Koelstra Travelsleeper T5

Koelstra Travelsleeper T5 manuale

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    WARNING: It may be dangerous to leave your child
    WARNING: Be aware of the risk of open fire and
    other sources of strong heat, such as electric bar
    fires, gas fires, etc. in the near vicinity of the cot.
    WARNING: Do not use the cot if any part is broken,
    torn or missing and use only spare parts approved
    by the manufacturer.
    WARNING: Do not leave anything in the cot or
    place the cot close to another product, which
    could provide a foothold or present a danger of
    suffocation or strangulation, e.g. strings, blind/
    curtain cords, etc.
    WARNING: Do not use more than one mattress in
    the cot.
    • A child’s safety is your responsibility.
    • Keep plastic packaging materials away from children
    as they can present a choking hazard for children.
    • Beware of small parts. Your child may swallow a small
    part and choke.
    The cot is ready for use, only when the locking me-
    chanisms are engaged and to check careful that they
    are fully engaged before using the folding cot.
    Thickness of the mattress shall be such that the inter-
    nal height (surface of the mattress to the upper edge
    of the cot frame) is at least 500 mm.
    The minimum size of the mattress to be used with
    the cot. The length and width shall be such that the
    gap between the mattress and the sides and ends
    does not exceed 30 mm.
    • All assembly ttings should always be tightened
    properly and that ttings should be checked regularly
    and retightened as necessary.
    To prevent injury from falls that when the child is able
    to climb out the cot, the cot shall no longer be used
    for that child.
    • Make sure the crawling hatch is completely closed
    when your child is put in the travel cot for a rest.
    • Never leave your child in the travel cot unsupervised
    when the crawling hatch is partially or completely
    • Check that the mattress has been attached correctly
    and is completely at. A detached mattress can pre-
    sent a risk of suocation.
    To prevent damage to the travel cot, do not remove
    logos or stickers. Some logos and stickers are required
    by law.
    • Beware of any moving parts or hinges when unfol-
    ding, folding or adjusting the travel cot. Beware of
    getting your ngers or hands, or your child’s ngers or
    hands jammed.
    This product has been manufactured in accordance
    with European standard EN 716-1 & -2:2008. This
    instruction manual has been compiled with care and
    meets the requirements and regulations in accordance
    with the Netherlands (NEN) 5509 standard.
    The product purchased may dier from the product
    as described in the manual.
    1. Regularly check that the parts of the product are
    functioning properly.
    2. Only use Teon spray or silicon spray for lubricating
    the moving parts. Never use oil, grease or other lubri-
    cants as these attract dirt and dust.
    3. Do not bleach or dry clean the fabric.
    4. Clean the product cot immediately after it has been
    used in a sandy and/or salty environment (for example
    at the seaside). Sand can damage moving parts and/or
    the locking devices. Salt will cause metal parts to rust.
    5. If wet, dry the unfolded fabric in a dark room to
    prevent it from discolouring.
    6. Do not make any modications to the product
    yourself. This is unsafe and invalidates your warranty.
    7. Immediately replace faulty parts. Always have this
    done by an authorised Koelstra dealer.
    8. If your product has been involved in an accident,
    please pay a visit to your Koelstra dealer to have the it
    checked for any technical faults.
    9. To claim on the warranty you must be able to show
    the product together with the serial number, proof of
    purchase and a full completed warranty form.
    10. Stains can be removed using a mild detergent or
    soap stick. Clean the product only by hand wash.
    Your child’s safety may be affected if you do not follow these instructions.

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