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Fujitsu ASHG12LMCA
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Safety Precautions

To prevent personal injury, or property damage, read this section carefully before you use this product, and be sure to comply following safety
Incorrect operation due to failure to follow the instructions may cause harm or damage, the seriousness of which is classi ed as follows:
This mark warns of death or serious injury. This mark warns of injury or damage to property.
This mark denotes an action that is PROHIBITED.
This mark denotes an action that is COMPULSORY.
This product contains no user-serviceable parts. Always
consult authorized service personnel for repairing,
installation, and relocation of this product.
Improper installation or handling will cause leakage, electric
shock, or re.
In the event of a malfunction such as burning smell,
immediately stop operation of the air conditioner, and
disconnect all the power supply by turning off the electrical
breaker or disconnecting the power plug. Then consult
authorized service personnel.
Take care not to damage the power supply cable.
If it is damaged, it should only be replaced by authorized
service personnel.
In the event of refrigerant leakage, be sure to keep away
from re or any ammables, and consult authorized service
In the event of a thunder storm or any prior sign of a lightning
strike, turn off the air conditioner via the remote controller,
and refrain from touching the product or the power source to
prevent any electrical hazards.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction concerning
use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not
play with the appliance.
Do not start or stop the operation of this product by inserting
or pulling out the power plug, or by turning on or off the
circuit breaker.
Do not use ammable gases near this product.
Do not expose yourself directly to the cooling air ow for
many hours.
Do not insert your ngers or any other objects into outlet
port, open panel, or intake grille.
Do not operate with wet hands.
Provide occasional ventilation during use.
Always operate this product with air lters installed.
Ensure that any electronic equipment is at least 1 m (40 in)
away from either the indoor unit or outdoor unit.
Disconnect all the power supply when you are not using this
product for extended periods.
After a long period of use, ensure to get the mounting of the
indoor unit checked to prevent this product from falling down.
• The air ow direction and the room temperature should be
carefully considered when you use this product in a room
with infants, children, elderly or sick persons.
Do not place any other electrical products or household
belongings under this product.
Dripping condensation from this product might get them wet,
and may cause damage or malfunction of your property.
Do not expose this product directly to water.
Do not use this product for preservation of food, plants,
animals, precision equipment, art work, or other objects. This
may cause quality deterioration of those items.
Do not expose animals or plants to the direct air ow.
Do not drink the drainage from the air conditioner.
Do not pull the power supply cable.
Do not touch the aluminum ns of heat exchanger built-in
this product to avoid personal injury when you maintain the
Do not direct the air ow at replaces or heating apparatus.
Do not block or cover the intake grille and the outlet port.
Do not apply any heavy pressure to radiator ns.
Do not climb on, place objects on, or hang objects from this product.

PART No. 9333003047-04

[Original instructions]


Wall Mounted Type


Before using this product, read these instructions thoroughly and keep this manual for future reference.


Safety Precautions ............................................................... 1
Indoor Unit Overview and Operations .................................. 2
Remote Controller Overview and Operations ....................... 3
Timer Operation.................................................................... 5
General Information on Operation ........................................ 5
Care and Cleaning................................................................ 6
Troubleshooting .................................................................... 8
This product contains uorinated greenhouse gases.
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Fujitsu ASHG12LMCA

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Specifiche Fujitsu ASHG12LMCA

Marca Fujitsu
Modello ASHG12LMCA
Prodotto Climatizzatori
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file PDF
Dettagli tecnici
Tipo Climatizzatore split system
Multisplit -
Colore del prodotto Bianco
Funzioni condizionatore Cooling,Dehumidifying,Heating
Tecnologia Inverter -
Ionizzatore -
Capacità di raffreddamento in watt (min) 900 W
Capacità di raffreddamento in watt (max) 3900 W
Capacità di raffreddamento in watt (nominale) 3400 W
Capacità di riscaldamento in watt (min) 900 W
Capacità di riscaldamento in watt (max) 5300 W
Capacità di riscaldamento in watt (nominale) (stagione di riscaldameto media) 4000 W
Capacità di riscaldamento in watt (nominale) (Stagione di riscaldamento più calda) - W
Capacità di riscaldamento in watt (nominale) (Stagione di riscaldamento più fredda) - W
Wi-Fi comandato -
Capacità di deumidificazione 1.8 l/h
Flusso d'aria 750 m³/h
Durata massima del timer 24 h
Efficienza di raffreddamento 3.5
Efficienza energetica riscaldamento 3.92
Rating efficienza stagionale (raffreddamento) (SEER) 7
Rating efficienza stagionale (riscaldamento) (SCOP) -
Coefficiente di prestazione stagionale (in riscaldamento) (SCOP) (stagione di riscaldamento più calda) -
Classificazione di efficienza energetica (riscaldamento) (SCOP) (stagione di riscaldamento media) 4
Coefficiente di prestazione stagionale (in riscaldamento) (SCOP) (stagione di riscaldamento più fredda) -
Gestione energetica
Tensione di ingresso AC 230 V
Frequenza di ingresso AC 50 Hz
Carico di progetto (raffreddamento) - kW
Carico nominale (in riscaldamento) (Stagione di riscladamento più calda) - kW
Carico di progetto (riscaldamento) (Stagione media di riscaldmaento) - kW
Carico design (riscaldamento) (Stagione di riscaldamento più fredda) - kW
Consumo energetico massimo (in raffreddamento) 970 W
Consumo energetico massimo (in riscaldamento) 1020 W
Classe efficienza energetica (raffreddamento) A++
Classe di efficienza energetica (riscaldamento) (stagione di riscladamento media) A+
Classe di efficienza energetica (riscaldamento) (stagione di riscaldamento più calda) -
Classe di efficienza energetica (riscaldamento) (stagione di riscaldamento più fredda) -
Consumo di energia per ora (raffreddamento) - kWh
Consumo energetico annuale (raffreddamento) 170 kWh
Consumo energetico annuale (riscaldamento) (stagione di riscaldamento media) 1225 kWh
Consumo energetico annuale (riscaldamento) (Stagione di riscaldamento più calda) - kWh
Consumo energetico annuale (riscaldamento) (Stagione di riscaldamento più fredda) - kWh
Consumo di energia per ora (riscaldamento) - kWh
Unità interna
43 dB
Installazione Montabile a parete
Peso unità interna 8500 g
Larghezza unità interna 840 mm
Profondità unità interna 203 mm
Altezza unità interna 268 mm
Unità esterna
50 dB
Peso unità esterna 26000 g
Larghezza unità esterna 663 mm
Profondità unità esterna 293 mm
Altezza unità esterna 535 mm
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