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electrolux safety information
To avoid the possibility of explosion
and sudden boiling
Warning: Liquids and other foods
must not be heated in sealed
containers since they are liable to
Never use sealed containers. Remove
seals and lids before use. Sealed
containers can explode due to a build up
of pressure even after the oven has been
turned off.
Take care when microwaving liquids.
Use a wide-mouthed container to allow
bubbles to escape.
Microwave heating of beverages
can result in delayed eruptive
boiling, therefore care has to be
taken when handling the container.
To prevent sudden eruption of boiling
liquid and possible scalding:
1. Stir liquid prior to heating/reheating.
2. It is advisable to insert a glass rod
or similar utensil into the liquid whilst
3. Let liquid stand for at least 20
seconds in the oven at the end of
cooking time to prevent delayed
eruptive boiling.
Do not cook eggs in their shells
and whole hard boiled eggs should
not be heated in microwave ovens
since they may explode even after
microwave cooking has ended. To
cook or reheat eggs which have not
been scrambled or mixed, pierce
the yolks and the whites, or the
eggs may explode. Shell and slice
hard boiled eggs before reheating
them in the microwave oven.
Pierce the skin of such foods as
potatoes, sausages and fruit before
cooking, or they may explode.
Do not operate the oven with the
door open or alter the door safety
latches in any way.
Do not operate the oven if there is an
object between the door seals and
sealing surfaces.
Do not allow grease or dirt to
build up on the door seals and
adjacent parts. Follow instructions
for “Care & cleaning”, page 42.
Failure to maintain the oven in a
clean condition could lead to a
deterioration of the surface that
could adversely affect the life of the
appliance and possibly result in a
hazardous situation.
Individuals with PACEMAKERS
should check with their doctor or the
manufacturer of the pacemaker for
precautions regarding microwave ovens.
To avoid the possibility of electric
Under no circumstances should you
remove the outer cabinet.
Never spill or insert any objects into the
door lock openings or ventilation openings.
In the event of a spill, turn off and unplug
the oven immediately and call an
authorised ELECTROLUX service agent.
Do not immerse the power supply cord
or plug in water or any other liquid. Do not
allow the power supply cord to run over
any hot or sharp surfaces, such as the hot
air vent area at the top rear of the oven.
Do not attempt to replace the oven
lamp yourself or allow anyone who is not
authorised by ELECTROLUX to do so. If
the oven lamp fails, please consult your
dealer or call an authorised ELECTROLUX
service agent.
If the power supply cord of this
appliance is damaged, it must be
replaced with a special cord. The
exchange must be made by an authorised
ELECTROLUX service agent.
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