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Assembly/Mounting Instructions

Clarion Permanently Tensioned Projection Screen by Draper

Read instructions through completely before proceeding.
Follow instructions carefully. Installation con trary to instructions
invalidates warranty.
When lifting assembled screen, do not lift at only one corner; lift at
both corners. Lifting by one corner could result in damage to the
screen frame, especially on large screens.
Screen should be accessible for complete removal should fabric become
damaged or should other ser vice be required.
Screen should be installed level (using a carpenter’s level).
Nothing should be fastened to screen frame or viewing surface.
Make sure you have received all parts (see parts list below and exploded
diagram on page 2).
Screwdriver required for screen assembly; drill and screwdriver needed
for attachment to wall.
The ideal temperature range for assembling folding screens to prevent
damaging the surface is 68°-78° F (20°-26° C). Assembling below
recommended temperatures may damage surface and void warranty.
NOTE: Screen has been thoroughly inspected and tested at factory and
found to be operating properly prior to shipment.
Copyright © 2011 Draper Inc. Form Clarion_Inst11 Printed in U.S.A.
If you encounter any diffi culties installing or ser vic ing your Clarion screen, call your
dealer or Draper, Inc., Spiceland, Indiana, (765) 987-7999; or fax (765) 987-7142.
Clarion—Hardware and Parts List
Frame Preparation
Clean area and place frame assembly pieces face down. Snap plastic
corner pieces into ends of aluminum frame extrusions as indicated in
Figures 1 through 4.
Figure 1
Check to verify that all four (4) plastic corners are seated securely in
aluminum frame extrusion lengths (see Fig. 5). Lock in place using eight (8)
self-tapping screws.
Caution: Do not over-tighten fasteners—over-tightening could caUse
damage to the frame corners.
Figure 2
Frame Extrusions - 4
Frame Corners - 4
Z-Brackets - 2
Viewing Surface - 1
Plastic Tubing - 4
Surface Retention
Extrusions- 4
Figure 3
Figure 5
Figure 4
(Continued on Page 2)
Patented by Draper, Inc., U.S. Patent Nos. 6,785,047; 7,113,332; and 7,369,310.


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