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    Manuel d’Utilisation
    User Manual
    Thank you for purchasing this product! Your new headset has been developed
    using the latest technology, designed for comfort and freedom compared with
    using a standard telephone for making and receiving calls.
    Read the User Guide
    This headset is very easy to use and set-up, although to get the best from your
    new purchase, we recommend you read this User Guide before getting down to
    any calls.
    Remove your headset from its packaging and ensure that along with this User
    Guide you have the correct specified accessories. Retain the packing carton for
    storage of your unit, and also in the unlikely event that the unit needs to be
    returned for service or repair.
    Ensure that all electrical connections (including extension leads and interconnec-
    between pieces of equipment) are properly made and in accordance with
    the relevant manufacturers instructions. Do not continue to operate the equip-
    ment if you are in any doubt about it working normally, or if it is damaged in any
    • Disconnect from your telephone equipment and consult your dealer.
    • Do not allow electrical equipment to be exposed to rain or moisture.
    • Never push anything into holes, slots or any other opening as this could
    • result in fatal electrical shock.
    • Never guess or take chances with electrical equipment.
    • Do not open the headset housings as doing so will void your warranty.
    Telephone headsets are capable of producing high levels of sound. Prolonged
    exposure to high sound levels can cause damage to hearing.
    SoundPro 410 UC
    F E E E
    Folge- und Begleitschäden, einschliesslich, jedoch nicht beschränkt auf Sach-
    schäden sowie Schäden, die aus der Verletzung von expliziten oder implizi-
    ten Garantien resultieren, unterliegen nicht der Verantwortlichkeit der freeVoice
    AG und sind innerhalb des gesetzlich zulässigen Rahmens ausgeschlossen.
    Les dommages indirects ou fortuits, y compris, sans limite aucune, les pertes
    de propriété et les dommages résultant du non-respect de toute garantie
    explicite ou implicite ne tombent pas sous la responsabilité de freeVoice AG et
    sont exclus dans la mesure où ceci est autorisé par la loi.
    Consequential and incidental damages, including without limitation, loss of
    property and those arising from breach of any express or implied warranty,
    are not the responsibility of freeVoice AG and to the extent permitted by law, are
    Connecting and using your headset
    Adjusting the Microphone Boom
    The boom arm can be adjusted as required. For
    optimum performance, the microphone should be
    positioned less than 2 cm from your mouth. The
    headset can be worn on both ears. To change from
    left- to right-ear fitting, hold the earloop in your
    left hand and use your right hand to rotate the boom
    arm 180° away from the cord.
    Adjusting the Headband
    Place the headset receiver to your ear(s), if using a
    single ear headset you should set the T-bar above
    your other ear. Adjust the headband until comfort-
    able, ideally ensuring there is virtually no pressure
    felt on the ears.
    This headset is ideal if you prefer sound in both
    ears so that you are not disturbed by sounds around
    you. The headband can be adjusted to always rest
    comfortably on both ears.
    You can adjust the head-
    band to fit your head exactly. To adjust, gently pull
    the headband to slide it smooth
    ly in or out of the
    support piece.
    Branchez votre micro-casque freeVoice 430UC sur un port USB libre de votre PC.
    Veillez à ce que le micro-casque soit coché comme appareil audio par défaut
    dans les réglages son du panneau de configuration.
    Le cas échéant, lisez le mode d’emploi de votre application softphone pour
    savoir si celle-ci nécessite dautres réglages pour utiliser un micro-casque.
    Votre produit freeVoice a été fabriqué avec soin et testé à 100 % en utilisant des
    composants garantis de haute qualité. Il est garanti contre tout défaut de fabri-
    cation et de matériel pour une période de 24 mois à compter de la date d’achat.
    Cette garantie ne comprend pas les dommages ou défauts résultant dun usage
    erroné, les dommages de transport ou le non-respect par l’utilisateur des règles
    à observer (cette liste n’est pas exhaustive). Vos droits commerciaux définis par
    la jurisprudence ne sont pas affectés par
    la présente garantie.
    Connect your freeVoice 430UC headset to a free USB port on your PC.
    Make sure that the headset has been selected as the standard audio device
    in the system control audio settings.
    Check whether you need to adjust these settings to use a headset by reading
    the operating instructions for your softphone application.
    Your freeVoice product has been carefully manufactured and 100 % tested using
    high quality assured components. It is guaranteed against faulty workmanship
    and materials for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.
    This guarantee does not include damage or failure resulting from misuse,
    damage in transit or failure by the user to comply with the Do’s and Don’t s (this
    list is not exhaustive). Your statutory rights under common law are in no way
    affected by this guarantee.
    Touche de prise d’appel
    Mode secret (micro)
    Signalisation de
    conversation en cours
    glage du volume sonore
    Signalisation du mode secret (micro)
    Take call key
    Mute microphone
    Display for current call Volume control
    Display for mute microphone
    Benötigen Sie Hilfe?
    Besoin daide?
    Need help?
    Fon CH: +41 44 542 40 30
    Fon DE: +49 89 125 033 89
    EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
    Certificate No.:
    RXM09102151-1, RXM09102151-2
    freeVoice AG
    Friedackerstrasse 14
    CH-8050 Zürich
    freeVoice Deutschland GmbH
    Landsberger Strasse 302
    D-80687 München
    UID: CHE-166.396.031 (Switzerland)
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freeVoice SoundPro 410 UC Duo

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Specifiche freeVoice SoundPro 410 UC Duo

Marca freeVoice
Modello SoundPro 410 UC Duo
Prodotto Headset
Lingua Inglese, Tedesco, Francese
Tipo di file PDF
Utilizzo raccomandato Ufficio/Call center
Tipo di auricolare Stereofonico
Stile d'uso Padiglione auricolare
Colore del prodotto Nero
Controllo del volume Pulsante
Plug & Play
Tipo di prodotto Cuffia
Tecnologia di connessione Cablato
Connettore 3.5 mm No
Collegamento del dispositivo USB
Bluetooth No
Altre caratteristiche
Connettore 2.5 mm No
Disegno auricolare Sovraurale
Frequenza cuffia - Hz
Impedenza - Ω
Effetto di cancellazione del rumore
Dimensioni e peso
Peso 67 g

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