Dexford PE 200

Dexford PE 200 manuale

    Operating Instructions
    Please read and observe the following information and keep the operating
    manual nearby for future reference!
    Safety information
    Only use batteries of the same type!
    Always treat batteries with due care and attention and only use batteries as
    Never use standard and rechargeable batteries together. Never use rechargeable
    batteries or standard batteries with different capacities or charge statuses together.
    Never use standard or rechargeable batteries which are damaged.
    Risk of suffocation through small objects, packaging and protective foil!
    Keep children away from the product and its packaging!
    Risks to health and the environment from batteries!
    Never open, damage or swallow batteries or allow them to pollute the environment.
    They could contain toxic and ecologically harmful heavy metals.
    Prevent exposure to environmental influences, e.g. smoke, dust, vibration, chemicals,
    moisture, heat and direct sunlight.
    Only allow repairs to be completed by qualified personnel.
    Service hotline
    In the case of technical problems, contact our Service hotline. Switzerland: Tel. 0900 00 1675 (natio-
    nal charges, Swisscom at time of going to print: CHF 2.60/min). In the case of claims under the terms
    of guarantee, contact your sales outlet.
    Clean the surface of the housing with a soft, fluff-free cloth. Do not use any cleaning agents or
    Dexford equipment is produced and tested according to the latest production methods. The
    implementation of carefully chosen materials and highly developed technologies ensure trouble-free
    functioning and a long service life. The terms of guarantee do not apply to the batteries or power
    packs used in the products. The period of guarantee is 24 months from the date of purchase. All de-
    ficiencies related to material or manufacturing errors within the period of guarantee will be redressed
    free of charge. Rights to claims under the terms of guarantee are annulled following tampering by the
    purchaser or third parties. Damage caused as the result of improper handling or operation, normal
    wear and tear, incorrect positioning or storage, improper connection or installation or Acts of God and
    other external influences are excluded from the terms of guarantee. In the case of complaints, we
    reserve the right to repair defective parts, replace them or replace the entire device. Replaced parts
    or devices become our property. Rights to compensation in the case of damage are excluded where
    there is no evidence of intent or gross negligence by the manufacturer. If your device does show
    signs of a defect within the period of guarantee, please contact the sales outlet where you purchased
    the Dexford device, producing the purchase receipt as evidence. All claims under the terms of
    guarantee in accordance with this agreement can only be asserted at the sales outlet. No claims
    under the terms of guarantee can be asserted after a period of two years from the date of purchase
    and hand-over of the product.
    In order to dispose of your device, take it to a collection point provided by your local public
    waste authorities (e.g. recycling centre). According to the laws on the disposal of electronic
    and electrical devices, owners are obliged to dispose of old electronic and electrical devices
    in a separate waste container. The adjacent symbol indicates that the device must not be
    disposed of in normal domestic waste!
    You are legally obliged to dispose of power packs and batteries at the point of sale or in the
    corresponding containers provided at collection points by local public waste authorities. Dispo-
    sal is free of charge. The symbols indicate that the batteries must not be disposed of in normal
    domestic waste and that they must be brought to collection points provided by local public
    waste authorities. Packaging materials must be disposed of according to local regulations.
    Declaration of Conformity
    This device fulfils the requirements stipulated in the Directive 1999/5/EC on radio equipment
    and telecommunications terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity.
    Conformity with the above mentioned directive is confirmed by the CE mark on the device. To view
    the complete Declaration of Conformity, please refer to the free download available on our web site
    The target step default is 5000 steps. The adjustment is 1000 steps for each
    If the target step setting is at 1000 steps and you press the adjustment will become
    900 steps (under 1000 steps the setting goes down in 100 steps per adjustment)
    1) Pedometer function (0 to 999999 steps)
    2) Walking distance record function (0 to9999,99 km) / (0 to9999,99 miles)
    3) Calorie consumption (0 bis 9999,9 Kcal)
    4) Digital clock (12/24 hours)
    5) Record unit: Inch / Metric
    6) 7 days data memory (Pedometer + Step + Step time (hh:mm) +
    7) Automatic LCD sleep mode
    8) Moving target set
    9) Exercise intensity display (5 indexes)
    10) UV index measurement
    11) Low batterie indicator
    1. The Pedometer displays 7 modes:
    Time mode / Step mode / Step distance / Step time mode / Calories mode /
    Memory mode / Total mode
    2. Default mode: Time mode
    3. The Pedometer starts counting steps if you have walked more than 10 steps in under
    2-4 seconds (effective pedometer function)
    Time Step Distance MemoryCaloriesStep timeTotal steps
    - Press and hold SET for 3 seconds to enter time setting and user profile setting mode
    There are 5 icons to show the percantage of your steps compared to your target steps.
    If you reached your target steps (100%) the icon will display all 5 icons and flash.
    3 sec.
    Time mode 12/24 Hr Hour Minute Stride Weight
    Target bar shows
    3 icons
    For example:
    Target bar shows all
    5 icons and flashes
    Displays the walking status of the last 10 minutes.
    - If there is 1 minute no key pressed or steps counted, the pedometer will power
    down and the LCD will turn off.
    - If there is a key pressed or steps gone in power down mode, it will wake up and
    the display will show the last values before power was off.
    When the user moves with certain exercise strength, the pedometer will switch the target bar
    display to "Ex" bar display shown below:
    If there is no movement with certain exercise strength, it will switch back to target bar display.
    Hold for 3 seconds
    UV Mode
    UV Index
    Press "SET" to view the previous day record
    Moderate High V.High Extreme
    Exercise strength grading and judgement:
    Very Strong
    (Index 5)
    141 - 180 steps / minute
    121 - 140 steps / minute
    101 - 120 steps / minute
    81 - 100 steps / minute
    < 80 steps / minute
    Very tired
    Normal exercise
    Light exercise
    No feeling
    Middle age
    Get started
    No exercise
    (Index 4)
    Medium Strong
    (Index 3)
    Low Strong
    (Index 2)
    (Index 1)
    (in every 10 minutes)
    Feeling Strength
    Press to view the previous day (up to 7 days)
    Step Distance
    Step Time
    Step Length
    0 - 999.999 steps
    0 - 999.99 km / miles
    00:00 - 999:59 (hh:mm)
    0 - 9999.9 kcal
    30 - 150 cm (12 - 59 inch)
    20 - 200 kg (50 - 508 lb)
Dexford PE 200

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Specifiche Dexford PE 200

Marca Dexford
Modello PE 200
Prodotto Contapassi
Lingua Italiano, Inglese, Tedesco, Francese
Tipo di file PDF
Dettagli tecnici
Tipo di pedometro Elettronico
Numero massimo di passi 999999
Lunghezza del passo regolabile -
Funzione orologio
Funzione memoria
Tipologia display -
Colore del prodotto Black, Yellow
Dimensioni e peso
Peso -

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