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manualeMoulinex Easy Max Compact A BM1
Thank you for choosing a product from the
Moulinex range.
Your Easy Max Compact hand-mixer has
many exclusive features:
. «Easy»: a unique control for all functions
. «Max»: an optimised whisk shape for
whipping light cake mixtures and batter


A Body of appliance
B «Easy» control
C 1 Set of «Max» whisks
D 1 Set of plastic whisks

Safety Recommendations

- Keep appliance out of reach of children
- Always check that the voltage indicated on
the identification panel matches that of your
electrical installation
Wiring instructions for U.K and Ireland
only :
Important : For your convenience this
appliance is supplied complete with a plug
incorporating a 3 amp fuse.
In the event of replacing a fuse in the plug
supplied, a 3 amp fuse approved by ASTA to
BS1362 must be used.
If the socket outlets are not of the 13A BS 1363
type, and therefore do not accept the plug
connected to this appliance, cut off the plug.
When cut off, this plug is a shock hazard if
inserted into a socket outlet and must therefore
be disposed of safely.
If the fuse cover is detachable, never use the
plug with the cover omitted. Replacement
covers can be obtained from your service
Fit the appropriate plug according to the ins-
tructions in paragraph "Fitting a plug". With
alternative plugs a 5 amp fuse must be fitted
either in the plug or adaptor or at the main fuse
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in
accordance with the following code:
But the colours may not correspond with the
coloured markings identifying the terminals in
your plug, proceed as follows:
The wire which is coloured BLUE must be
connected to the terminal which is marked
with the letter ‘N’ or coloured black. The wire
which is coloured BROWN must be connected
to the terminal which is marked with the letter
‘L’ or coloured red.
This appliance is manufactured to conform to
the Low Voltage Electrical Equipment (Safety)
Regulations 1989 and is designed to comply
with BS 3456. It complies with the requirements
of the EEC Directive (89/336/EEC).
Warning : Any error in connecting the
appliance invalidates the guarantee
- Your appliance is for domestic use only.
- Never touch appliance parts when in use.
- Only Moulinex accessories should be used.
- Never let anything hang loose above the
attachments when in use.
- Always disconnect the appliance before
handling attachments (assembly,
disassembly), after use, before cleaning, and
in case of malfunction.
- Never pull the mains lead to disconnect the
- Never let the mains lead hang loose near a
heat source or within reach of children.
- Never place the body of the appliance in
water or under running water.
- If the mains lead or the plug are damaged,
do not use your appliance. In order to avoid
any accident, they must be replaced by an
approved Moulinex Centre (see list in the
leaflet «Moulinex Service»).
- Never dismantle the appliance.

Using the appliance

- Before using for the first time, clean the
attachments with soapy water. Rinse and dry
With your hand-mixer you can prepare light
mixtures such as : mayonnaise, egg whites,
sauce, batter, light cake mixtures...
- Do not use it for heavy batters or doughs:
pastry, brioche, bread...
The plastic whisks (D) are especially
recommended for preparing mixtures in con-
tainers with non-stick coating, and to make
less noise.

. Use

- Check that the control switch (B) is in “0”
- Insert the whisks (C or D) into the body of
the appliance (A).

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