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KitchenAid KSEG700ESS
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Oven Cleaning Quick Reference Guide

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REMOVE all racks and
accessories from the oven
cavity and wipe excess soil.
Use the scraper to remove
additional easily-removed
POUR 2 cups (16 oz) of
distilled or fi ltered water onto
the bottom of the empty oven
and close the oven door.
IMPORTANT: Do not use
cleansers, chemicals or other
additives with the water.
PRESS CLEAN then press
Cleaning action loosens
baked-on residue from the
oven bottom.
Allow 40 minutes for clean-
ing and cool down. Some
condensation will form on the
window. When the cleaning
cycle is complete, a beep
will sound. Press CANCEL
to end.
REMOVE the residual water
and loosened soils with a
sponge or soft dry cloth
immediately after the cycle is
Remove remaining soils with
a non-scratch scrubbing
sponge or plastic scraper.
Additional cleaning cycles
may be run to help remove
stubborn soils.
CLEAN the oven door and
walls to avoid baked-on soil.
Refer to the User Instructions
for additional information.
IMPORTANT: The use of
chemicals, including
abrasives and commercial
oven cleaners, or metal
scouring pads may damage
the oven interior.
AquaLift™ Technology is an innovative cleaning solution that is activated with heat and water to release baked-on spills from the oven interior in less than 1 hour.
This new cleaning technology is a low-heat, odor-free alternative to traditional self-cleaning options.

Use regularly to clean oven spills

For additional information, refer to the User Instructions.
For assistance with AquaLift™ Technology, call 1-877-258-0808, or visit our website at
KitchenAid KSEG700ESS

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