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FINISHED FOLD SIZE - 2.5” X 1.125”
Operating and Maintenance
Notice d’utilisation et d’entretien




If the light has been on for more than two
seconds in any mode, pressing the button
will turn the light off.
Mounting System
Charge Pro is compatible with the fol-
lowing mounting systems: Helmet Rail,
Helmet Mount, and MOLLE/PALS.
1. Charge Pro is designed to attach
directly to the OPS-CORE ACH – ARC
Helmet Rail System. Charge can mount
to either left or right helmet rail. Using a
athead screwdriver, back the set screw
out approximately 5 turns, then slide
Charge dovetail into open end of helmet
rail. The spring-loaded ball bearing will
engage detents. When the light is situ-
ated to your preference, hand tighten set
screw to secure Charge.
2. MICH Helmet: RIGHT SIDE mount-
ing is recommended to keep low prole.
While it is possible to mount Charge/
Helmet Mount on left side, this increases
risk of snagging. Remove screws from
the plastic mounting plate and choose the
appropriate metal U-clip. Slide the U-clip
onto the bot tom edge of the helmet. If
excessive play is present, bend the metal
clip with pliers until there is about 1mm of
play between the clip and helmet. Attach
the plastic mounting plate on the outside
of the hel met. Holding the metal mount
tight against the bottom of helmet edge,
tighten both screws until secure. Using a
athead screwdriver, back the set screw
out approximately 5 turns, then slide
Charge dovetail into open end of helmet
rail. The spring-loaded ball bearing will
engage detents. When the light is situ-
ated to your preference, tighten set screw
to secure Charge.
3. MOLLE/PALS: Using a athead
screwdriver, back the set screw out ap-
proximately 5 turns . Slide MOLLE mount
onto any strap position, then slide Charge
dovetail into open end of MOLLE mount.
The spring-loaded ball bearing will engage
detents. When the light is in place, tighten
set screw to secure Charge Pro.
Maxbright = 55 Lumens, 28.6 meters
Burnme - Lithium
Modes Hours
Power LED White 6.5
3 mm Red 40
3 mm Blue 24
3 mm IR 40
3mm green 24
If the Charge fails to light:
• Check battery for proper installation.
Replace battery if proper installation
is confirmed.
• Check the light for water contamination
on the circuit board by removing the ve
screws located on the back of the light
body. Remove batteries if there is water
in the electronics, and cease use until the
light has completely dried out. If moisture
accumulates inside the lens, remove the
bezel with a small screwdriver and open
the lens to allow moisture to evaporate.
USA– International 1-Year Warranty
WARRANTY – Princeton Tec warrants
this product to be free from defects in
workmanship and materials under normal
use for as long as you own this product.
This warranty covers all of the component
parts of the product except batteries. This
warranty does not cover deterioration due
to normal wear or damage due to misuse,
alteration, negligence, accidents, or unau-
thorized repair. Princeton Tec
will repair or replace parts which are
defective in workmanship or materials.
Your authorized Princeton Tec Dealer
and Princeton Tec are the only facilities
authorized to repair the product. After (3)
unsuccessful attempts (within the war-
ranty period) to repair the product, you
have the right to elect replacement of the
product or a refund of the purchase price
less allowance for use of the product.
WARRANTY. (Some states do not allow
the exclusion or limitation of incidental or
consequential damages, so the above
limitations or exclusions may not apply
to you.) This warranty gives you specic
legal rights, and you may also have other
rights which vary from state to state.
Princeton Tec reserves the right to change
product specications without notice.
Return Policy
If your light fails to operate, follow these
simple steps:
1) Check battery. Replace if necessary.
2) Contact Princeton Tec customer
service at 800-257-9080 to request RMA
number. No warranty repairs accepted
without RMA number.
3) Return the light without batteries for
repair or replacement to: Princeton Tec,
5198 Rt. 130, Bordentown, NJ 08505.
Postage due and freight collect items will
not be accepted.
Princeton Tec
PO Box 8057, Trenton, NJ 08650
Phone: 609-298-9331
Fax: 609-298-9601
© 2016 Princeton Tec
Battery Installation MICH Mount Installation
OPS CORE InstilationMOLLE Mount
Battery Installation
1 CR123 Lithium Battery
RCR123 (Rechargeable) are not to be used
due to higher nominal voltage.
To install battery, grip the light in either
hand with the battery door facing straight
up. Battery door latch should have an ar-
row facing away from you; slide this latch
forward with your thumb and use your
free hand to open battery door. With a
battery installed, spring tension will make
this operation possible with one hand. To
close the battery door, push it closed and
then slide the latch toward you to lock.
Princeton Tec cares about the environ-
ment and recommends recycling batter-
ies. For more information about battery
recycling, see
Always remove drained battery immedi-
ately. Remove battery during long periods
of storage.
Switch Operation
Charge Pro has a recessed power but-
ton to prevent negligent discharge. The
large button is textured, making it easy to
locate even while wearing gloves.
Charge Pro has four light sources to
choose from: three Ultrabright LEDs (one
each red, blue or green and IR) and one
white Maxbright LED. All LEDs have one
mode or intensity level each.
Charge Pro will turn on in Ultrabright red
mode with one button press. By pressing
and releasing the button again within 1.5
seconds of the previous button press, Ul-
trabright green or blue mode (depending
on your unit) will be selected. Pressing
the button once more will turn the light off.
With red or green Ultrabright active,
holding the power button down for two
seconds will switch to Maxbright mode.
If Charge Pro four-mode is off, holding
the power button down for two seconds
will activate IR mode.

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