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Once the washer is within 4 feet
of its destination, use a 1/2"
wrench or socket to remove
the following from the back side:
4 shipping bolts
4 plastic spacers
(including rubber grommets)
4 power cord retainers
Insert the hole caps in the bolt holes once
the shipping bolts and spacers have been
removed. Save all bolts and spacers for future use.
Recycle or destroy the carton after the washer is unpacked.
This quick reference guide is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace, modify or change in any manner the Owner’s Manual & Installation Instructions. View videos on installation steps at
For your safety
To reduce the risk of re, electric shock, or injury to persons when using or installing
the product, read and obey all safety information provided in the Owner’s Manual &
Installation Instructions that accompanied the product.
Do not install or store appliance in an area where it will be exposed to dripping water or
outside weather conditions. See Location of Your Washer section in the Owner’s Manual
& Installation Instructions.
NOTE: This appliance must be properly grounded and installed as described in these
steps and the Owner’s Manual & Installation Instructions. Electrical service to the
washer must conform with local codes and ordinances and the latest edition of the
national Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.
Run water from both faucets to flush the lines and
remove particles that might clog the water valve screens.
Ensure that a rubber washer is in the end of the hot
and cold hoses.
Connect the inlet hoses to the hot "H" outlet and
cold "C" outlet.
Hand-tighten and then tighten them another
2/3 turn with pliers.
Do not crossthread or over-tighten these connections.
Ensure that a screen washer is inserted into the faucet
end of both hoses with protruded side facing the
faucet. If a rubber washer is already inserted,
remove before inserting screen washer.
Connect the inlet hose from the "H" outlet
to the hot faucet and the inlet hose from
the "C" outlet to the cold faucet.
Hand-tighten and then tighten them
another 2/3 turn with pliers.
Turn on the water and check for leaks.
Connect hoses
to water supply
Connect hoses
to washer
your washer

quick installation guide

shipping hardware Video
Attach U-shaped hose guide
to end of drain hose.
Place hose in laundry tub or
standpipe and secure with cable tie.
If placed in standpipe, the end of
the drain hose should extend only
4 to 7 inches down the pipe.
Plug washer into a grounded
outlet. Do not use an extension
cord or adaptor plug.
Main power is turned on.
The washer is plugged in.
Faucets are turned on.
Water hoses are connected securely with no leaks at both ends.
Unit is level and all legs are on the floor.
Shipping bolts and spacers are removed and stored for future use.
Drain hose is placed in tub or standpipe and secured with a cable tie.
Run a load of clothes in the SPEED WASH cycle.
Check for leaks.
When the load is spinning at high speed, ensure that the washer
and leveling legs are stable.
If necessary, pause the cycle and adjust the front leveling legs until the washer
is properly level. Restart the cycle in order to allow it to finish.
7 8
Final installation
checklist Test cycle
Install drain hose
and plug
Parts supplied Parts required Tools needed
Cable tie
Adjustable wrench
or 1/2" socket with ratchet
adjustable pliers
Adjustable wrench
or 14 mm and
16 mm wrench
Carpenter’s level
Scan this code
to watch a video
on Step 2.
Gently rock the washer into nal location,
ensuring inlet hoses do not become kinked.
Do not use door or dispenser drawer to
lift the washer.
Place level on top.
Loosen nut then adjust the front leveling
legs up or down using a 14 mm or
adjustable wrench.
Level washer both side-to-side
and front-to-back.
your washer
Scan this code
to watch a video
on Step 5.
Instructions en Français - Voir le Manuel du propriétaire Instrucciones en Español - Ver el Manual de instrucciones




Hand tighten nuts toward the base of the washer and
tighten with a 16 mm wrench until a minimum of 3 clicks.
GE recommends inlet hoses that have a 90 degree bend at one end. The
90 degree bend should be installed at the washer as shown above.
Use and care
Water Hoses (2)
Screen washers (2)
Extend leg Shorten leg

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