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Drayton Digitstat+C RF
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06490084001 ISS E
06490084001 ISS E

Simple Setting or Operating

To set the required temperature

The display normally shows the current setpoint.
To adjust the required temperature, turn the
dial clockwise to increase or anti-clockwise to
decrease, (1 click = 5ºC), the LCD will display
the temperature setpoint as it is being
adjusted and ‘SET’ will be displayed. After a
few seconds the display will return
to normal
operation and will display the current setpoint.
While adjusting the temperature during normal
operation, when you reach the maximum (70
default) or minimum (40
C default) possible setting,
one further click will put the product in to a
positive ON (after 70
C ) or positive OFF (after 40
position - see ‘Commissioning the Cylinder
Thermostat’ within the Installer Guide for further
Signal Strength
Before fixing the Digistat +CRF to the wall it is recommended to first
check the signal strength from that location.
To do this, remove the batteries, press and hold the ‘set button whilst
refitting the batteries, keep the ‘set button held and after a few
seconds the display will show rF’ which indicates that the Digistat +CRF
is continuously sending an OFF signal to the SCR (receiver). Leave the
Digistat +CRF in position and return to view the SCR. If the red LED is
continuously flashing, this indicates a good signal. If the red LED is not
flashing, this indicates a poor signal and you need to reposition the
Digistat +CRF until the red LED is flashing.
When the signal strength has been confirmed remove the batteries to
cancel the test and follow the installation instructions.
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Drayton Digitstat+C RF

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