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For your child’s safety and health
- Always use this product with adult
- Never use feeding teats as a soother,
to prevent choking hazard.
- Continuous and prolonged sucking of
uids will cause tooth decay.
- Always check food temperature before
- It is not recommended to use a
microwave to warm up your baby‘s food
or drinks. Microwaves might alter the
quality of food/drinks and destroy some
valuable nutrients and it may produce
localized high temperatures. Therefore,
take extra care if and when you heat up
food in a microwave.
- When heating up liquid or food in the
microwave, only place the container
without screw ring, AirFree™ vent insert,
teat and cap. Always stir heated food to
ensure even heat distribution and check
the temperature before serving.
- Keep all components not in use out of
the reach of children.
- Do not allow child to play with small parts
or walk/run while using bottles or cups.
- Do not place product in a heated oven.
- Drinks other than milk and water, such
as fruit juices and avored sugary drinks,
are not recommended. If used, they
should be well diluted and only used for
limited periods, not constantly sipped.
- Expressed breast milk can be stored
in sterilized Philips Avent bottles/
containers in the refrigerator for up to
48 hours (not in the door) or in the
freezer for up to 3 months. Never
refreeze breast milk or add fresh breast
milk to already frozen milk.
- Always discard any breast milk that is
left over at the end of a feed.
- Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or
anti-bacterial cleaners. Do not place
components directly on surfaces that have
been cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaners.
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