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Special Tips
Charging Status
Choose the suitable connector according to your device and identify
the Input and Output of the portable battery pack;
Do n ot use the p ortable battery pack to charg
charge the battery pack itself at the same time;
If not in use, you are suggested to disconnect the external AC power
adapter or DC cable with the portable battery pack;
If the battery pack’s output voltage is lower than the rated voltage
/working voltage of your devices, the devices might not be charged
or f u l l y cha r ged. B u t if the the b a ttery pack’s o u t p u t vo l tage i s
her than the rated voltage/working voltage of your devices,and
if the management system cannot support such situation, it might
overcharge your devices or damagethe battery pack itself or even
damage your devices.
e devices and
No.1 light means the power is less than 25%;
No.2 light means the power has reached 25-50%;
No.3 light means the power has reached 50-75%;
No.4 light means the power has reached 75-100%;
When your device is being charged, the Powerseed button lights will flash.
When charging the Powerseed, the button lights will illuminate sequentially.
When charging is complete, the lights will illuminate constantly.
5V 2A
5V 1A
No.4 light
No.2 light
No.3 light
No.1 light
The power button switch
Power indicator lamp
Port 1 Output: DC 5.0V 2.1A
Port 1 Output: DC 5.0V 1.0A
Input port

Portable Baery Pack

User Manual

How to Use
Capacity: 10000mAh
Baery Cell Type: Lithium ion Baery
Rated Input: DC 5V, 1A(max)
Rated Output 1: DC 5V, 1A(max)
Rated Output 2: DC 5V, 2.1A(max
Charging Time: 8 to 9 hours
Working Temperature: 0°C-40°C
Working Humidity: 65%-25%
Storage Temperature: -10°C - 25°C
Storage Humidity: 65%-20%
Dimensions: 99×70×23mm
Net Weight: 230g
Devices Supported: iPhone, smart phones,mobile phones,
MP3 players, Mp4 players, PDAs, digital cameras, handheld
game consoles, Bluetooth devices and so on.
5V 2A
5V 1A
Product Use: Can charge various digital electronics with different adaptors.
iPhone Digital camera MP3/MP4 Portable game consolet
To recharge Powerseed: When this product is running at low power,
you can charge it by computer, AC adaptor and car charger.


If you do not use the portable battery for a long time, please
proceed according to below instructions o nce a year to maintain
its normal functions:
First make it ful l y charg e d , then d i s c h a rge i t by s o m e outer
device, t hen recharge it to half capacity, an d t hen keep it in a
cool and dry place.
It is recommended to do a complete charging and discharging
every 3 month s s o as to ensure th e best status of the battery
cells inside.
Storage and Maintenance
Do not use it in higher t
Do not throw the portable battery into fire or try to heat it up.
In such situations it might burn, explode or release toxic gas.
Do not connect the positive and the negative poles directly;
Do not store it with other metallic materials.
Do not try to open it by yourself or break it.
Do not throw the battery pack into water or make it wet.
Please keep it dry.
Do not use the portable battery pack if you notice it is leaking,
heating itself, out of shape, smelling or any other abnormal
emperature t han 60. The recommended
using temperature is between 15
and 25.
This product is not suitable for the disabled persons in sense,
feeling, and intelligence (including children) as well as anyone
who lacks of relevant experience and knowledge unless there’s
special guardian responsible for their safety guide and supervises
their usage.
Safety Instructions
Made in china



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Specifiche Powerseed PS-10000

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Marca Powerseed
Modello PS-10000
Prodotto Carica batteria portatile
EAN 8590141030018, 8002634056554
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Compatibilità caricatore Mobile phone/Smartphone,Tablet,MP3/MP4,GPS,E-book reader
Indicatori LED
Colore del prodotto Nero
Certificazione CE, RoHS, FCC
Gestione energetica
Funzionalità di protezione dell'alimentazione Over current,Overcharge,Overdischarge,Short circuit
Voltaggio di ingresso 5 V
Voltaggio di uscita 5 V
Numero di USB 2
Interfaccia di ingresso Mini-USB
Tempo di ricarica 9 h
Tecnologia batteria Ioni di Litio
Capacità della batteria 10000 mAh
Condizioni ambientali
Intervallo temperatura di funzionamento 0 - 40 °C
Range di umidità di funzionamento 25 - 65 %
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza 99 mm
Profondità 70 mm
Altezza 23 mm
Peso 230 g
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