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AST200 V1.0


AIS Transponder Antenna Splitter

Installation & User Manual

Before operating the unit you should familiarize yourself with the
complete user manual supplied with the product.
Electrical safety
Make sure the power supply is switched off before you make any
electrical connections to the unit.
Product installation
This equipment must be installed in accordance with the
instructions provided in this manual. Failure to do so could result in
poor performance, personal injury and/or damage to your vessel
and/or connected equipment.
The supplied cables should only be cut, shortened or lengthened by
an appropriate supplier.
The compass safe distance of this unit is 0.5m or greater for 0.3°
In accordance with a policy of continual development and product
improvement the AST-200 hardware and software may be
upgraded from time to time and future versions of the AST-200 may
therefore not correspond exactly with this manual.
When necessary, upgrades to the product will be accompanied by
updates or addenda to this manual. Information contained in this
manual is liable to change without notice.
Comar Systems Ltd. disclaims any liability for consequences
arising from omissions or inaccuracies in this manual and any other
documentation provided with this product.
© 2010 Comar Systems Ltd.





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