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  • Olight M21-X Warrior (Use Cree XM-L LED)
    Model Name
    Tough. Versatile. Multi-functional. Easy
    to operate.
    Like the soldiers it's made for the Olight
    M21-X Warrior a carefully honed combat
    gear. The M21-X's rugged body structure,
    stainless steel striking bezel, blindingly
    bright strobe light and multiple functions
    give it a strength and versatility never
    seen before in the hand-held lighting
    market. The M21-X Warrior is all the
    lighting tool you need in the battlefield or
    on the job. Bright, rugged, and flexible the
    M21-X's multiple output levels and modes
    lend it a versatility and durability that
    make it the ideal tool for any task. The
    M21-X Warrior is a great choice for
    personal protection; the blinding light
    and crenellated striking bezel on both
    ends give added effectiveness when
    used for self-defense.
    Olight M21-X Warrior
    Batteries: 2 x CR123A or 18650,
    Dimension: Length:145.5mm (5.7);
    Bezel Diameter : 40.2mm(1.6);
    Body Diameter : 24.8mm(0.98);
    Weight: 123g (4.3 oz) exclude batteries
    Peak Beam Intensity: 14400cd
    Impact Resistance: 2 meters
    Water proof: 2 meters /30minutes
    Accessories: Includes one holster, one lanyard, four
    spare O-rings, one rubber boot, one battery magazine ,
    two batteries, one diffuser and one cover ring .
    1 x
    Output & Runtime
    ---Low Level: 20 lumens /36 hrs
    ---Medium Level: 200 lumens /3h45min
    ---High Level: 600 lumens /1h20min
    ---Strobe: 10Hz (frequency)
    World-class super bright Cree XM-L LED.
    Max 600 lumens.
    Tactical momentary-on forward switch, protruding switch
    for easy momentary or click to lock on.
    Auto memorization of specific function for instant access.
    Removable stainless steel striking bezel.
    Superior heat sink that disperses heat to protect LED and
    electrical components.
    Ergonomic design with solid structure for easy operation.
    Full orange peel reflector for flawless wide beam.
    Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching
    type hard anodization.
    Strong / quick to release lanyard to prevent loss and
    easy access.
    Mil-spec: MIL-STD-810F.
    Highly Water resistant to IPX-8.
    Metal 'cigar hold' ring optimally positioned offer additional
    Engineered anti-slip body texture that give you a firm
    tight grip.
    Stainless steel pocket clip.
    Advanced digital power management system for best
    smooth and even brightness during battery life time.
    Anti-shattering ultra clear lens, anti-scratching and anti-slip.
    anti-roll properties and is pre-installed but removable for
    smoother body hold.
    Olight Technology Co., Limited
    Tel: +86-755-3351 8606
    Fax: +86-755-3380 0207
    Email: service@olightworld.com
    No Name No Name
    1 Striking Bezel
    Pocket Clip
    Cigar hold
    Battery Magazine
    Battery Tube
    For momentary light, gently press (no click) power switch
    in the tailcap.
    For constant light, fully press (click) power switch in the
    To switch functions, click on the light, loosen the head
    by 1/8 of a circle and then tighte n it down, the light
    will move to the next function. Re peat the same operation
    for further funct ions.
    Usage and Maintenance
    Use quality batteries so as not to damage the light due to
    leaks or other self-destructive possibilities. Remove batteries
    when light will not be used for an extended period or if
    batteries are discharged. When using Li-Ion batteries Olight
    only recommends the use of 'protected' batteries that limit
    charge and disharge.
    Clean contacts, threads and O-rings of the flashlight with
    clean cloth from time to time when necessary. Should flickers
    or doesn't light up this is the most likely cause. If flashlight is
    used in wet environment, lubricate O-rings frequently to
    maintain watertight seal. After prolonged exposure to
    moisture, the bezel, lamp, and batteries should be removed,
    inspected, and cleaned if necessary.
    .7. .8.
    Operation Introduction
    Optional Accessories
    Cree XM-L LED
    As to those exceed 24 months of the purchase date, Olight will
    still provide with warranty service. Labor is free but cost of
    parts will be charged. This warranty covers parts and labor
    only as specified above. Freight and transit costs are the
    responsibility of the user/owner; not the factory or dealer.
    Olight warrants its products to be free from defects in
    materials and workmanship. Within 30 days of receipt,
    any defective lights will be offered repair or replacement
    by the retailer where the product was purchased. Olight will
    repair or replace, at its option and without charge, any product
    or part which is found to be defective under normal use and
    service within 24 months counting from the date of purchasing
    with proof of purchase, Such repair or replacement shall be the
    purchasers sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty,
    This warranty does not cover normal maintenance and service
    and does not apply to any products or parts which have been
    subject to modification, misuse, negligence, accident,
    improper maintenance or repair by anyone other than Olight .
    There is no other express warranty. Olight hereby disclaims
    any and all implied warranties, including but not limited to
    fitness for a particular purpose.
    Olight shall not be liable for incidental, consequential,
    or special damages arising out of, or connection with,
    product use or performance.
    Max 240 meters long throw.
    Operator's Manual
    Tactical LED Flashlight
    Battery Magazine
    Remote Pressure
    Switch (Optional)
    Weapon Mount (Optional)
    Optional Accessories
    Power Siwtch
    XM-L LED
    Standard: White Diffuser
    Optional: Red ,Green,Blue Filter
Olight M21 X Warrior

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Specifiche Olight M21 X Warrior

Marca Olight
Modello M21 X Warrior
Prodotto Torce elettriche
EAN 6950723812197
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file PDF


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