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23680-4003 12V DC

23680-4103 24V DC




Continuous rated, medium duty pumps for
bilge and general purpose use.
l ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition protection).
l ISO 8849 MARINE (Bilge pump standard).
l Small bilge debris present no problem to
these bronze bodied, flexible impellerpumps.
l Simple design means fewer wearing
l 32 lpm (6.5 UK gpm) output @ 3m (10ft)
l Self priming to 1.2m (4 ft).
Jabsco Water Puppy can be mounted on any flatsurface. Fit the pump in a dry, well ventilatedposition where there is full access for service. Ifinstalled in a vertical position the motor must beabove the pump head. Use the rubber grommetsprovided to minimise vibration, do not overtighten themounting screws. Secure 25mm (1”) id hose either direct to thedischarge ports or to ½” BSP male threaded fittingsusing stainless steel hose clamps. Use spiralreinforced hose (with a smooth internal bore) that willnot collapse under suction, or rigid or semi rigidpipework systems. The pipework must be compatiblewith the liquid being pumped. Pipe runs should bekept as straight and short as possible, avoiding risingand dipping over obstructions. Fit a strainer on theinlet hose to prevent larger debris from entering thepump.
Make all electrical connections in dry locations,connections in humid environments should be sealedto prevent corrosion. Protect the circuit with acorrectly rated fuse or circuit breaker in the orangepositive (+) lead as close as possible to the powersource. Connect the black motor wire to the negative(-) battery terminal. Inadequate voltage at the motorterminals when the pump is running (not less than10% below rated voltage at full load) due to partiallydischarged batteries or insufficient cable size mayresult in blowing fuses, failure to start or poor pumpperformance.WARNING: If the fuse failsrepeatedly do not fit a heavier fuse orbridge the fuse terminals with silverpaper or metal wire. Failure to observethis instruction may result in a firehazard due to overheating of cables.WARNING: All marine pumpsdischarging overboard must beinstalled with the overboard dischargewell above both static and heeledwaterlines.
m ft lpm UK gpm2735 7.731032 741330 6.662025 5.5
Approximate performance for new pump,
running water at 20°C with fully charged battery
WARNING: Do not use any Jabscopump for petrol, petroleum products orany products with a flash point below37°C (98°F), explosion or death mayoccur.

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