Kenwood kMix TTM020

Kenwood kMix TTM020 manuale

  • Use the carriage lever to lift the
    toast to Peek & View™ at any
    time without cancelling the toasting
    before using your Kenwood
    Read these instructions carefully
    and retain for future reference.
    Remove all packaging and any
    Burnt food can catch fire, so:
    never leave your toaster on
    keep your toaster away from
    anything (eg curtains) that could
    catch fire;
    set the browning control lower for
    thin or dry bread;
    never warm food with a topping or
    filling (eg pizza): if it drips into the
    toaster, it could catch fire.
    Clean the crumb tray regularly:
    crumbs can smoke or burn.
    To avoid electric shocks, never:
    let the toaster, cord or plug get wet;
    put your hand or anything metal,
    eg a knife or foil, into the toaster.
    Always unplug the toaster when not
    in use, before cleaning or
    attempting to clear jammed bread.
    Never cover your toaster with a
    plate or anything else - it could
    overheat and catch fire.
    Never let the cord hang down
    where a child could grab it.
    We recommend that you do not
    use your toaster directly under wall
    Do not move the toaster whilst it is
    in operation.
    Never touch hot surfaces especially
    the metal top area.
    Never use an unauthorised
    ttachment or accessory.
    Never use a damaged toaster. Get it
    checked or repaired: see 'Service &
    Customer Care'.
    This appliance is not intended to be
    operated by means of an external
    timer or separate remote-control
    This appliance is not intended for
    use by persons (including children)
    with reduced physical, sensory or
    mental capabilities, or lack of
    experience and knowledge, unless
    they have been given supervision or
    instruction concerning use of the
    appliance by a person responsible
    for their safety.
    Children should be supervised to
    ensure that they do not play with
    the appliance.
    Only use the appliance for its
    intended domestic use. Kenwood
    will not accept any liability if the
    appliance is subject to improper
    use, or failure to comply with these
    before plugging in
    Make sure your electricity supply is
    the same as the one shown on the
    underside of your toaster.
    This appliance conforms to EC
    directive 2004/108/EC on
    Electromagnetic Compatibility and
    EC regulation no. 1935/2004 of
    27/10/2004 on materials intended
    for contact with food.
    Important – UK only
    The wires in the cord are coloured
    as follows:
    Green and Yellow = Earth,
    Blue = Neutral,
    Brown = Live.
    The appliance must be protected
    by a 13A approved (BS1362) fuse.
    or non-rewireable plugs the fuse
    cover MUST be refitted when
    replacing the fuse. If the fuse cover
    is lost then the plug must not be
    used until a replacement can be
    obtained. The correct fuse cover is
    identified by colour and a
    replacement may be obtained from
    your Kenwood Authorised Repairer
    (see Service).
    If a non-rewireable plug is cut off it
    must be DESTROYED
    IMMEDIATELY. An electric shock
    hazard may arise if an unwanted
    non-rewireable plug is inadvertently
    inserted into a 13A socket outlet.
    before using for the first time
    1 Clip excess cord into the cord
    storage clips in the base .
    Operate the toaster once on a
    medium setting without bread. (The
    lever will not stay down unless the
    toaster is plugged in).
    As with all new heating elements,
    your toaster may emit a slight
    burning smell when it is first
    switched on. This is normal and not
    a cause for concern.
    removable warming rack/toast
    warming rack handle
    Peek & View™ carriage lever
    browning control
    cancel button with indicator light
    crumb tray
    cord storage
    to use your toaster
    Plug the toaster into the power
    2 Move the browning control to the
    desired setting. Use a low setting
    for light toasting and for thin or dry
    3 Insert the bread, muffins, bagels
    4 Lower the lever until it locks . The
    ‘cancel’ button will illuminate. (The
    lever will not stay down unless the
    toaster is plugged in).
    To toast frozen bread, move the
    browning control to the defrost
    position .
    Use the carriage lever to lift the
    toast to Peek & View™ at any
    time without cancelling the toasting
    To stop toasting during the cycle,
    press the ‘cancel’ button, the toast
    will pop up and the ‘cancel’ button
    light will go off.
    5 Your toast will pop up
    automatically, to raise it higher, lift
    the lever.
    hints on using your
    Select a lower setting for light
    browning, for toasting one slice only
    or for dry bread.
    When toasting a single slice of
    bread, you may notice a variation in
    toast colour from one side to the
    other - this is normal.
    Dry/stale bread toasts more quickly
    than fresh bread and thinly sliced
    bread toasts more quickly than
    thickly sliced bread. Therefore the
    browning control should be set at a
    lower setting than usual.
    For best results ensure that the
    bread slices are of an even
    thickness, freshness and size.
Kenwood kMix TTM020

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Marca Kenwood
Modello kMix TTM020
Prodotto Tostapane
EAN 5011423131689
Lingua Inglese
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