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Incorrect operations are often mistaken for trouble and malfunctions. If you think that there is something wrong with this component, check the points below. Take a look at the other components and electrical appliances being used, because sometimes the problem may lie there. If the trouble isn’t sorted out even after going through the checks below, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized independent service company to carry out repair work.
If the unit does not operate normally due to external effects such as static electricity disconnect the power plug from the outlet and insert again to return to normal operating conditions.
The power does not turn on.
Disconnect the power plug from the outlet, and insert again.
Make sure there are no loose strands of speaker wire touching
the rear panel. This could cause the receiver to shut off
The receiver suddenly switches off.
When the Auto Power Down function is working, the power will
automatically turn off if the receiver has not operated for
several hours. Check the setting for the Auto Power Down
function (see The Auto Power Down menu on page 33).
After about a minute (you won’t be able to switch the unit on
during this time), switch the receiver back on. If the message
persists, call a Pioneer authorized independent service
Power automatically turns ON/OFF and the input switches
from one to another. (When the ARC function is ON)
The CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) function may activate
when the ARC function is turned ON, causing power to turn
ON and OFF and the input to switch from one to another. Since
this unit does not guarantee synchronized operation based on
the CEC function, turn OFF the HDMI CONTROL setting on the
connected player. Refer to the relevant device’s instruction
manual for details.
If this does not work, turn OFF the ARC function. If this is the
case, listen to the TV audio after connecting this unit and the
TV with an audio cable.
OVERHEAT shows in the display and the power turns off.
The temperature within the unit has exceeded the allowable
value. Try moving the unit for better ventilation (page 2).
Lower the volume level.
TEMP shows in the display and the volume level drops.
The temperature within the unit has exceeded the allowable
value. Try moving the unit for better ventilation (page 2).
Lower the volume level.
No sound is output when an input function is selected.
to turn up the volume.
on the remote control to turn muting off.
Set the
to H (HDMI), C1/O1 (digital) or A (analog)
according to the type of connections made (page 20).
Make sure the component is connected correctly (see
Connecting your equipment on page 10).
Check the audio output settings of the source component.
Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the source
No image is output when an input function is selected.
Make sure the component is connected correctly (see
Connecting your equipment on page 10).
Use the same type of video cables for the source component
and TV to connect to this receiver (see About video outputs
connection on page 13).
The video input selected on the TV monitor is incorrect. Refer
to the instruction manual supplied with the TV.
No sound from subwoofer.
Make sure the subwoofer is switched on.
If the subwoofer has a volume knob, make sure it’s turned up.
The Dolby Digital or DTS source you are listening to may not
have an LFE channel.
Switch the subwoofer setting in Speaker Setting on page 30 to
Switch the LFE ATT (LFE Attenuate) on page 28 to LFEATT 0 or
No sound from surround or center speakers.
Connect the speakers properly (page 11).
Refer to Speaker Setting on page 30 to check the speaker
Refer to Channel Level on page 31 to check the speaker levels.
The Phase Control feature doesn’t seem to have an
audible effect.
If applicable, check that the lowpass filter switch on your
subwoofer is off, or the lowpass cutoff is set to the highest
frequency setting. If there is a PHASE setting on your
subwoofer, set it to 0º (or depending on the subwoofer, the
setting where you think it has the best overall effect on the
Make sure the speaker distance setting is correct for all
speakers (see Speaker Distance on page 32).
Considerable noise in radio broadcasts.
Connect the antenna (page 16) and adjust the position for best
Route any loose cables away from the antenna terminals and
Fully extend the FM wire antenna, position for best reception,
and secure to a wall (or connect an outdoor FM antenna).
Connect an additional internal or external AM antenna
(page 16).
Turn off equipment causing interference or move it away from
the receiver (or move antennas farther away from equipment
causing noise).
Broadcast stations cannot be selected automatically.
Connect an outdoor antenna (page 16).
Noise during playback of a cassette deck.
Move the cassette deck away from your receiver, until the noise
No sound is output or a noise is output when software
with DTS is played back.
Make sure the player’s settings are correct and/or the DTS
signal out is on. Refer to the instruction manual supplied with
the DVD player.
There seems to be a time lag between the speakers and
the output of the subwoofer.
See Automatically setting up for surround sound (MCACC) on
page 18 to set up your system again using MCACC (this will
automatically compensate for a delay in the subwoofer output).
After using the Auto MCACC setup, the speaker size
setting (LARGE or SMALL) is incorrect.
Low-frequency noise could have been caused by an air
conditioner or motor. Switch off all appliances in the room and
rerun the Auto MCACC setup.
Can’t operate the remote control.
Replace the batteries (page 9).
Operate within 7 m (23 ft.), 30º of the remote sensor (page 9).
Remove the obstacle or operate from another position.
Avoid exposing the remote sensor on the front panel to direct
The display is dark or off.
on the remote control repeatedly to return to
the default.

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