Indesit WIDXXL 126 (EU)

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    ! Keep this instruction manual in a safe place for
    future reference. Should the appliance be sold,
    transferred or moved, make sure the instruction
    manual accompanies the washer dryer to inform the
    new owner as to its operation and features.
    ! Read these instructions carefully: they contain vital
    information on installation, use and safety.
    1. Unpack the machine.
    2. Check whether the machine has been damaged
    during transport. If this is the case, do not install it and
    contact your retailer.
    Remove the transit fixings
    IMPORTANT: Follow these instructions to remove the
    TWO transit fixings.
    Situated on either side of the
    rear panel,
    BOTH transit boltsBOTH transit bolts
    BOTH transit boltsBOTH transit bolts
    BOTH transit bolts
    MUST be rMUST be r
    MUST be rMUST be r
    MUST be r
    emoved beforemoved befor
    emoved beforemoved befor
    emoved befor
    e usee use
    e usee use
    e use.
    ! Failure to do so may cause
    damage to your machine.
    It is important the transit bolt
    and spacer (see pic) come out
    1. Unscrew the bolt using a
    13mm spanner.
    2. STOP when 3 threads can be
    3. Hold, slide sideways and pull
    to remove.
    4. For safety, insert one of the
    two plastic covers (supplied
    with your machine) over the
    ! Repeat steps 1 to 4 to remove
    the second transit bolt.
    ! Packaging materials are not
    children’s toys.
    Your machine will be noisy if the two front feet are not
    adjusted so that the machine stands firm and level.
    ! The machine should be levelled from side to side and
    from front to back.
    1. Move your machine into its final location.
    - Take care not to trap or kink the hoses.
    2. Turn one or both front feet
    anti-clockwise by hand until the
    feet cannot be turned any
    When adjusting the feet, use a
    spirit level to check the machine
    stands level, from side to side
    and from front to back.
    - The spring on each foot will stop them coming
    ! If it is placed on a fitted or loose carpet, adjust the
    feet in such a way as to allow enough room for
    ventilation beneath the machine.
    Water connection
    Connecting the water inlet hose.
    Remember that this is a cold-fill machine.
    ! Check that seal is in place
    inside the hose end cap.
    Before making the water connections to gas ¾
    thread, allow the water to run freely from the supply
    tap until it is perfectly clear.
    Screw the inlet end with the
    blue cap onto the cold water
    supply tap.
    Turn the taps on and check for leaks: tighten if
    ! Make sure there are no kinks or bends in the
    ! The water pressure at the tap must be within the
    values indicated in the Technical details table (next
    ! If the water inlet hose is not long enough, contact a
    specialist store or an authorised serviceman.
    ! Always use new hoses.
    ! Check the water hose at least once a year, replace
    any that are cracked as worn hoses could split under
    water pressure.
    WIDXXL126-GB.p65 10/01/06, 12.002

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