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1. The Advantages of this Thermometer
Measures in a matter of seconds
The innovative infrared technology allows the measurement
without even touching the object. This guarantees safe and sani-
tary measurements within seconds.
Multiple uses (wide range of measurement)
This thermometer offers a wide range of measurement from
0 - 100.0 °C / 32.0 - 212.0 °F, meaning the unit can be used to
measure body temperature or it also has a feature allowing it to be
used to measure surface temperature of the following examples:
Milk surface temperature in a baby's bottle
Surface temperature of a baby's bath
Ambient temperature
Accurate and reliable
The unique probe assembly construction incorporates an advanced
infrared sensor, ensuring that each measurement is accurate and
Gentle and easy to use
The ergonomic design enables simple and easy use of the ther-
This thermometer can even be used on a sleeping child without
causing any interruption.
This thermometer is quick, therefore child-friendly.
Multiple readings recall
Users will be able to recall the last 30 readings with a record of both
time and date when entering the recall mode, enabling efficient
tracking of temperature variations.
Safe and hygienic
No direct skin contact.
No risk of broken glass or mercury ingestion.
Completely safe for use on children.
Fever alarm
10 short beeps and a red LCD backlight alert the patient that he/
she may have a temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 °C.
2. Important Safety Instructions
Follow instructions for use. This document provides important
product operation and safety information regarding this device.
Please read this document thoroughly before using the device
and keep for future reference.
This device may only be used for the purposes described in
these instructions. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for
damage caused by incorrect application.
Never immerse this device in water or other liquids. For
cleaning please follow the instructions in the «Cleaning
and Disinfecting» section.
Do not use this device if you think it is damaged or notice
anything unusual.
Never open this device.
A basic physiological effect called vasoconstriction can occur in
the early stages of fever, resulting in a cool skin effect. The
recorded temperature using this thermometer can, therefore,
be unusually low.
If the measurement result is not consistent with the patient's finding
or unusually low, repeat the measurement every 15 minutes or
double check the result by another core body temperature
This device comprises sensitive components and must be treated
with caution. Observe the storage and operating conditions
described in the «Technical Specifications» section.
Ensure that children do not use this device unsupervised; some
parts are small enough to be swallowed.
Do not use this device close to strong electromagnetic fields such
as mobile telephones or radio installations. Keep a minimum
distance of
m from such devices when using this device.
Protect it from:
- extreme temperatures
- impact and dropping
- contamination and dust
- direct sunlight
- heat and cold
If the device is not going to be used for a prolonged period the
batteries should be removed.
WARNING: The measurement results given by this device
is not a diagnosis. It is not replacing the need for the consul-
tation of a physician, especially if not matching the patient’s
symptoms. Do not rely on the measurement result only,
always consider other potentially occurring symptoms and
the patient’s feedback. Calling a doctor or an ambulance is
advised if needed.

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Marca Microlife
Modello NC 150
Prodotto Termometri
EAN 4719003402419
Lingua Olandese, Inglese, Tedesco, Francese, Spagnolo, Italiano, Portoghese, Turco, Greco
Tipo di prodotto Termometro
Tipo di file PDF
Dettagli tecnici
Tipo Rilevazione da remoto
Funzione memoria
Posizione del termometro Ear, Forehead, Oral, Rectal, Underarm
Tipologia display LCD