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congratulations! your phone shortcuts calls music menu map
let’s go basics customise FM radio status indicators messages contacts USB drag & drop
Congratulations on your purchase of the cool
Motorola W230 mobile phone.
Whether you’re a talker, a texter or just love listening
to music on the move, the W230 does it all.
We’ve crammed all the main features of your phone
into this handy guide - you can even take the guide
with you.
If you’d like even more information about how to use
your new W230, visit
So, let’s go.
your phone
right soft key
power/end key
navigation key
left soft key
send/answer key
centre key
Performs the function shown on the display above the key.Make and answer calls. Press from the home screen to see list of recently dialled calls.Select a highlighted option or open a menu when you see å in the display.Performs the function shown on the display above the key.Press and hold to turn the phone on/off. Press and release to end phone calls. Exit menu system.Scroll through lists and menus. Press left to access QuickTEXT.
A few shortcuts we think you’ll find really useful:
Press and hold 1. If your voicemail number is pre-
set, you will connect. If not, press
1 then Store. Give
your operator a call if you don’t know the number.
recent calls
Quickly view your call history by pressing s
> Recent calls. You can then choose to access your
Received calls, Dialled calls or Call times.
lock/unlock keys
Prevent accidental calls by pressing s followed
*. Your screen will go black and your keys
are locked. Repeat to unlock.
music player
Press Music (left soft key) from the home screen.
quick text
To set quick text on your home screen press
s > l Personalise > Home screen > Home keys > Up/Down/Left /Right
> Quick Txt.
Yes, your phone makes calls too! And it’s very
good at it.
make a call
Enter a number and press N.
answer a call
When your phone rings or
vibrates, press
end a call
Press P.
emergency calls
To call an emergency number,
enter the emergency number and
Your service provider programs emergency phone
numbers, (such as 999), that you can call under any
circumstances, even when your phone is locked.
Emergency numbers vary by country. Your phone’s
pre-programmed emergency number(s) may not work
in all locations, and sometimes an emergency call
cannot be placed due to network, environmental or
interference issues.
redial a number
1 From the home screen, press N to view a list of
recently dialled calls.
2 Scroll to the entry you want to call and press N.
You love your new phone. You love your music.
Imagine combining these two passions...imagine
no longer:
what you need
To use the music player, insert a microSD memory
card, which is an optional accessory.
The music player supports MP3, MIDI, iMelody and
AMR music file formats. You can copy music from a
computer to your phone, where the music is stored
on the memory card (see “USB drag & drop” later in
this guide).
TIP: To access music stored on your microSD
memory card, press
s > h Multimedia > Music library >
s > Switch storage devices.
play music
Press s > h Multimedia > Music library
Scroll to a song, playlist or album, and press Play.
TIP: From the home screen, press your phones left
soft key to access the music player faster.
music player controls
Note: Please use only Motorola approved accessories
with this product.
For further support:
scroll up/down
through list
Before music playback,
S up or down.
play/pause Press
fast forward Press & hold
S right
(for at least two seconds).
skip to next song Press
S right.
rewind Press & hold
S left
(for at least two seconds).
return to start of
After first two seconds
of song, press
S left.
return to last
Within first two seconds
of song, press
S left.
n Contacts
sRecent calls
Received calls• Dialled calls NotePad• Call times• Call cost *• Data times• Data volumes
e Messages
• Create•Inbox•Draft Outbox• Quick notes
•Browser msgs
• MMS templates
• Calculator• MyMenu
•Alarm clock
•Stop watch
•Chat *• Dialling services *•STK * Calendar
This is a standard main menu layout.
Your phone’s menu may be a little
Q Games
á WebAccess
Music library
•FM radio
l Personalise
•Home screen
•Main menu
• Colour setting
• Wallpaper Screensaver Speed dial
w Settings
• Ring style
•Call divert
• In-call setup • Initial setup Phone status Headset
• Easy prefix
* Network dependent
lets go
5 6
You may have mastered these already, but here
are a few essential basics:
turn it on & off
Press and hold P for a few
seconds to turn the phone on/off.
menu navigation
Press the centre key s to open
the Main menu.
Press the navigation key
S up,
down, right or left to highlight a
menu option.
s or Select (left soft key) to
select the highlighted option.
s when you see M in
the display to show menu
Heres your chance to make your phone easier and
more enjoyable to use. So go on, add your
personal touch.
create shortcuts
Choose the features you want to access with a single
key press from the home screen - really useful stuff:
s > l Personalise > Home screen > Home keys
set your screensaver and wallpaper
Change the wallpaper and screensaver images
to ones that make you smile.
s > l Personalise > Screensaver or Wallpaper
set ringtone and volume
There are times when you want to hear your ringtone
in all its glory, and there are times when you don’t.
s > w Settings > Ring style
Choose from the pre-programmed styles, including
Vibrate and Silent.
change front cover
Remove the battery cover. From the top of the device,
wedge a thin object (eg.: your fingernails) between
the cover and the main housing of the device until the
two parts detach. Then, working down the phone,
release the cover and slide off.
To replace the cover, first clip into the bottom of the
phone and then work up the body, locking the tabs at
the top. Finally, refit your battery cover.
Warning: Do not charge the battery with the phone or
battery cover removed.
Caution: The front cover is made of plastic, so take
care when handling. Also, when removing the cover
take extra care not to expose it to dirt, dust, liquids,
condensation or static electricity.
Made a new friend? Urgently need to contact
someone? No problem, saving and calling your
contacts is effortless.
save contact
1 Enter the number on the home screen and press
2 Enter the contact details.
3 Press Done when you’re finished.
call a contact
1 Press s > Contacts.
2 Scroll through the list to highlight the contact’s
3 Press N.
Messaging is great, everyone thinks so. Here are a
few basics to get you going:
send a message
1 Press s > Messages > Create.
2 Select the message type.
3 Enter your message.
Tip: In a text entry screen, press
# to switch
entry modes.
4 Press OK and scroll to a contact.
5 Press Send and scroll to any other contact/s you
wish to add.
6 Once you have added the contact/s, press Done.
7 Press Send to send the message.
read a message
When you receive a message you will see New message
on your screen. Press Read to open the message. You
can reply to the message by pressing Reply.
Send messages in only 5 clicks! In the home
screen, press the left arrow of the navigation
key to enter directly into the text message
editor. Type the text and press
Send to
. In the
screen, select or enter the number you
want to send your message to. Then click
. It's that easy!
FM radio
Listen to your favourite music or news
1 Plug a 2.5 mm headset into your phone.
Note: The FM radio works only when the headset
is plugged in.
2 Press s > h Multimedia > FM radio
To t u n e in a station, press
S left or right.
To s can available stations, press and hold
S left or
right. Repeat to go to more stations.
To adjust volume, press
S up or down.
To t u rn o ff t h e r adio, press
s > FM radio off.
store favourite stations
When listening to a station, press and hold a number
1 through 9 to store the station as a preset
for that number key. To select a preset station, press
the number key for the station you want.
TIP: To share your favourite radio station press
s > h Multimedia > FM radio > Options > Send station info.
USB Drag & Drop
Use the USB cable to connect your phone and PC,
then simply drag & drop.
1 Insert one end of the USB cable into your phone
and the other into your PC.
2 Press Yes to connect your phone as a storage
3 Use the My Computer window to find
Removable Device.
4 Drag and drop your music, photos and other stuff
that you want to copy.
Two folders are available Music and Picture.
Copy music files into the Music folder and
images into the Picture folder.
5 When you’re done, use the Safely Remove
Hardware feature to finish.
Note: This product is compatible with
Microsoft® Windows®, but may not work correctly
with Mac® and Linux® OS.
For further support:
status indicators
The home screen displays when you turn on the
phone. Status indicators can appear across the top of
the home screen:
Note: Your phone’s home screen may be different
than the one shown.
Music ContactsWED 10/10/0710:51am
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