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Listening to your system


Better sound using Phase Control

This receiver’s Phase Control feature uses phase correction
measures to make sure your sound source arrives at the
listening position in phase, preventing unwanted distortion
and/or coloring of the sound.
Phase Control technology provides coherent sound
reproduction through the use of phase matching for an
optimal sound image at your listening position. The default
setting is on and we recommend leaving Phase Control
switched on for all sound sources.
to switch the P.CTL (Phase Control) ON or
Phase matching is a very important factor in achieving
proper sound reproduction. If two waveforms are ‘in phase’,
they crest and trough together, resulting in increased
amplitude, clarity and presence of the sound signal. If a
crest of a wave meets a trough, then the sound will be ‘out
of phase’ and an unreliable sound image will be produced.
If your subwoofer has a phase control switch, set it to the
plus (+) sign (or 0°). However, the effect you can actually
feel when Phase Control is set to ON on this receiver
depends on the type of your subwoofer. Set your subwoofer
to maximize the effect. It is also recommended you try
changing the orientation or the place of your subwoofer.
Set the built-in lowpass filter switch of your subwoofer to
OFF. If this cannot be done on your subwoofer, set the
cutoff frequency to a higher value.
If the speaker distance is not properly set, you may not have
a maximized Phase Control effect.
The Phase Control mode cannot be set to ON in the
following cases:
When the PURE DIRECT mode is switched on.
When the headphones are connected.

Using surround back channel processing

You can have the receiver automatically use 6.1 or 7.1
decoding for 6.1 encoded sources (for example, Dolby Digital
EX or DTS-ES), or you can choose to always use 6.1 or 7.1
decoding (for example, with 5.1 encoded material). With 5.1
encoded sources, a surround back channel will be generated,
but the material may sound better in the 5.1 format for which
it was originally encoded (in which case, you can simply
switch surround back channel processing off).
With a 7.1-channel surround system, audio signals that
have undergone matrix decoding processing through
surround back channel processing to which the Up Mix
function is added are output from the surround back
Press , then press
repeatedly to cycle
the surround back channel options.
Each press cycles through the options as follows:
SB ON – Matrix decoding processing for generating
the surround back component from the surround
component is turned on.
SB AUTO – Matrix decoding processing for generating
the surround back component from the surround
component is switched automatically. Matrix
decoding processing is only performed when surround
back channel signals are detected in the input signals.
SB OFF – Matrix decoding processing for generating
the surround back component from the surround
component is turned off.

Setting the Up Mix function

In a 7.1-channel surround system with surround speakers
placed directly at the sides of the listening position, the
surround sound of 5.1-channel sources is heard from the side.
The Up Mix function mixes the sound of the surround
speakers with the surround back speakers so that the
surround sound is heard from diagonally to the rear as it
should be.
Using the Up Mix function is effective when the speakers in
the 7.1-channel surround system are set up as
recommended in the example on page 10
Depending on the positions of the speakers and the sound
source, in some cases it may not be possible to achieve
good results. In this case, set the setting to OFF.
Switch the receiver into standby.
While holding down
on the front panel, and
hold the
for about two seconds.
UP MIX: OFF appears and the Up Mix function turns off.
If you want to turn this function on, perform steps 1 and
2 again.
When set to ON, the (Up Mix) indicator on the front
panel lights.
Set to ON regardless of this setting when playing DTS-HD
May automatically be set to OFF even when set to ON,
depending on the input signal and listening mode.


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