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Operating Instructions

Traveller Portable Projection Screen by Draper

Copyright © 2009 Draper Inc. Form Traveller_Inst09 Print ed in U.S.A.
Setting Up the Screen
Collapsing the Screen
Generally reverse procedures used for screen setup.
Caution: Do not let go of the screen bail when collapsing the screen;
damage to screen could result. Slowly allow screen to roll into the case.
Rotate legs (attached to bottom) until they are perpendicular to screen
case (see Fig. 1).
Screen will not fully extend:
Make sure the screen surface is not “catching” on anything. Make sure case
lid is fully open. Make sure roller is properly seated.
Screen will not close:
Check roller to make sure nothing is interfering with operation.
Screen tips forward or backward:
Make sure legs are perpendicular to screen case. If they are, screen may be
located on too severe an incline.
Case Latches will not open:
Press gently down on screen case just above each latch while opening.
Case Latches will not close:
Press gently down on screen case just above each latch while closing.
Carrying strap will not rotate out of the way so case will open:
Loosen or remove carrying strap altogether (see below).
Figure 2 (side view)
Read instructions through completely before proceeding, and save for
future reference.
Nothing should be fastened to screen case or viewing surface.
Do not write on viewing surface.
Do not let go of the screen handle when collapsing the screen; damage
to the screen could result. Slowly allow the screen to roll into the case.
Do not use solvents or abrasives for cleaning.
Beware of pinching hands and fi ngers when adjusting upright.
NOTE: Screen has been thoroughly inspected and tested at factory and
found to be operating properly prior to shipment.
Figure 3
Place upright in upright stand, located inside case and centered on back
of screen. Adjust upright according to necessary screen height (see
Fig. 3).
Grasp screen bail and pull up in steady motion to raise screen. Hook bail
onto upright gooseneck (see Fig. 4). Adjust upright again if necessary.
Figure 4
Rotate carrying strap so it does not interfere with opening case. You can
also remove the carrying strap by sliding down then off (see Fig. 2).
Figure 1
Unlatch and open screen case.
Remove upright from clips in case behind screen.
If you encounter any diffi culties installing or ser vic ing your Traveller, call your
dealer or Draper, Inc., in Spiceland, Indiana, 765/987-7999; or fax 765/987-7142.
Screen case
Case latches
Beware of pinching
hands and fi ngers when
adjusting upright.
Beware of pinch-
ing hands and
ngers when
adjusting upright.


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Marca Draper
Modello Traveller 230107 | 230107
Prodotto Schermo per proiettore
EAN 641092146841, 6410921468416, 0641092146841
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Dimensione totale dello scermo (Altezza x Ampiezza) 121 x 162 cm
Diagonale 80 "
Formato Video
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Colore del prodotto Bianco
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