DeLonghi Pinguino PAC N82 ECO manuale

DeLonghi Pinguino PAC N82 ECO
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Essential safety requirements
Only use the local air conditioner accor-
ding to the instructions in this manual. These
instructions do not cover every possible
condition and situation that could occur.
Common sense and prudence must always
be followed during installation, operation
and storage of any electrical appliance.
This appliance was built for household use
and must not be used for other purposes.

The appliance is not intended

for use by persons (including

children) with reduced physi-

cal, sensory or mental capabili-

ties, or lack of experience and

knowledge, unless they have

been given supervision or

instruction concerning use of

the appliance by a person

responsible for their safety.

Children should be supervised

to ensure that they do not play

with the appliance.

Do not set heavy or hot objects on the
Since the appliance uses electricity, the
following safety instructions must be fol-
Modifying or changing the characteri-
stics of the appliance in any way is dan-
The appliance must be installed accor-
ding to national laws governing electri-
cal systems.
For any repairs, always consult the Tech-
nical Service Centres authorised by the
manufacturing company. Repairs
performed by incompetent individuals
can be hazardous.
This appliance must be earthed. Have
the electrical system checked by a qua-
lified electrician.
Avoid using extension cords.
Before any cleaning or maintenance
operation, always unplug from the
Do not pull on the electrical cord to
move the appliance.
Do not install the appliance in areas
where the air may contain gas, oil or
sulphur or near heat sources.
If the power cable is dama-
ged, it must be replaced by
the manufacturer or the

manufacturer’s Customer Ser-

vices in order to avoid all risk.

Do not operate your local air conditio-
ner in a wet room such as a bathroom
or laundry room.


This appliance can be used by

children aged 8 upwards and by

persons with reduced physical,

sensory or mental capabilities

or who lack of experience and

knowledge if they are supervi-

sed or have been given instruc-

tions concerning use of the
appliance in a safe way and

understand the hazards invol-

ved. Children must not play with

the appliance. Cleaning and

user maintenance must not be

carried out by children unless
they are older than 8 and super-
vised. Keep the appliance and

its cord out of the reach of chil-

dren under 8 years of age.
Please note:
Clean the air filter at least once a week.
When transporting, the appliance must
be kept upright or resting on one side.
Before transporting, drain all the water
from the appliance. After transporting,
wait at least one hour before turning on
the appliance.
Do not cover the appliance with plastic
bags when stored.
The packaging materials are recyclable.
Please place them in the appropriate
recycling collection containers.
At the end of its life, deliver the local air
DeLonghi Pinguino PAC N82 ECO

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Specifiche DeLonghi Pinguino PAC N82 ECO

Comodità nel palmo della tua mano con un telecomando che rende il controllo del display più facile che mai.
Marca DeLonghi
Modello Pinguino PAC N82 ECO
Prodotto Climatizzatori
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file PDF
Dettagli tecnici
Tipo Condizionatore portatile monoblocco
Capacità di raffreddamento (max) 9400 BTU/h
Capacità di raffreddamento in watt (max) 2400 W
Adatto per stanze fino a 80 m³
Funzioni condizionatore Cooling,Dehumidifying,Fan
Funzione deumidificante
Capacità di deumidificazione 32 l/h
Ventola integrata
Tipo di timer Digitale
Durata massima del timer 12 h
Emissione acustica 63 dB
Flusso d'aria (velocità bassa) 250 m³/h
Flusso d'aria (velocità media) 310 m³/h
Flusso d'aria (velocità alta) 250 m³/h
Mezzo refrigerante R290
Efficienza di raffreddamento 2.6
Comandato a distanza
Capacità di raffreddamento in watt (nominale) - W
Capacità di riscaldamento in watt (nominale) - W
Capacità di riscaldamento in watt (max) - W
Efficienza energetica riscaldamento -
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza 449 mm
Profondità 395 mm
Altezza 750 mm
Peso 30000 g
Gestione energetica
Tensione di ingresso AC 220 - 240 V
Frequenza di ingresso AC 50 Hz
Carico di collegamento 900 W
Classe efficienza energetica (raffreddamento) A
Consumo di energia per ora (raffreddamento) 0.9 kWh
Consumo energetico annuale (raffreddamento) - kWh
Consumo di energia per ora (riscaldamento) - kWh
Classe efficienza energetica (riscaldamento) No
Scala di efficienza energetica Da A+++ a D
Colore del prodotto Bianco
Contenuto dell'imballo
Telecomando portatile
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