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  • HD PVR
    Gaming Edition
    Xbox 360 and PS3 HD Video Recorder for
    Quick Installation Guide
    © 2011, 2012 Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc.
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    Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. Telephone: 631-434-1600
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    Internet addresses: Sales: sales@hauppauge.com | Tech Support: techsupport@hauppauge.com
    Included with HD PVR Gaming Edition:
    HD PVR Gaming Edition recorder H.264 high definition video recorder, USB
    Combination Xbox and PS3 Component Video gaming cable
    Component Video and audio cable set, 1 meter, to connect HD PVR to your HD TV set
    USB 2.0 cable
    5v 2 amp power supply
    HD PVR Installation CD, with HD PVR drivers for Windows and Arcsort ShowBiz
    The Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition records video in HD from a video game console. The software
    which comes with HD PVR only runs on Windows PCs, but there are third party software applications which
    run on the Mac or Linux. Please see our website for information on these third party applications.
    HD PVR recordings are made onto a computer’s hard drive in a compressed H.264 format. HD PVR uses
    Component Video (also called YPrPb), S-Video or composite video, and will record at resolutions from stan-
    dard definition (480i) up to high definition (1080i), at datarates from 1Mbit/sec up to 13Mbits/sec.
    ote: if you are connecting HD PVR to an Xbox360, PS3 or other game console, make sure
    the Component Video output of the game console is set to 1080i or 720p.
    For more information, please see the Hauppauge HD PVR support page:
    Audio can be supplied to the HD PVR from stereo audio or via optical SPDIF. The optical audio input to the
    HD PVR can be in either a 2 channel stereo audio format or a 2 or 5.1 channel AC-3 format.
    The recording format used by HD PVR is H.264 with AC-3 audio. HD PVR recordings can be played back to
    the PC screen or can be converted “on the fly” to a Blu-ray format AVCHD file for making Blu-ray discs.
    There are three types of HD PVR record formats which can be selected:
    TS: the native H.264 format with 2 or 5.1 channel audio. You create this format when you click AVCHD
    in ArcSoft Capture.
    M2TS: this is an H.264 format which can be played on a Sony Playstation3. You create this format
    when you click on Playstation3 in ArcSoft Capture.
    MP4: this is an H.264 format which can be played on an XBox360. You create this format when you
    click on XBox 360 in ArcSoft Capture.
    HD PVR comes bundled with ArcSoft’s ShowBiz. ShowBiz is used to record videos, upload your video
    recordings to YouTube, play back the recorded videos to your PC screen, plus can burn your video record-
    ings for playback on a Blu-ray player using conventional DVD discs.
    Installing the HD PVR
    Step 1: Set your game console to 1080i or 720p
    With the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3, you need to set the Display Settings to Component Video and either
    720p or 1080i.
    - turn the power off on your game console
    - disconnect the HDMI cable from your game console to your TV set.
    - connect the Hauppauge Component Video Gaming cable from your game console to your TV set.
    - on your TV set, set the Source to Component Video. There should be a Source button on your TV set
    remote control which is used to select the TV source.
    Xbox 360:
    Turn on your Xbox. You should see the Xbox video on your TV set. If you do not, check your TV set to make
    sure it is set to the Component Video source connected to your Xbox.
    Once you can see Xbox video on your TV set, go to System Settings / Console Settings / Display /
    HDTV Settings and choose either 720p or 1080i. Then click “Yes, keep these settings”.
    Push and hold the Power button on the front of your PS3. If you have a Power switch on the back or your
    PS3, turn it off, wait two seconds and then turn it on. Then let the Power button on the front of your PS3 go.
    You should see the PS3 video on your TV set. If you do not, check your TV set to make sure it is set to the
    Component Video source connected to your PS3.
    Once you can see PS3 video on your TV set, go to Settings / Display Settings / Video Output Settings
    and choose either 720p or 1080i. Then click “Yes, keep these settings”.
    Step 2: Connect the HD PVR cables
    USB connection
    Plug one end (the square end) of the supplied USB cable into the HD PVR’s USB cable connector. HD PVR
    is compatible with USB 2.0 (high speed) only. Plug the other end into your Windows PC. HD PVR works with
    laptops or desktop PCs with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. For use with a Mac, you will need
    software not supplied by Hauppauge. Go to http://www.hdpvrcapture.com for more information.
    Connect video from your game console to HD PVR
    From your game console, there are three different ways to connect video to the HD PVR. Component Video is
    the highest quality and is the only video mode which can be used with No Delay Pass Through, but any one
    of the three ways will work:
    a.) Component Video: use the supplied
    Component Video gaming cable from your game console to the
    Component video inputs on the rear of the HD PVR (see diagram below).
    ote: if you have an HDMI cable connected between your game console and your TV set, -
    disconnect it. Instead, use the Pass Through video connection (see No Delay Video Pass
    Through below).
    b.) S-Video: connect the game console S-Video output to the S-Video input on the front of the HD PVR.
    HD PVR
    HD PVR
    c.) Composite video: connect the composite video output from your game console (the yellow RCA
    connector) to the yellow composite video input on the front of HD PVR.
    No Delay Video Pass Through
    To watch live video from your game console on a TV set without any delay, connect the Component Video
    output from the HD PVR to the Component Video input on your TV set.
    The first time No Delay Video Pass Through is used, you need to go into Arcosft Showbiz (see step 4
    below) and in the Arcsoft Capture Module, under Source select YPrPb. This will enable No Delay Pass
    ote: your HD PVR needs to be powered on for Pass Through Video Output to operate. If
    the HD PVR is powered on, Pass Through will operate even if your PC is turned off.
    Audio connection
    Audio from the game console is connected where you have connected the video input: either to the optical
    audio in (rear), RCA audio in (rear) or RCA audio in (front). Optical audio is connected on the rear panel.
    Step 3: Boot your PC
    Step 4: Plug the power supply into HD PVR
    After your PC has booted to Windows, plug the supplied Power Supply into the Power input on HD PVR.
    HD PVR
    The power supply is 5VDC@ 2amps.
    Step 5: Install the HD PVR Windows driver and Arcsoft Showbiz
    ote: the HD PVR needs to be powered up in this step and plugged into your PC while the
    Windows drivers are installed.
    Turn on your PC, and boot into Windows.
    If a 'Found New Hardware' wizard
    appears, please cancel it and allow win-
    dows to load fully before proceeding.
    Insert the WinTV Installation CD-ROM in
    your PC’s CD-ROM drive.
    ote: if the CD does not
    autorun, navigate to the CD
    and run the 'Setup.exe' file.
    Hauppauge WinTV Installation CD-
    ROM” window will appear on the screen.
    Install the HD PVR driver
    Click the button labeled Step 1: Install
    A blue screen will open and begin installing the drivers for your HD PVR.
    Once the drivers have installed, click on the Finish bar to exit.
    Install the HD PVR application
    Click the button labeled Step 2: Install software
    Choose a language, and click next, click
    The ArcSoft ShowBiz application will be installed.
    Once comp lete, click OK then Exit.
    ote: the latest HD PVR driver updates are available at:
    www.hauppauge.com in the Support section.
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Specifiche Hauppauge HD PVR

Marca Hauppauge
Modello HD PVR
Prodotto Registratori vocali
Lingua Engels
Tipo di file PDF
Software forniti Arcsoft “TotalMediaExtreme”\nArcsoft “TotalMedia Theater”\nArcsoft “MediaConverter”
Altre caratteristiche
Formati video digitali 1080i
Dimensioni (LxPxA) 198 x 173 x 70 mm
Porte I/O 1xS-Video in\n2xAudio in\n1xAudio out\n1xComposite Video in\n1xUSB\n1xComponent Video in\n1xOptical Audio in\n1xOptical Audio out
Requisiti di sistema
RAM minima 256 MB


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