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1. Description and functionality



User Instructions

Internet user interface


Battery protection tab
Remove the tab to power the sensor and trigger the connection to the main unit.
The sensor operates with two AA LR6 alkaline batteries.
It detects when the batteries are low and alerts the user.
Light sensor function
The sensor measures the ambient light and sends the reading to the main unit.
The user is invited to select a reference threshold from five possible choices, configurable in the user interface,
from full brightness to total darkness.
This threshold can be adjusted at any time and home automation scenarios can therefore be linked to reaching or
exceeding the chosen threshold:
Full brightness: strong luminosity from direct exposure to the sun or a strong light fixture
Daylight: ambient brightness in the middle of the day
Low light: ambient brightness which might not be sufficient for comfortable reading
Twilight: light level requiring the use of light fixtures
Darkness: absence of light
Warning: for optimum light measurement, the sensor must be placed far from any light source that could affect the
readings, such as television sets, computer screens, night lights, etc.
Wall-mounting plate or standing on a surface
The sensor can be secured to its wall-mounting plate or can stand on a flat surface. The face with the sensor's
reading eye must be the most exposed to light.
In the wall-mounted position, the sensor is clipped to its plate when the plate is properly mounted.
Check that it is properly fastened by listening for a "click" when it snaps into place.
The plate and sensor must be kept away from any risk of contact with water and electricity.
Temperature sensor function
The sensor measures the ambient temperature to within one tenth of a degree and sends it to the main
Home automation scenarios can therefore be linked to reaching or exceeding a temperature threshold.
Warning: for optimum temperature measurement, the sensor must be placed far from any heat source
that could affect the readings.
When sorting your waste, please observe the disposal
regulations in force. Please place waste in the facilities provided
for that purpose and with all due respect for the environment.
Note: Replacing the batteries with the wrong type of battery will
cause a risk of explosion. Dispose of used batteries in
accordance with instructions.
3. Battery replacement and wall mounting
Installing the sensor on the wall: use
double-sided adhesive strip to secure the
plate to the wall, or use screws as follows:
drill a hole in the wall, install the wall plug,
and insert the screw supplied, leaving a 5-mm
gap between the screw head and the wall.
Place the slot on the head of the screw. The
sensor and plate cannot be flush-mounted.
TAG Technologies S.A.S.
Regent Park II Bât 1 - Rue du Lac
31670 Labège France
© TAG Technologies. All rights reserved.
121105 V1.1
4. Technical characteristics
Cat. No. : TA 4007
Frequency: Radio 433.92 MHz
Range: 150 m in free field
'Battery low' supervision and alert via message from
main unit
Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Maximum operating altitude: 2000 m
Impact protection factor IP 33
Batteries: Two AA LR6 alkaline batteries
Battery life: 2 years
Dimensions: L 100 mm x W 50 mm x D 25 mm
Weight: 125 g
TAG Technologies declares that this product complies with the
essential requirements of R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC. A full
version of the declaration of compliance is available from
2. Connection to the main unit
Go into learning mode on your main unit
Remove the battery protection tab located behind the sensor
The main unit emits an audible signal to confirm successful connection
Batteries: Use a
screwdriver to open
the battery hatch at
the back of the sensor,
and insert the
batteries in the correct
orientation (polarity).
EMAIL: HOTLINE: +33 (0)5 61 00 07 11

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TA4007 | TA4007
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Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Dettagli tecnici
Tecnologia di connessioneWireless
Precisione0.1 °C
MaterialiABS sintetico
Raggio d'azione150 m
Intervallo di misurazione della temperatura-10 - 50 °C
Tipo batteriaAA LR6
Tecnologia batteriaAlcalino
Numero di batterie2
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza100 mm
Profondità25 mm
Altezza50 mm
Condizioni ambientali
Intervallo di temperatura- °C
Display incorporatoNo
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