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Enjoy Naturallly Good-for-You

Dried Snacks & Treats from GOURMIA!

With the purchase of the Cut + Dry Dehydrator, you are entering the sweet,

healthful and delicious world of natural snacking! Now, you can prepare the fresh fruit,

herbs, owers, vegetables and meat you like and dehydrate them successfully with

very little eort. Consider all the snacks youd like to eat and enjoy…fruit leathers or

roll-ups, earthy dried beets, sweet dried carrots, delectable dried pineapple, super-

sweet strawberries, the list goes on and on! The results of natural dehydration are not

only delicious, they are truly healthful and certainly less costly than purchased dried


We are sure you and your family will love all the delicious trail mixes, granola,

dried herbs, meat jerky and other dehydrated treats you will prepare in the Gourmia

Cut + Dry Dehydrator. It’s never been so easy!

The following pages of this manual give you full and complete instructions for all

the functions and features of your Cut + Dry Dehydrator. Inside these pages, you’ll nd

safety information, instructions for operating, assembly, cleaning and maintenance

of your Cut + Dry Dehydrator. You’ll also nd helpful charts for preparing foods for

dehydration, along with pre-treatment suggestions and helpful hints. Please read all

safety instructions and complete directions carefully for safe usage at all times.

Thank you for your purchase! We hope you will enjoy all the innovative products

brought to you by our family at Gourmia.

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