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Age 5-8Age 9-14Age 15+
Touch to select an age group in the activity to learn information or play games, with different contents suitable for
different age groups.
To learn the contents of an age group, touch an age group icon with the Smart Pen, then select an activity.
For example:
Content / Age Age 5-8 Age 9-14 Age 15+
Earth Facts
The earth is mostly
covered by water and
ice; only one third of the
earth is land.
The world’s highest
waterfall is Angel Falls in
Venezuela, which is 979
metres high.
The biggest river on
Earth is the Amazon,
which is 6281 kilometres
long. It provides 20% of
the freshwater into the
Local Map
To use the UK map, slide out the drawer box from side of the base. To start the activity, touch activity icons on the
activity panel and then touch any places on the local map.
Note: The
local map only works with the
English version.
This table shows the time limit of each game for each age group.
Game/Age Age 5-8 Age 9-14 Age 15+
90 seconds 60 seconds 45 seconds
120 seconds 90 seconds 60 seconds
120 seconds 90 seconds 60 seconds
120 seconds 90 seconds 60 seconds
Local Places
120 seconds 90 seconds 60 seconds
Ultimate Challenge
120 seconds 90 seconds 60 seconds
This table shows the number of correct answers required from the player to advance to a higher level.
Age/Level Age 5-8 Age 9-14 Age 15+
Level 1
1 question 2 questions 2 questions
Level 2
2 questions 2 questions 3 questions
Level 3
3 questions 3 questions 3 questions
For up-to-date world news, amazing facts and earth facts, touch an icon with the Smart Pen under the
Earth Facts
Each time you select the Earth Facts icon, you will hear facts about the Earth.
To learn about a country, use the tip of the Smart Pen to touch one of the TOUCH categories on the activity panel
(located on the base), and then use the Smart Pen to point to a place on the globe. To learn more about a particular
country, use the Smart Pen to touch a different category on the activity panel, and touch the country again.
Continent Time Features
Name Area History
Capital Geography Language
Leader Currency National Anthem
Population Weather Highest Point
Flying Time
To compare information between two places, such as distance, flying times and
exchange rates, choose a category under COMPARE and then touch two places
on the globe one after the other. The Smart Pen will even let you compare places
on the UK local map with places on the main Globe.
To play a search game, touch one of the FIND categories with your Smart Pen. The SmartGlobe™ will tell
you to find certain places on the map, and you must answer the questions as quickly as you can. Each activity
(except Continents and Local Places) has 3 different levels, and for each level the player must answer the required
number of questions correctly. Players need to answer the questions within the time limit; the time limit varies
depending on the age group the player has selected. The Ultimate Challenge game is a combination of questions
from all the other categories.
Getting StartedCharge the Smart Pen
Charge the Smart Pen when the power indicator ashes red. Normal charging takes about 2 hours.
Connect the supplied USB cable to the USB port of your computer or any USB charger (5 V, 500 mA), then connect
to the Smart Pen’s micro USB socket.
The red LED light is on during charging and off when fully charged. Unplug the charging cable when fully charged.
Before charging the Smart Pen, please make sure it is OFF.
• The Smart Pen is not available while charging.
The built-in battery may discharge completely after a long period without use. Recharge the battery before use.
• Use only the supplied cable for charging.
• Charge battery on a fireproof surface away from flammable items or liquids.
Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking hazard.Turn on/off
Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 1 second, the power indicator lights on and the voice will come out
after 5 seconds.
Press the ON/OFF button to turn off.
Auto off
The Smart Pen will automatically shut off after a few minutes if it is not being used.
About Your SmartGlobe™ Explorer AR
Your SmartGlobe™ Explorer AR is supplied with the following parts; please contact Oregon Scientific
if any parts are missing.


Pull to open the GlobeResetVo lume
Headphone socketMicro USBsocketSpeakerLocal Map/Holder for Open Globe
SmartGlobe™Explorer ARPortable Smart PenUser manualUSB CableON/OFF buttonActivity panel

Explorer AR

Explorer AR

Dear Parents / Guardians,
Thank you for purchasing SmartGlobe™ Explorer AR by Oregon Scientific. We hope that this product will help
you and your family to learn more about the world we live in, and to develop an interest in geography, history, and
in cultures around the world. This device has built in Augmented Reality technology, providing you with a real
world view with our dedicated Smart Globe App. As a truly international company, all of us at Oregon Scientific
take a personal interest in designing products that help both children and adults understand more about our global
neighbours. It is our goal that you will learn something new and inspiring that might change your perspective of the
world. The SmartGlobe™ Explorer AR can be updated by connecting the SmartGlobe™ Explorer AR to our
service via the internet with the USB cable provided. As such, we hope that every day will bring a new adventure
to your world using SmartGlobe™ Explorer AR.
Low battery indicator
A flashing red LED light indicates that the Smart Pen is running out of batteries.
You will also hear a voice “It’s time to charge the batteries.”
Note: The clock time in Smart Pen will be inaccurate due to low battery, please connect to computer via
PC software provided to update.
Function keys on activity panelPause
Touch this icon if you would like to pause the game. Touch it again to resume your game.
Touch this icon to repeat a question or instruction prompt.
Touch this icon to select up to four players in the FIND and GAMES activities.
Touch this icon to listen to a demonstration of some of the exciting features and games on your globe.
Language Switch
There are 2 languages pre-installed in the SmartGlobe™ Explorer AR, you can download other languages from
our website. To select a language, touch Language Switch icon with the Smart Pen, you will hear the language
name one by one, touch the checkmark to confirm. The system will switch to your target language automatically.
Note: Always keep the pre-installed languages in storage. Otherwise, the Smart Pen will not operate normally.


Pen holder Solar System and Earth Interior activities

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