Flymo Contour 500 XT

Flymo Contour 500 XT manuale

  • Carton Contents
    IMPORTANT ! Please check the contents of the carton are correct BEFORE assembling your new Flymo product.
    Husqvarna UK Ltd. Customer Service Department direct
    Telephone : 0844 844 4558 UK 1800 882 350 ROI FAX : 01325 302530
    1. This product is not intended for use by persons (including
    children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabili-
    ties, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have
    been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of
    the product by a person responsible for their safety. Chil-
    dren should be supervised to ensure that they do not play
    with the product. Local regulations may restrict the age of
    the operator.
    2. Never allow children or people unfamiliar with the in-
    structions to use the machine.
    3. Stop using the machine while people, especially chil-
    dren, or pets are nearby.
    4. Only use the trimmer in the manner and for the func-
    tions described in these instructions.
    5. Never operate the trimmer when you are tired, ill or
    under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine.
    6. The operator or user is responsible for accidents or
    hazards occurring to other people or their property.
    Cordless Battery Powered Products require special care.
    2. Always charge the product indoors and store in a
    cool dry place - out of the reach of children.
    3. Use only the charger provided with your unit. Use of
    any other charger could permanently damage the
    battery and the trimmer.
    4. Use the charger with standard domestic household
    electrical outlets only.
    5. Do not abuse the charger or charger cord.
    6. Do not use the charger if the charger or charger cord
    is damaged.
    7. Use the charger indoors only.
    8. Do not use the charger outdoors.
    9. Store and charge this unit in a cool, dry well venti-
    lated location and out of the reach of children.
    WARNING. When using the product the safety rules must be followed. For your own safety and that of by-
    standers please read these instructions before operating the product. Please keep the instructions safe
    for later use.
    Explanation of Symbols on the product
    Read the user instructions carefully to make
    sure you understand all the controls and what
    they do.
    Keep others, including children, pets and by-
    standers outside the 10 metre hazard zone.
    Stop the trimmer immediately if you are ap-
    The use of eye protection is recommended
    to protect against objects thrown by the cut-
    ting line.
    To avoid the possibility of electric shock, do
    not use in damp or wet conditions.
    Switch off! Remove battery pack before ad-
    justing or cleaning.
    Warning: The cutting line continues to rotate after the
    machine has been switched off.
    Upper Shaft
    Switch Lever
    Lower Shaft
    Steady Handle
    Plant and
    Tree Guard
    Safety Lock-off Switch
    Battery Pack
    Battery Charger
Flymo Contour 500 XT

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Specifiche Flymo Contour 500 XT

Marca Flymo
Modello Contour 500 XT
Prodotto Tagliaerba
EAN 7391736970822
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file PDF

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