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Panasonic SC-DT100
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Some distortion is normal during SEARCH.
The screen may be disrupted briefly when you turn on and off the AUDIO ONLY feature. @
Ensure that the television is connected properly. :
Make sure the television is on.
Ensure the television’s video input setting (e.g., VIDEO 1) is correct.
Go to the Video menu in the SETUP screen, and change “TV Aspect” to suit your television. You
may also need to change the screen mode on the television itself. ;
Ensure that the unit is connected directly to the television, and is not connected through a video
cassette recorder.
Check the settings in the GUI screen’s video menu. E
The location and orientation of the antenna are incorrect. If you are using an indoor antenna,
change to an outdoor antenna. P
The television antenna wire is too close to the unit. Separate the antenna wire of the television
from the unit.
Picture distorted.
No picture.
The picture shown on the
television is not normal.
(The sides of the picture are cut
off or black bands appear at the
top and bottom of the screen.)
Picture quality is poor.
The picture on the television
disappears or stripes appear on
the screen.
Adjust the position of the FM or AM antenna. :
Use an outdoor antenna. P
Turn the television off or separate it from the unit.
Separate the antenna from other cables and cords.
Change the frequency step. Press [TUNER/BAND] to select “AM”, then press and hold [SELECT] for
10 seconds to change the step to suit your area.
Listening to the radio
Noise is heard.
The stereo indicator flickers or
doesnt light.
Sound is distorted.
A beat sound is heard.
A low hum is heard during AM
The correct AM frequency can't be
tuned in.


The surface of the cabinet is polished.
Use the included cloth to clean it.
Never use alcohol, paint thinner or benzine to clean this unit.
Unit displays
Press [DISPLAY] to turn the display on.
You inserted a disc the unit cannot play; insert one it can. 5
You haven’t inserted a disc; insert one.
You haven’t inserted the disc correctly; insert it correctly. =
Check and correct the speaker cord connections.
If this does not fix the problem, there is a power supply problem. Consult the dealer.
The disc is dirty. Wipe it with a soft cloth. 5
Incorrect operation performed. Read the instructions and try again.
Trouble is likely to have occurred. The number following “H” depends on the status of the unit.
Reset procedure:
Press [Í] to switch the unit to the standby mode and then back to ON. Alternatively, press [Í] to
switch the unit to the standby mode, disconnect the AC mains lead, and then reconnect it.
If the service numbers fail to clear, note the service number and contact a qualified service person.
No on-screen display.
GUI screens not displayed or only
partially displayed on the
The discs menu is displayed in a
different language.
Go to Display in the SETUP menus, and select “On” for “On-Screen Messages”. L
Press [3, 4] while the rightmost icon is highlighted to move them down. C
Go to Disc in the SETUP menus, and select the preferred language for “Menus”. L
Television displays
This unit's display is off.
∑∑ stands for a number.
Panasonic SC-DT100

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