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manualeECCO X3214
Model Length LEDs Watts
EW3108-F 8” 6 30 3.3 1.1 1680 5
EW3108-S 8” 6 30 3.2 1 1680 5
EW3114 14” 12 60 5.7 2.1 3360 7.5
EW3124 24” 21 105 8.7 3.6 5880 10
EW3136 36” 33 165 13 6.6 9240 15
EW3149 49” 45 225 18.5 7.9 12600 25
EW3208-F 8” 12 60 4.5 2.2 3360 7.5
EW3208-S 8” 12 60 4.7 2.3 3360 7.5
EW3214 14” 24 120 9.3 4.5 6720 15
EW3225 25” 44 220 17.3 8.4 12320 20
EW3233 33” 60 300 25 12 16800 30
EW3242 42” 76 380 32 15.5 21280 40
EW3312-F 12” 6 60 4.4 2.1 3350 5
EW3312-S 12” 6 60 4.4 2.1 3350 5
EW3324 24” 12 120 7.9 3.9 8400 10
EW3336 36” 18 180 12 5.8 12600 15
IMPORTANT! Read all instructions before installing and using. Installer: This manual must be
delivered to the end user.
Do not install and/or operate this safety product unless you have read and understand the safety
information contained in this manual.
1. Proper installation combined with operator training in the installation, use, care and maintenance of vehicle equipment accessories is
essential to ensure the safety of you and those you are trying to protect.2. Exercise caution when working with live electrical connections.
3. This product must be properly grounded. Inadequate grounding and/or shorting of electrical connections can cause high
current arcing, which can cause personal injury and/or severe vehicle damage, including re.4. Proper placement and installation are vital to the performance of this worklamp. Install this product so that output
performance of the system is maximized and the controls are placed within convenient reach of the operator so that s/he can
operate the system without losing eye contact with the work area.
5. It is the responsibility of the vehicle operator to ensure during use that all features of this product work correctly. In use, the
vehicle operator should ensure the projection of the beam is not blocked by vehicle components (i.e., open trunks or compartment doors), people, vehicles, or other obstructions.6. The manufacturer assumes no liability for any loss resulting from the use of this device.
Failure to install or use this product according to manufacturers recommendations may result in property
damage, serious bodily/personal injury, and/or death to you and those you are seeking to protect! Check wattage
before installing light to avoid possible equipment damage.
NOTE: Black die cast Aluminum housing gets very hot to the touch after operating constantly for several hours.

Installation and Operation Instructions


ECCO LED Utility Bars are designed to provide superior lighting performance and withstand the harshest environments. Avail-
able in various lengths, LED wattages, and with either ood, spot or combination beam patterns. These robust, high output
lights feature the latest LEDs and reectors designed for maximum light projection. The coated die-cast aluminum housing is
fully sealed for protection against water ingress, vibration, shock and impact. Two (pivoting) mounting methods are included,
choose from heavy duty side-mounted pedestal brackets or bottom-mounted carriage bolts. Additional benets of LED tech-
nology include a bright white beam, low current consumption and a long, maintenance free service life. This manual provides
information about installation, function, safety, maintenance, replacement parts, and warranty.
920-0406-00 Rev. D
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X3214 | X3214
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Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Gestione energetica
Tipologia alimentazionedC
Voltaggio input DC12 - 24 V
Corrente9.3 A
Tipo di prodottoBarra luminosa
Tipo di lampadaLED
Quantità lampade24 lampada(e)
Colore del prodottoNero
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza363 mm
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