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Extron HDP 101 4K
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    HDP1014K • User Guide

    The Extron HDP1014K is a compact, active HDMI to DisplayPort converter for signals
    up to 4K 30 Hz @ 4:4:4. It converts HDMI signals for connection to DisplayPort displays
    or peripherals. Incoming HDMI signals are equalized up to 15 feet (4 meters) at the input
    to compensate for signal loss. The HDP1014K features EDID Minder
    , which maintains
    continuous EDID communication with connected devices and ensures that the HDMI
    source powers up properly and maintains correct video output. Audio information is
    passed between source and display.
    The HDP1014K supports digital video resolutions of up to 4K/30 at 4:4:4 (or 10.2 Gbps)
    and is DisplayPort 1.1, HDMI 1.4, and HDCP 1.4 compliant.

    FCC Class A Notice

    This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part15 of the
    FCC rules. The ClassA limits provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a
    commercial environment. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used
    in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Operation of this equipment
    in a residential area is likely to cause interference. This interference must be corrected at the expense of the user.


    This unit was tested with shielded I/O cables on the peripheral devices. Shielded cables must be used to ensure
    compliance with FCC emissions limits.
    For more information on safety guidelines, regulatory compliances, EMI/EMF compatibility, accessibility, and related
    topics, see the Extron Safety and Regulatory Compliance Guide on the Extron website.


    Product specifications are available on the Extron website, www.extron.com.


    Provides connectivity between HDMI sources and DisplayPort displays and peripherals.
    Supports computer and video resolutions up to 4K/30 @ 4:4:4 with data rates up to 10.2 Gbps.
    Supported HDMI specification features include data rates up to 10.2 Gbps, 3D, Lip Sync, and HD lossless audio
    Equalizes incoming HDMI signals up to 15 feet (4 meters) to compensate for signal loss due to low quality cables or
    marginal sources.
    EDID Minder automatically manages EDID communication between connected devices — EDID Minder ensures that all
    sources power up properly and reliably output content for display.
    Selectable resolutions and refresh rates Pre-stored EDID is communicated to the source based on a user-selected
    resolution and refresh rate.
    EDID capture mode — When connected to a display, the HDP1014K offers the option of capturing and then storing EDID
    information from the display device.
    Complies with HDMI and VESA Interoperability Guidelines.
    HDCP 1.4 compliant — The HDP 101 4K ensures display of content-protected media and interoperability with earlier
    versions of HDCP-compliant devices.
    LED indicator for signal presence and power — Provides visual indication of system status for real-time feedback and
    monitoring of key performance parameters.
    Front panel USB configuration port — Provides convenient access for setup, conguration, and rmware updates.
    Easy setup and commissioning with Extron PCS – Product Configuration Software — Conveniently congure multiple
    products using a single software application.
    Compact 1 inch (2.5 cm) high, 2.2 inch (5.6 cm) wide enclosure for discreet placement and mounting in space-
    constrained environments — Includes fabric hook and loop tape for easy installation in any application.
Extron HDP 101 4K

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Specifiche Extron HDP 101 4K

Marca Extron
Modello HDP 101 4K
Prodotto Convertitori audio / video
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file PDF
Risoluzione massima video 4096 x 2160 Pixel
Modalità video supportate 1600p,2160p
Ampiezza banda 10.2 Gbit/s
Ampiezza banda 300 MHz
Profondità colore 8 bit
Altre caratteristiche
Risoluzione supportata 2560x1600, 3840x2160, 4096x2160
Interfaccia host HDMI
interfaccia output DisplayPort
Gestione energetica
Voltaggio di ingresso 100-240 V
Frequenza di ingresso 50-60 Hz
Tensione di esercizio 12 V
Corrente operativa 0.5 A
Consumi 1.4 W
Condizioni ambientali
Intervallo temperatura di funzionamento 0 - 50 °C
Intervallo di temperatura -40 - 70 °C
Umidità 10 - 90 %
Range di umidità di funzionamento 10 - 90 %
Materiale della scocca Metallo
Colore del prodotto Grigio
Certificazione CE, c-UL, C-tick, FCC A, ICES, VCCI, RoHS, UL, WEEE
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza 56 mm
Profondità 76 mm
Altezza 25 mm
Peso 100 g
Dati su imballaggio
Adattatore AC/DC
Quantità 1