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Before you begin–Read these instructions completely and carefully

IMPORTANT–Save these instructions for local inspector’s use


Note to Installer–Be sure to leave these instructions with the Consumer

Note–This appliance must be properly grounded


Review all Safety, Power Requirements, Dimensions
and Clearances, and Preparation of the Cutout opening
Instructions in the Installation instructions included with
your cooktop.
NOTICE: Read all instructions thoroughly, PRIOR to
beginning any work.
WARNING: To avoid the risk of property damage,
the cutout should be made by a professional
cabinet installer.
WARNING: Do not attempt to flush mount any
cooktop counter unit that requires a downdraft
ventilation system.


Installation Instructions
(1) Tube of High Temperature Sealant
3/8” Wide One-Sided Foam Tape
2” Wide Metal Reflective Tape


3/4” Carbide Tipped Straight Cutter Router Bit
1-1/2” HP Router (minimum)


1. Build jig for the cutout and router dimensions if desired.
2. Using the carbide tipped straight cutter router bit and tem-
plate, set router guides to cut along the solid line of the
template (corresponding to the appropriate cooktop size
and curved or straight front edge
Make the countertop cutout
02-05 JR
NOTICE: To allow for routing, when possible the
countertop backsplash should be installed after installing
the cooktop.
NOTICE: For Ceramic Tile Countertops, routing is not
required. Tile can be installed 1/16” from the edge of the
cooktop after making the cutout. If tile is already in place,
it should be cut to the router dimension using a ceramic
tile cutter.
3. Using a 3/4” diameter router bit set to 7/32” depth, rout
the edge of the cooktop cutout. When installing into a
countertop with a backsplash, a laminate trimmer can be
used to rout areas near backsplash.
4. IMPORTANT: To ensure sufficient support for cooktop
when cooking, reinforcing strips of wood must be
secured in place below the edge of the cutout. Wood
strips must also be secured underneath the perimeter of
the cooktop. (See Side View)
For an island
or peninsula
strips must be
secured on all
sides of the
For a normal
with cabinet installation, strips must be secured only on the
sides. Standard countertops are supported in the front and
rear by the cabinet.
5. Vacuum dust and particles from the cooktop opening.
6. Place metal reflective tape around the bottom inside edge of
the cooktop cutout.
7. Apply foam tape, provided in the kit, to the underside of the
cooktop glass, flush with the edge of the cooktop frame. The
foam tape will keep the RTV sealant from seeping between
the countertop and the underside of the cooktop.
8. Place cooktop into the prepared opening. The cooktop
surface should be 1/16”-1/32” higher than the countertop
surface to prevent hot cookware from contacting countertop.
9. Align cooktop in opening with equal clearance on all sides.
10. Using masking tape, place a border around the edge of the
cooktop cutout. This will prevent the sealant from sticking to
the countertop.
11. Ensure the area is well ventilated when applying sealant.
Apply high temperature sealant into the opening between the
countertop and edge of the cooktop frame, one side at a time.
It is important to wipe away excess sealant immediately as
the sealant will begin to form a skin within 5 minutes. Use
only the sealant provided.
12. Do not touch sealant, move or use the cooktop for 24 hours.
Protect the area from dust for at least 2 hours.
13. After 24 hours, clean excess sealant on cooktop with razor
blade and on countertop with a spatula.
WARNING: Failure to provide adequate countertop
reinforcement for cooktop may result in damage to
counter unit when weight is added to cooktop
during cooking.
WARNING: Do not allow sealant to come into contact with
counter unit ceramic glass cooktop.
per the Installation Instructions.
Printed in the United States
Reinforcing Strip
of Solid Surface
Foam Tape
Cooktop Burner Box

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