteration or repairs.
The above does not affect the statutory rights of the consumer.

Note: Every effort has been made to ensure that all information

contained in this manual is accurate at the time of going to

press. However AIS is a new technology and the legislation is

subject to change. We therefore cannot take any responsibility

for the content of this manual and advise that you take normal

steps to ensure that the information is at its most current when

you are reading this manual.

Product Support

Comar Systems Limited
Unit 7, Medina Court
Arctic Road
Isle of Wight, PO31 7XD
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 1983 282400 Fax: +44 (0)1983 280402
Internet: |

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