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Before using your oven, read this guide


It is intended to help you operate and maintain your
new microwave oven properly.
Keep it handy for answers to your questions.

Write down the model and serial


You’ll find them on a label inside the oven.
These numbers are also on the Consumer Product
Ownership Registration Card that came with your
microwave oven. Before sending in this card,
please write these numbers here:
Model Number
Serial Number
Use these numbers in any correspondence or service
calls concerning your microwave oven.

If you received a damaged oven…

Immediately contact the dealer (or builder) that sold
you the oven.

Save time and money. Before you

request service…

Check the Problem Solver in the back of this guide.
It lists causes of minor operating problems that you
can correct yourself.

All these things are normal with your

microwave oven.

Steam or vapor escaping from around the door.
Light reflection around door or outer case.
Dimming oven light and change in blower sound
may occur while operating at power levels other
than high.
Dull thumping sound while oven is operating.
Some TV-radio interference might be noticed
while using your microwave oven. It’s similar to
the interference caused by other small appliances
and does not indicate a problem with your
microwave. If you notice this interference, check
that the microwave oven is on a different electrical
circuit, relocate the radio or TV as far away from
the microwave as possible, or check the position
and signal of the receiving antenna.

(a) Do Not Attempt to operate this oven with

the door open since open-door operation can

result in harmful exposure to microwave

energy. It is important not to defeat or

tamper with the safety interlocks.

(b) Do Not Place any object between the oven

front face and the door or allow soil or

cleaner residue to accumulate on sealing


(c) Do Not Operate the oven if it is damaged.

It is particularly important that the oven

door close properly and that there is no

damage to the:

(1) door (bent),

(2) hinges and latches (broken or loosened),

(3) door seals and sealing surfaces.

(d) The Oven Should Not be adjusted or

repaired by anyone except properly

qualified service personnel.



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