FireFriend BQ-6349F

FireFriend BQ-6349F manuale

  • EN Instruction manual
    cylinder must be stored outside, out of reach of children, NEVER store the cylinder in a
    building, garage or in other conned space.
    In normal conditions of use, in order to ensure correct operation of the installation it is
    recommended that this device is changed within 10 years of the date of manufacture.
    Check whether your barbecue is installed correctly.
    For a correct functioning of this barbecue, it is important to place the barbecue on an
    even surface.
    This barbecue is set up to be used with butane or propane gas bottles from 5kg till
    15kg, with an appropriate gas pressure regulator.
    For replacement of the gas pressure regulator and hose please see the rating label for the
    correct specications:
    The hose should not be longer than 1.5 meters. Only use approved connections. The gas
    pressure regulator must comply with the EN 16129 standard. The gas hose needs to be
    adjusted if national circumstances require.
    The hose should comply with the EN 16436 standard.
    The gas hose needs to be adjusted if this is required by national circumstances.
    The gas hose needs to be tted in such a way that it cannot be twisted.
    For appliance category I3B/P (30), the barbecue is set to operate with a 30 mbar gas
    pressure regulator with a butane/propane gas mixture and for appliance category I3+
    (28-30/37), the barbecue is set to operate with a 28-30 mbar gas pressure regulator with
    butane gas or a 37 mbar gas pressure regulator with propane gas. Please consult a gas
    dealer for information regarding a suitable gas pressure regulator for the gas cylinder.
    Connect the pressure regulator to your gas cylinder.
    The temperature of the regulator may not exceed 60°C (140
    The regulator must be equipped with a safety valve or pressure limiter.
    The opening of the regulator must t on the connection of the gas tap of the cylinder.
    Check whether the gas tap of the tank is completely closed (turn clockwise until the
    knob stops).
    Check whether the gas tap of the gas cylinder is provided with suitable outer threads.
    Make sure that all burner knobs are set to position o.
    Remove the protective cover from the gas tap of the gas cylinder. Always use the
    protective cover supplied with the gas tap.
    Inspect the connection between the gas tap and the pressure regulator. Look for
    damage and dirt. Remove any debris. Check the hose for any damage. Never try using
    damaged or blocked equipment. Contact your local L.P. gas supplier for repairs.
    When connecting the pressure regulator to the gas tap, manually turn the nut clockwise
    until it doesn’t go any further. Do not use a wrench to tighten the nut. Using a wrench can
    damage the joints, which can be dangerous (as illustrated in the picture below).
    Rotary knob with overll protection.
    Turn the gas tap of the cylinder fully open (counter-clockwise). Use a solution of water and
    soap to check for any leakage before trying to ignite the grill. If you encounter a leak, you must
    shut o the gas tap and only use the grill after the leak is repaired by a local L.P. gas supplier.
    1. Never try to insert objects into the opening of the gas tap. This can damage the gas
    tap causing it to start leaking. Leaking gas can cause re, explosions, serious personal
    injuries and even death.
    2. Do not use this barbecue before performing a leak test.
    3. If you have found a gas leak, turn o the gas cylinder immediately. Dismount the gas
    pressure regulator from the gas cylinder. Place the gas cylinder in a cool, well ventilated
    area. Contact your dealer or gas supplier for further assistance.
    4. If you can’t stop the gas leak contact the re department or supplier of the gas cylinder.
    1. NEVER store an extra gas cylinder underneath or close to the barbecue or in conned spaces.
    2. NEVER ll the gas cylinder over 80%. Overlling a gas cylinder is dangerous, because excess
    gas can leak out of the safety valve. Gas can escape from the safety valve causing a re.
    3. The connection openings of the gas cylinder must be provided with protective covers.
    4. In case you discover a gas leak in the extra gas cylinder, immediately keep your
    distance and call the re department.
    Turn o all knobs.
    Completely close the gas tap of the gas cylinder (turn clockwise until the knob stops).
    Remove the pressure regulator from the gas tap by turning the quick-connect nut
    Replace the protective cover on the gas tap of the gas cylinder.
    All gas connections of the barbecue are tested for leaks in the factory prior to shipment.
    Nevertheless, when mounting the device it must be checked entirely for gas leaks,
    because of possible damages during transportation or due to exposure to extreme
    pressure. Regularly check the device for leakage, or check whether you can smell any gas.
    Make sure to remove all packing materials from the barbecue, including the straps
    keeping the burner in its place.
    Do not smoke while checking for leakage.
    Never check for leakage with open re.
    Prepare a solution of water and soap of one part detergent and one part water. Use a
    spray can, brush or cloth to apply the solution to the connections. Make sure the gas
    cylinder is full before the rst leak test.
    Checking for leaks must be performed outdoors on a well-ventilated spot, away from ignition
    sources such as gas or electrical devices and combustible materials.
    Keep the barbecue away from open re and/or sparks during the test.
    Make sure all control knobs are set to position “OFF.
    Make sure the pressure regulator is properly connected to the gas cylinder.
    Completely open the gas tap of the gas cylinder by turning the knob counter-
    clockwise. In case you hear a hissing sound, IMMEDIATELY turn o the gas; this
    indicates a serious leak in the connection. Contact your gas supplier or re department.
    Check each connection of the gas cylinder all the way through to the taps part (the hose
    leading to the burner) by spraying or brushing the soap solution on the connections.
    There is a leak when soap bubbles appear. IMMEDIATELY close the gas tap of the gas cylinder
    and carefully check all connections. Open the gas tap again and perform a new check.
    Always close the gas tap of the gas cylinder after the leak test by turning the knob clockwise.
    Only use the parts recommended by the manufacturer for this barbeque. The
    warranty will become void when using other parts. Do not use the barbeque until all
    connections are inspected and you are certain these show no signs of leakage.
    Always check for leakage every time you replace the gas cylinder.
    Always check all connections for leakage before each use.
    Use long barbecue tools to prevent burns.
    In case grease or hot objects drop from the barbecue on the gas tap, pressure regulator,
    hose or any other part that contains gas, immediately shut o the gas supply.
    Do not remove the drip tray before the barbecue has not suciently cooled down.
    Close all control knobs and the gas tap of the gas cylinder when not using the barbecue
    Push the barbecue forward when moving, never pull it.
    A disconnected gas cylinder being stored or moved must be equipped with a
    protective cover. Do not store a gas cylinder in conned spaces such as a carport,
    When smelling gas:
    Shut o the gas supply to the barbecue.
    Extinguish any ames.
    If the gas smell doesn’t disappear, keep your distance from the barbecue
    and contact your gas supplier or re department straight away.
    Gas leakage can cause re or explosions, which can lead to serious or
    fatal injuries or damage of properties.
    An incorrect installation can be dangerous, that’s why all instructions in
    this manual must be strictly followed.
    Not paying attention to the dangers, warnings and precautions in this
    user manual can lead to serious or fatal injuries, or to re or explosions
    causing damage to property.
    Changing the appliance can be extremely dangerous.
    Never store or use gasoline or other ammable liquids near this or other
    Check the barbecue rst for leakages according to the instructions in
    this manual before starting to use it. Perform these checks also when
    the barbecue was mounted at the dealer.
    Do not try to ignite this barbecue without rst having read chapter
    “barbecue ignition instructions” in this manual.
    Keep this user manual for future reference.
    Follow the instructions for connecting the gas pressure regulator to
    your barbecue.
    Never store a backup gas cylinder or disconnected cylinder underneath
    or near this barbecue.
    Never put barbecue covers or other inammable materials on top or in
    the storage space of the barbecue.
    After a long period in which the Firefriend barbecue has not been used,
    it must be checked for gas leaks and obstructions of the burners. Refer
    to the instructions in this manual for the correct procedure.
    Never check for gas leaks using a lighter.
    Never use your Firefriend barbecue in case of gas leaks at the gas
    connections points.
    Keep inammable materials at a minimum distance of 100 cm from the
    sides or rear of the barbecue. Don’t store these inammable materials in
    the storage space of the barbecue!
    Your Firefriend barbecue may not be used by children. The accessible
    components of the barbecue can become very hot. Keep young
    children away from the barbecue when using your Firefriend barbecue.
    Be careful when using your Firefriend barbecue. During use or cleaning
    the barbecue can still be hot, so always stay near the barbecue and
    never move it while in use.
    If one of the burners turns o while preparing a dish, close all gas
    valves. Wait ve minutes before you re-ignite the burners, following all
    ignition instructions when doing so.
    When preparing food, never lean over the barbecue or put your hands
    or ngers on the front edge of the gas cylinder.
    When cleaning the valves or burners, never enlarge the openings or
    Keep your distance from ignition sources when replacing the gas cylinder.
    A dented or rusty gas cylinder can be dangerous. Have it checked by
    your gas supplier. Never use a gas cylinder with a damaged valve.
    The gas cylinder can seemingly be empty, but still contain some gas.
    Keep this in mind when moving or storing the cylinder.
    Never disconnect the pressure regulator or any gas connection while
    using the barbecue.
    Always wear heat-resistant oven gloves when using the barbecue.
    The fat tray on the front could get hot. Please only take this tray o
    when it has cooled down.
    WARNING: Your barbecue is designed for use with gas none other than that
    indicated on the type plate. Never use your barbecue with other gasses. Not heeding this
    warning can lead to re hazards and personal injuries. Moreover, it will void the warranty.
    WARNING: Never store backup gas cylinders underneath or nearby the barbecue. Do not ll
    the gas cylinder over 80 percent; and in case this information is not strictly observed, a re
    can be the result which can lead to fatal or serious injuries.
    WARNING: Keep power cables and the fuel hose away from hot surfaces.
    WARNING: Never place the Firefriend barbecue under a heat-resistant shelter or sunscreen.
    WARNING: This barbecue is not intended for installation or placement in a camper/caravan,
    nor is it intended for installation in or on a boat.
    WARNING: For your own safety, never store or use gasoline or other combustible fumes
    or liquids near this or other barbecues. Non-observance of this warning can lead to re,
    explosions and personal injuries.
    1. Grillplate
    2. Base unit
    3. Sidetable
    4. Back piece
    5. Rear Right leg
    6. Front right leg
    7. Wheel cover
    8. Wheel
    9. Bottom piece
    10. Axle
    11. Drip tray
    12. Sidetable support
    13. Side bracket
    14. Left front leg
    15. Left rear leg
    16. Front piece
    17. Bottom support
    1. Attach the four legs to the bottom piece
    2. Attach the front and back piece
    3. Now attach the side brackets
    4. Assemble the wheels and bottom support
    5. Assemble the side table
    6. Attach the lid to the handle
    7. Place the base unit on the table that you have now assembled
    8. Attach the assembled side tables
    9. Place the lid on the base unit
    10. The device is now completely assembled
    Keep an open space around the barbecue and keep inammable materials, gasoline
    and other combustible gasses at a safe distance.
    Make sure that the holes on the bottom side of the device stay open to keep the air
    supply and ventilation from being blocked.
    This barbecue needs to be cleaned regularly. Make sure the barbecue is dry and clean and
    grease the metal parts with oil or Vaseline to avoid rust.
    Always store the barbecue after use. Don’t use abrasive cleaning agents and/or anti-
    corrosion products to clean the control panel with the pictures. Such aggressive cleaning
    materials can remove the pictures.
    The grill surface can be simply cleaned with a mild detergent, after that clean with hot
    water. Food rests can be removed with a ber brush.
    Make sure that the gas tap and knobs are set to the position “OFF”. Check whether the
    barbecue is cooled down.
    Clean the exterior of the burner with a brush. Remove persisting debris with a metal
    scraper. Never use a wooden toothpick as it can break and obstruct the opening.
    Note that you must call our customer service line when the gas supply to the burner is
    being blocked by insects or other objects.
    The opening of the gas tap must be placed in the center of the burner after you have
    removed and cleaned it. If not, this can lead to serious injuries or damage to properties.
    Lightly move the burner back and forth after replacing it to make sure it’s in its place. How
    often the burner requires cleaning depends on how often you use the barbecue.
    The drip tray must be emptied and cleaned regularly, it should be washed with water and
    a mild detergent. You could put a small amount of sand or cat litter in the bottom of the
    drip tray to absorb grease.
    Store the barbecue outdoors on a dry and well-ventilated spot, out of reach of children,
    when the gas cylinder is still connected to the barbecue.
    ONLY store the barbecue indoors after closing and removing the gas cylinder. The gas
    covered patio, veranda, garage or other structures.
    Never leave a gas cylinder behind in a vehicle or boat that can get overheated by the sun.
    Do not store the gas cylinder in or near a place where children play.
    There is an open space of at least 100 cm between combustible substances and the
    sides and rear of this grill.
    There are no unprotected combustible substances above the grill.
    All internal packing materials are removed.
    The burners t well on the openings.
    The knobs can rotate freely.
    The device has been checked and is free of leakage.
    The user knows the location of the gas tap.
    Check the gas supply hose before turning the gas “ON. In case of visible damage or rips, the hose
    must be replaced before use. The new gas supply hose must be according national regulations.
    1. Read all instructions before igniting the burners.
    2. Turn all knobs to “OFF” and open the gas tap of the gas cylinder. Keep your
    face and body as far as possible from the barbecue when igniting it.
    3. Press and turn the control knobs slowly to the
    position. The built-in igniter clicks
    and simultaneously ignites the pilot ame and burner. If the burner does not ignite
    within 5 seconds, IMMEDIATELY turn the control knob to “OFF”, wait for 5 minutes until
    all gas has disappeared and repeat the ignition procedure.
    Check whether the characteristics of the ame are in order. Each burner is preset prior
    to shipment, but due to the many variations in local gas supplies, small adjustments
    might be required.
    The ames of the burners must be blue and stable, without yellow tips, noise or sudden
    A yellow ame indicates insucient presence of air. A noisy ame with sudden
    increases from the burner means there is too much air present.
    NOTE: small yellow tips are ok.
    !!!BE CAREFUL!!!
    1. Regularly clean the barbecue. If the barbecue is not cleaned regularly, the grease can
    start burning which can cause damages to the barbecue.
    2. NEVER leave the barbecue unattended when in use.
    3. Do not use water to extinguish ames when the grease is burning, this can cause injuries.
    Turn o all knobs and the gas cylinder in case of burning grease.
    4. IMMEDIATELY turn o all knobs and the gas cylinder when grease starts to burn.
    For safe use of the barbecue:
    1. Leave enough free space around the barbecue and keep inammable materials out
    of the way.
    2. NEVER let children use the barbecue or play near the barbecue.
    3. This barbecue is intended for outdoor use ONLY. NEVER use the barbecue in
    conned spaces such as a carport, veranda, covered patio, garage, or underneath
    inammable materials.
    4. Do not obstruct the vents on the bottom side of the barbecue, this could aect the
    burning power of the burner due to insucient air supply.
    5. Place the barbecue at least 100 cm away from walls or other surfaces. Place the
    barbecue at least 100 cm away from objects that could ignite the gas such as
    electrical equipment, pilot ames of gas water heaters, etc.
    6. Do not use this barbecue on or underneath wooden balconies.
    7. This barbecue is designed for use with butane/propane gas, do NOT use lava stone,
    briquettes or charcoal with this barbecue.
    8. Regularly check the ames of the burners.
    9. Shut down the gas supply when the barbecue is not in use.
    10. Always shut o the gas cylinder completely and disconnect it from the barbecue
    before moving the barbecue.
    Grilling requires a high temperature for the meat to nicely burn and brown. Most dishes are
    constantly grilled on position . However, when grilling large pieces of meat or chicken,
    it might be necessary to lower the temperature after the rst browning. This ensures the food
    to get well done, without burning the outside. For food requiring long grill times or containing
    sugar marinade you might have to lower the temperature nearing the end of the grilling time.
    Make sure the barbecue is checked for leaks and is properly placed.
    Remove all packing materials.
    Ignite the burners according to the instructions in this user manual.
    Turn the control knob to
    and preheat the barbecue for 15 minutes.
    Put the food on the grill and grill it until it’s properly prepared.
    The control knobs can be set to any position between
    NOTE: The hot grill will brown the outside of the meat, keeping the juices inside. The longer
    the barbecue is preheated, the quicker the meat will brown.
    We guarantee the original customer/buyer of any Firefriend Gas barbecue that, when used
    for normal domestic purposes, this barbecue is free of material and production defects for the
    period stipulated below. Grills being rented or used for commercial purposes are excluded
    from this warranty. Costs for sending and delivering warranty parts will not be charged.
    Burners: 2 Years
    Grill racks: 2 Years
    Taps: 2 Years
    Frame, Housing, Cover, Control panel, Igniter and similar parts: 2 Years
    All stainless steel parts: 2 Years
    Our obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement, according to our
    judgment, ofthe product during the warranty period. The scope of our liability under this
    warranty is limited to repair and replacement. This warranty does not cover normal wear
    and tear of parts, or damage as a result of the following: neglect or misuse of the product,
    use with unsuitable fuel/gas supply, use in contradiction with the instructions for use, or
    adjustments made by anyone other than the service centre of our factory. The warranty
    period will not be extended by the above mentioned repairs or replacements.
    Where can I purchase a gas cylinder, approved and suitable for this Firefriend barbecue?
    At your local gas supplier or any large camping shops.
    Can the barbecue stay outside in any weather condition?
    We recommend storing your barbecue after use in a dry and well-ventilated place. Always
    disconnect the gas cylinder according to the instructions in this manual. You can also purchase
    a protective cover. These are available at your point of sales.
    After opening the packaging, barbecue parts are damaged or missing, what to do now?
    Contact Tristar ( they will help you further.
    Can I wash the grill and/or baking trays in the dishwasher?
    This is possibly, however, cleaning with a barbecue cleaning agent or soapy water is also sucient.
    Grease is leaking from underneath the barbecueand/or on the foundation, what to do now?
    Clean the barbecue and foundation. Move your barbecue to a at or straight surface. Also
    make sure to regularly empty the grease drip tray.
    NL Gebruiksaanwijzing
    Wanneer u gas ruikt:
    1. Sluit het gas naar de barbecue af.
    2. Doof eventuele vlammen.
    3. Wanneer de gaslucht niet verdwijnt, bewaar dan afstand tot de barbecue
    en neem direct contact op met de gasleverancier of de brandweer.
    Lekkend gas kan brand of een explosie veroorzaken, met ernstig of fataal
    lichamelijk letsel of beschadigingen van eigendommen tot gevolg.
    Een incorrecte installatie kan gevaarlijk zijn, daarom moeten alle
    instructies in deze gebruiksaanwijzing strikt opgevolgd worden.
    Het niet opvolgen van de waarschuwingen en voorzorgsmaatregelen in
    deze gebruikershandleiding, kan leiden tot ernstig of fataal lichamelijk
    letsel, of tot brand of explosie met schade aan eigendommen als gevolg.
    Het wijzigen van het toestel kan gevaarlijk zijn!
    Bewaar of gebruik geen benzine of andere ontvlambare dampen of
    vloeistoen in de buurt van deze of andere barbecues.
    Controleer de barbecue eerst zorgvuldig op lekkage aan de hand van de
    instructie in deze handleiding voordat u de barbecue gebruikt. Voer deze
    controles ook uit wanneer de barbecue bij de dealer gemonteerd is.
    Deze barbecue niet proberen aan te steken zonder het hoofdstuk
    Aanwijzingen aansteken Barbecue in deze handleiding te hebben gelezen.
    Bewaar deze handleiding voor gebruik in de toekomst.
    Volg de instructies voor het aansluiten van de gasdrukregelaar voor uw
    Barbecue op.
    Bewaar geen reserve gascilinder of ontkoppelde cilinder in de
    opbergruimte onder de barbecue of in de buurt van deze barbecue.
    Leg geen barbecuehoezen of andere brandbare materialen op of in de
    opslagruimte van deze barbecue.
    Wanneer deze barbecue gedurende een langere periode niet gebruikt is,
    moet deze gecontroleerd worden op gas lekkage en op belemmeringen
    van de brander, voordat de barbecue weer wordt gebruikt. Raadpleeg de
    instructies in deze handleiding voor de juiste procedure.
    Zoek niet met een aansteker naar gaslekken.
    Gebruik uw barbecue niet wanneer er sprake is van een gaslek bij de
    Houd brandbaar materiaal minimaal 100 cm uit de buurt van de
    bovenzijde, onderzijde, achterzijde of zijkanten van de barbecue.
    Bewaar dit ook niet in de opbergruimte van de barbecue!
    Uw barbecue mag niet door kinderen worden gebruikt. De toegankelijke
    onderdelen van de barbecue kunnen erg heet zijn. Houd jongere
    kinderen uit de buurt van de barbecue wanneer u deze gebruikt.
    Wees voorzichtig als u uw barbecue gebruikt. Tijdens het gebruik of
    tijdens het schoonmaken kan de barbecue heet zijn. Blijf daarom altijd
    in de buurt van de barbecue en verplaats de barbecue niet tijdens het
    gebruik of wanneer deze nog heet is.
    Wanneer de branders tijdens het bereiden van de gerechten uitgaan,
    draai dan alle gas kleppen dicht en wacht vijf minuten voordat u de
    branders weer aansteekt. Neem daarbij de ontstekingsinstructies in acht.
    Buig tijdens het bereiden van eten niet over de barbecue en leg uw
    handen of vingers niet op de voorste rand van de lekbak.
    Maak tijdens het reinigen van de kleppen of branders de openingen of
    aansluitingen niet groter
    Blijf uit de buurt van ontstekingsbronnen bij het verwisselen van de
    Een gedeukte of roestige gascilinder kan gevaarlijk zijn. Laat deze
    controleren door uw gasleverancier. Gebruik geen gascilinder met een
    beschadigde klep.
    De gascilinder kan ogenschijnlijk leeg zijn, maar toch nog wat gas
    bevatten. Hiermee dient rekening gehouden te worden bij het
    transporteren en opslaan van de cilinder.
    Ontkoppel de gasdrukregelaar of een willekeurige gasaansluiting nooit
    wanneer u de barbecue gebruikt.
    Draag tijdens het bedienen van de barbecue hittebestendige wanten of
    De lekbak aan de voorzijde kan heet worden. Neem deze lekbak pas af
    als deze afgekoeld is.
    WAARSCHUWING: Uw barbecue is ontworpen voor gebruik met alleen het gas dat wordt
    aangeduid op de rating plaat. Uw barbecue niet gebruiken met andere gassen! Het niet
    opvolgen van deze waarschuwing kan leiden tot brandgevaar en lichamelijk letsel. Tevens
    wordt de garantie ongeldig.
    WAARSCHUWING: Bewaar geen reserve gascilinder onder of in de buurt van de barbecue en
    vul de cilinder nooit verder dan 80%. Indien dit niet nauwkeurig wordt opgevolgd, kan er brand
    optreden met overlijden of ernstig letsel tot gevolg.
    WAARSCHUWING: Houd stroomkabels en de brandstofslang uit de buurt van warme
    WAARSCHUWING: Plaats de barbecue nooit onder een niet-hittebestendig afdak of
    WAARSCHUWING: Deze barbecue is niet bedoeld voor installatie of plaatsing in of op een
    boot, camper of caravan.
    Bewaar of gebruik, voor uw eigen veiligheid, geen benzine of andere ontvlambare dampen
    of vloeistoen in de buurt van deze of andere barbecues. Het niet opvolgen van deze
    waarschuwing kan leiden tot brand, explosie en lichamelijk letsel.
    1. Grillrooster
    2. Basiseenheid
    3. Zijtafel
    4. Achterzijde
    5. Poot rechtsachter
    6. Poot rechtsvoor
    7. Wielbeschermer
    8. Wiel
    9. Bodemplaat
    10. As
    11. Lekbak
    12. Steun zijtafel
    13. Zijbeugel
    14. Poot linksvoor
    15. Poot linksachter
    16. Voorzijde
    17. Bodemondersteuning
    1. Monteer de vier poten aan de bodemplaat
    2. Monteer de voor- en achterzijde
    3. Maak er nu de zijbeugels aan vast
    4. Monteer de wielen en de bodemondersteuning
    5. Zet de zijtafel in elkaar
    6. Maak de deksel aan het handvast vast
    7. Plaats de basiseenheid op de tafel die u al in elkaar heeft gezet
    8. Monteer de in elkaar gezette zijtafels
    9. Plaats de deksel op de basiseenheid
    10. Het apparaat is nu volledig in elkaar gezet
    Houd de ruimte rond de barbecue vrij en houd brandbare materialen, benzine en
    andere ontvlambare gassen en vloeistoen uit de buurt.
    Zorg ervoor dat de gaten aan de onderkant standaard open blijven, zodat de
    luchttoevoer voor verbranding en ventilatie niet geblokkeerd wordt.
    Deze barbecue dient regelmatig schoongemaakt te worden.
    Zorg dat de barbecue droog en schoon is en vet de metalen delen regelmatig in met een olie of
    vaseline om eventuele roestvorming te voorkomen. Berg de barbecue na gebruik altijd droog op.
    Gebruik geen bijtende schoonmaakmiddelen en/of antiroest middelen om het
    bedieningspaneel met de afbeeldingen te reinigen. Zulke sterke schoonmaakmiddelen
    kunnen de afbeeldingen verwijderen.
    De bakplaat is eenvoudig te reinigen met behulp van een mild afwasmiddel, waarna deze
    goed afgespoeld moet worden met heet water. Gebruik voor hardnekkige etensresten
    een ber borstel.
    Zorg ervoor dat de gaskraan en de knoppen op de "UIT"-stand staan. Controleer of de
    barbecue koel is.
    Reinig de buitenkant van de brander met een borstel. Verwijder hardnekkig vuil met
    een metalen schraper. Open verstopte openingen met een rechtgebogen paperclip.
    Gebruik nooit een houten tandenstoker, deze kan afbreken en de opening verstoppen.
    Bel onze klantenservicelijn als de gastoevoer door de brander geblokkeerd wordt door
    insecten of andere voorwerpen.
    De opening van de gaskraan moet in het midden van de brander geplaatst worden
    nadat u deze afgenomen en gereinigd heeft. Anders kan deze ernstige lichamelijke
    verwondingen en schade aan eigendommen veroorzaken. Beweeg de brander licht heen
    en weer nadat u hem teruggezet heeft om te kijken of hij goed op zijn plaats zit. Hoe vaak
    de brander schoongemaakt moet worden, hangt af van hoe vaak u de barbecue gebruikt.
    De lekbak moet regelmatig geleegd en schoongeveegd worden en afgewassen met water
    en een mild afwasmiddel. U kunt een kleine hoeveelheid zand of kattengrit op de bodem
    van de lekbak leggen om het vet op te nemen.
    Sla de grill buitenshuis op in een droge, goed geventileerde plaats buiten bereik van
    kinderen, wanneer de gases nog aan de barbecue bevestigd is.
    Sla de barbecue ALLEEN binnenshuis op nadat de gases dichtgedraaid en verwijderd is. De
    Instruction manual
    Mode d'emploi
    Manual de usuario
    Manual de utilizador
    Product name / Productnaam / Nom de produit / Produktname / Nombre del producto / Nome do
    Produto / Nazwa produktu / Nome del prodotto / Produktnamn Jméno produktu / Názov výrobku:
    Gas baking plate - Gasbakplaat - Plancha gaz -
    Gasbratplatte - Placa de cocción a gas - Placa a Gás -
    Gazowa płyta do smażenia - Piastra di cottura a gas
    - Gasolstekbord - Plynová pecici deska - Plynová
    doska na pecenie
    Item number / Modelnummer / Réf. modèle / Artikel Nummer / Referencia / Referência / Numer
    pozycji / numero di articolo / Artikelnummer / Číslo zboží / Číslo položky:
    Product Identification Number / Productidentificatienummer / Numéro d'identification produit /
    Produkt-Identifikations Nummer / Número de identifación del producto / Número de identificação
    do produto / Nr identyfikacyjny produktu / Numero di identificazione del prodotto /
    Produktidentifieringsnummer / Identifikační číslo produktu / Identifikačné číslo produktu:
    Appliance category / Toestelcategorie / Type de gaz / Geräte-Kategorie / Categoria del Dispositivo /
    Categoria do Aparelho / Kategorii urządzeń / Categoria di apparecchio / Apparatkategori /
    Kategorie zařízení / Kategória zariadenia:
    3B/P G30/31
    (30 mbar)
    3+ G30/31
    (28-30/37 mbar)
    Gas type / Gassoort / Type du gaz / Gasart / Tipo de Gas / Tipo de Gás / Rodzaju gazu / Tipo di gas /
    Gastyp / Typ plynu / Typ plynu:
    Butane - Propane
    Butaan - Propaan
    Butane - Propane
    Butan - Propan
    Butano - Propano
    Butano - Propano
    Butan - Propan
    Butano - Propano
    Butan - Propan
    Butanové - Propanové
    Bután - Propán
    Gas pressure / Gasdruk / Pression gaz / Gasdruck / Presión de Gas / Pressão de Gás / Ciśnienie
    gazu / Pressione gas / Gastryck / Tlak plynu / Tlak plynu:
    30 mbar 28-30 mbar 37 mbar
    Total heat input / Totaal gasverbruik / Consommation de gaz / Total Gasverbrauch / Consumo de
    gas / Consumo de Gás / Całkowite zużycie gazu / Consumo totale gas / Total gasförbrukning /
    Celkový tepelný příkon / Príkon, výkon celkového ohrevu:
    6.3 kW (458.7 gr/h) 6.3 kW (458.7 gr/h)
    Injector size / Injectorafmeting / Taille injecteur / Größe der Einspritzdüse / Tamaño del inyector /
    Tamanho do Injector / Rozmiar wtryskiwacza / Dimensioni iniettore / Insprutarens storlek /
    Velikost vstřikovacích trysek / Veľkosť vstrekovača:
    0.75 mm 0.75 mm
    Country of Destination / Land van bestemming / Pays de destination / Land von Bestimmung / Pais
    de destino / País de destino / Kraj docelowy / Nazione di destinazione / Bestämmelseland / Země
    určení / Destinácia - krajina:
    CZ, NL, SE & SK GB, IE, BE, ES, FR, IT & PT
    Jules Verneweg 87 | 5015 BH Tilburg | The Netherlands
FireFriend BQ-6349F

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Hai domande sul FireFriend BQ-6349F o hai bisogno di aiuto? Fai qui la tua domanda. Fornisci una descrizione chiara e completa del problema e della domanda. Più dettagli fornisci per il tuo problema e la tua domanda, più facile sarà per gli altri proprietari di FireFriend BQ-6349F rispondere correttamente alla tua domanda.

Consulta qui gratuitamente il manuale per il FireFriend BQ-6349F. Il manuale rientra nella categoria Piastre per cottura ed è stato valutato da 1 persone con una media di 8. Il manuale è disponibile nelle seguenti lingue: Italiano, Inglese, Olandese, Tedesco, Francese, Spagnolo, Svedese, Portoghese, Polacco, Ceco, Slovacco. Hai domande sul FireFriend BQ-6349F o hai bisogno di aiuto? Fai la tua domanda qui

Specifiche FireFriend BQ-6349F

Marca FireFriend
Modello BQ-6349F
Prodotto Piastra per cottura
EAN 8713016060327
Lingua Italiano, Inglese, Olandese, Tedesco, Francese, Spagnolo, Svedese, Portoghese, Polacco, Ceco, Slovacco
Tipo di file PDF
Numero totale elementi piano cottura 3
Potenza termica 6300
Dimensioni della griglia (LxP) 610 x 360
Posizionamento supportato Ester✗
Accensione elettronica
Tipo di gas Buta✗/Propano
Termostato regolabile
- 30
Certificazione CE
Posizionamento dell'apparecchio Libera installazione
Colore del prodotto Nero
Materiale della scocca Acciaio
Rivestimento della superficie di cottura Smaltato
Numero di ruote 2
Trolley incluso
Tavolo incorporato
Facile da pulire
Materiale del bruciatore Acciaio i✗ssidabile
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza 1210
Profondità 460
Altezza 870

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